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Had a sex with 18year old teen

It was fantastic game i have ever done.. and its is quikest sex i ever had.. she was at the train and im on my way to home at the train..
she was wearing all black t-shirt and skirt.. which is really short.. she looked at me all the time while traveling and i send an eye wink once she smiled..

I ask her to come near me as there were no more ppl arround. even i didn't expect she came near me and talking nicely .. i tell her that you have a nice legs.. she just smiled and said you only like it ? would you like to touch and do more with my legs.. it was socked to me but it was happend..

i said yes and ask her to go to train toilet.. she moved in a second and i moved there after.. once i locked the door she was take my penis out and makes her skirt loose then she ask me to fuck me we have no time to do other things.. i fucked her may be 1 min.. my load were on her legs..

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