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Lucky Day (Chapter 1) Improved Version

Despite the undesirable task at hand, Cal had left his house feeling good this morning. It was all because of Anna: 19 years old, 5'4," with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and a slim but just curvy enough tennis physique, she had been Cal and Sam's (Cal's wife) part-time nanny and housekeeper for about four months. He could swear that there was something more between them. There had been enough meaningful glances, too-long looks, and other awkward hard-on-generating moments that he could almost think she wanted to be more than his employee. Usually, he ended up convincing himself that he was imagining it. In the process, though, he was developing a very powerful crush on her.

This morning, after Sam and their 16-year-old daughter, Lucy, left for work and school, it had happened again. He was alone for a few minutes before Anna went to class at the university. As he was brewing his coffee, he once again caught her glancing at him. He finally decided to address it, and turned toward her, getting hard again at the idea of getting it in the open.

"Anna-," he'd started, but she'd cut him off.

"I've got to get to class. See you later, Mr. Baxter." And she'd swept up her backpack and rushed out the door.

Frustrated, he still felt that he was confirming that something was coming with Anna, and he had high hopes for just how much was possible. Now, he had to deal with the morning's duty. He needed to pay a visit to Alex....

Alexandra was Sam's junior business partner, and Cal hated her with a passion. She was 29 years old and fantastically beautiful, of Lebanese descent with shoulder-length, dark curls and a full 5'10" figure. He'd had many a fantasy about what he could do with that olive-skinned body. She, however, was one of the most snobbish people he'd ever met. She looked at him as if he were a servant and he was sure she felt the same way about Sam, too.

This morning, he had to drop off some papers for Sam. He walked through the front door of the townhome that Alex shared with her husband, Peter, feeling resigned to another session of feeling inferior. He stopped in the hallway outside the door to her basement office, hearing her speaking somewhat excitedly, and crept toward the door, which was slightly ajar. Peering inside, he could see her pacing by her desk, and he was instantly hard over what he saw.

Alex was on the phone, wrapped in a white towel. Clearly she'd just showered, and he could see the fine drops on her legs and the damp sheen in her black hair. He was reminded of just how beautiful she was and his cock strained to escape from his jeans. She seemed frantic about something on the phone, and he tuned in to her side of the conversation:

"Damn it... Of course i know the risks, and I need you to execute quickly... I know that, but if we don't move quickly, Sam will see that it's missing... Just do it. There's $400,000 or prison at stake here." And she hung up the phone, her back to the door.

Cal thought quickly. Alex handled the accounts for Sam's business. He was certain that she'd contrived a way to steal money from Sam. He opened the door and stepped into the room.

"Working something on the side, Alex?"

She gasped and slowly turned to face him. When he saw her lip quivering slightly, he knew his suspicions were correct.

"How much did you hear, Calvin?," she asked rudely. She knew he hated when she called him Calvin.

Cal grinned. "I heard it all, Alex. Definitely sounds criminal, doesn't it?"

Alex's rude manner faded into fear. "Please, Calvin. Peter and I need this. I can't go to jail," she whimpered. A tear spilled down her cheek, and Cal realized how much power he had over her in this moment. He knew that Peter was at work for hours yet. He suddenly knew that he could have his way with this snotty bitch, that Sam would never know. The situation was perfect for him, and he nearly groaned with his arousal.

"I could be convinced to keep quiet, if you're so sure Sam will never find out."

She knew from the look on his face what it was that he wanted, and he could see her struggle with it. In the end, he knew he would win. She was too wealthy from her ventures with Sam and, even if she stayed clear of jail, she couldn't lose this business and maintain her standard of living.

"What do you want?," she finally moaned, through increased tears.

But, she already knew. His heart was pounding its way out of his chest, now, and he had never been so hard in his life. The excitement of taking her against her will... He walked toward her, and she stepped back away from him against her desk, whimpering. Her scent was lightly spiced soap, with a tang of anxious sweat. He reached to where the towel was tucked into itself, securing it to her frame, and released it. It fell to the floor, exposing her incredible shape. He had never seen her nude, of course. He stared, erect with anxiety, at her perfectly formed breasts, dark brown nipples, wonderfully long legs, and her shaven crotch. He had always figured she must shave.

She was crying hard now, knowing what was in store, but he didn't care. He leaned down to caress her left nipple with his tongue. God, she tasted fantastic. He lightly sucked her left nipple, while grasping at her right breast with his left hand. She was leaned back now over her desk, powerless against him. She sobbed in defeat as her situation became perfectly clear. She had no recourse, and he knew it. She must give herself to him.

"On your knees, Alex," and she groaned and shuddered with shame and fear, tears falling.

Without a word, she got to her knees and Cal opened his pants, exposing himself to her.

"You know what to do," he said gently and, still crying, she took him in her mouth.

Her lips close over the head of him, and he shuddered with the sensation of her lips enfolding him. He held her head with his hands, keeping her back so he was just inside her mouth. He could feel her tongue, soft and pliable against his cock. And he shifted slightly back and forth, enjoying her heat and moisture on him, enjoying almost as much the idea of finally giving this bitch what she deserved. Her eyes were closed, but the tears continued to course down her cheeks.

He started to fuck her mouth, steadying her head with his own hands. He gave her several long, slow strokes, enjoying the feel and the moment, and then began to take her without mercy. She moaned as his pace quickened, and he began to ram his length into her mouth, feeling the back of her throat close around his head. She began to make choking, gagging sounds as he plunged into her, and he quickly felt himself getting close to the end.

A couple of final, ruthless thrusts into her desparate, gagging mouth, and he pulled out before he came, leaving her gagging and weeping while he recovered. This wasn't going to end so soon. Her eyes opened, and he saw in them a flash of hope that he had taken pity on her. She should have known better. He dropped quickly to his knees before her. Grabbing her by the back of her hair, he clamped his mouth to hers roughly, forcing his toungue into her mouth, and her head back against the desk. He could taste himself on her tongue, and again took joy at how completely he was going to take her. She would never look at him like a servant again. He roughly squeezed her tits as he kissed her unwilling mouth, feeling her tongue now with his own.

He released her and stood up, leaving her gasping and crying on the floor. He gave her a moment, then pulled her hand to bring her to her feet. She rose limply, exhausted and confused. He turned her by the waist forcing her to stand with her back facing him, and pushed her upper body down onto the desk. She rested on her elbows on the desk, ass thrust out toward him, and he smiled at the lovely view.

"No, Cal. Please, no." She was now crying full-f***e again, and he loved it.

He felt the firm flesh of her ass under his hands, and again marveled at the color of her skin. Spreading her cheeks slightly, he took in the sight of her ass and her dark pink pussy beneath it. He was losing control of himself, feeling like he may cum at just the thought of what was coming. He f***ed himself back into calm, wanting to make sure he got everything he could from this moment.

He positioned the head of his cock against her lips, giving her just enough time to once more whimper and beg him to stop. Then, he entered her. There was no gentle beginning this time and, grabbing her by the hips, he fucked her in earnest. She and Peter had no c***dren, and she was unexpectedly tight. He loved the feel of himself inside of her. She was an unwilling heaven, and he marveled at his good luck in catching her like this. She began to moan, in spite of herself, as he gave her his entire length time and time again. She once began to try to stand and he planted a hand on her back. He leaned forward and nearly mounted her, roughly holding her all the way down on the desk. She lay there, face on the surface and turned so that he could see her tears as the cried and groaned under his abuse.

It didn't last long, and he could feel the end coming. He leaned into her and raised himself up as far as possible, burying himself as deeply into her exotic pussy as he possible could, and moaned himself with the pleasure of fucking this woman who would never have taken him of her own accord. She was gasping raggedly and, when he started to grunt and shake with the f***e of his coming orgasm, she cried out a final, desparate plea.

"Please, Cal... Don't cum inside me. My husband... I could never forgive myself."

There was only one response for Cal. Ramming his cock home as powerfully as he could, he spewed his hot semen into her amazing cunt, which now twitched in an uninvited orgasm of its own. She screamed in desire and denial, but she was completely powerless beneath him. He had never felt so powerful, or enjoyed the act so much, and he cried out with the sheer passion of the moment. She sagged limply against the desk, racked with tears. He rocked within her until he had spent every drop.

He took the liberty of caressing her dark ass one more time and then trailed a gentle hand down her back. He wordlessly stepped back, dressed himself, turned and walked from the room. As he exited the house, he could hear her ragged, choking sobs from the downstairs office, and he closed the door to leave her to her shame.

"This could be my lucky day," he thought. He had no idea....

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