This is a print version of story the duster b*****rs (( its a book iam writting spe by shadowxfire from

The duster b*****rs (( its a book iam writting spe

where to start i guess from the beginning will be a good place. well our story starts back in 300 A.D when draclua the king of all vampires has 3 sons. by one of his wifes drake the oldest spike the middel son and lan the youngest. the three b*****rs was raised to be perfect killers as most vampires princes's are but these three was diffrent as the grew up they grew in power as a gift to them on their 15th birthday they was each given a leather duster. each with their own symble on the back of it. drakes had a pentagram with flames o nthe back of it. spikes had a silver upside down cross known as the cross of death. lan had a tribel sign on the back of it. they soon grew to become the leaders of the vampire army many knew them as the duster b***** time they was 21 they have seen many battles and killed many people. sure for vampires killing is what they do. well one night the three b*****rs went to a tavern where spike met the lovely jessica. a human girl who had beautifull long brown hair with dark brown eyes that could see through any mans soul. spike fell in love with this human girl which was a big mistake for he was a vampire and she was a human. but that didnt stop the young prince from seeing this beauitfull young girl who melted his cold icey black heart. he did not understand how a human could hold that much power over someone as he. all he knew is when in her arms he felt alive like he did not have to prove himself to her. one night a guard of his fathers followed the young prince to the girls house. the guard reported to the king that he had seen the prince with a human girl and not feed off her. the king was mad his son a killer fell in love with a night spike told jess as he would call her. that he wanted to stop fighting that he seen that being with her showed him life in a new way.he asked her "jess why do you lov me so much i am a vampire a cold bl**ded killer". the young prince just looked as the love of his life as she walked from a cross the room to the chair where he was sitting. jessica looked deep into spikes icey blue eyes with her dark brown eyes and smiled and said." spike my love i don't care what you or what u have done i know deep down that you would never hurt me and that you will prove to the world you are more then just a vampire". spike could not find any words for she had made him speachless like she seemed to do alot. the next night spike drake and lan was summoned to their fathers room. when the young princes got there he looked his three powerfull sons over with pride. the king told them that he had a mission for them to do. lan asked" father what kind of mission". the king looked at his youngest son and smiled and said" my son i have found the nest of our enemies and i wish for you three to go alone and destroy it". the three princes bowed and turned and walked out drake could smell jessica on spike. drake looks at his b*****r and asks" does father know you are with a human girl". spike looks to drake with a look that no words could say. spike then looks to the ground and answers" no.. no he does not and you will not tell him for if you do i will take your head myself". drake and lan shocked at the words that came from their b*****rs mouth so they kept making their way to their their rode to the nest when they got there they took out their swords and kicked in the doors. as they seen a werewolf they charged him and killed him but not before others knew of the three princes. a fight broke out many werewolfs was killed until spike notice that they was not trying to kill them. he ran down a hall that was near him and he came to a room. where inside was k**s ranging from the ages of 4-13. spike could not believe tt they was sent to kill k**s.something jessica tought him to love. well two k**s fell behind the young prince and without thinking the young prince jumped and thrusted his word into the two small c***dren. the young prince was shock at his action as the c***dren looked at him with eyes asking why. the prince knew he could not leave his sword in he removed his sword from them as gentel as he could. he then took the k**s into his arms and held them as if they was his own. the young prince was pissed off he felt as if his father backstabbed him. so he picked up the c***dren and with his power he put them in a grave that would never be broken or destroied. drake and lan cought up to their b*****r.lan could feel his b*****rs pain for lan and spike was closer then all three of them. drake was bull headed and proud of his actions. when the young princes returned home spike cleaned up and went to jessica where he told her everything.for the first time the young prince was crying this awoken a power that was locked deep down inside him.a few months had past and it was time for the bl**d games where drake was the bl**d champion. jessica tried to talk spike out of fighting in it but she knew he had to.spike and drake was the two fighters to beat but it came down to spike and drake.this became the fight that would change everything. it was time the two b*****rs fought for what seemed like years but spike some how beat drake he knocked him out of the ring and landed a killer blow that would make spike the new bl**d champion. in raged that he lost to his own b*****r drake ran and informed their father of spikes lover. the king told drake" my son i have known i want you to take three of our best fighters to kill her ". drake smiled and bowed."as you wish my king" the prince said before he stormed out to carry out this mission. the prince and the three fighters had reached jessica's house. they kicked the door in all 4 had taken turned at beating the human girl but drake gave the killing blow when ramming his dagger deep into her. they left in a hurry but one fighter staid for the young prince to get there.when spike gets there he see's the door kicked in and he runs in seeing his jess on the floor bleeding amd he could feel she was almost dead.he runs to her body and thats when he smells the fighter in the house he looks at the fighter his eyes start to glow a beep icey blue. the fighter looks at the prince and smiles. the prince jumps in the air and lands in front of the fighter. thats when spike just went crazy he attacked the fighter the fighter never had a chance against the young prince.spike ripped the fighter into pieces after that he goes back to jessicas almost lifeless body. he picks her up and holds her in his arms tears rolling down his face as she dies in his arms. he loses it the prince sets her body down and burns her home to the ground before making his way back to his fathers house. when the prince arrives he just starts killing all those in his way.drake stands in his way thats when spike goes into bl**d rage and just lashs out at drake. the b*****rs fight tairing the place apart then spike hits drake with that killing blow to the chest again leaving drake motionless. spike runs out of the house and into the darkness. a few years have gone by since the young prince left. he goes from tavern to tavern to keep who he is hidden. along the way his powers grow even more its as if jessica's death is fuling him to get stronger to keep it from happening again. since her death he has been going around trying to help others but that vampire monster inside him fights to get free.he finds a place called the red dragon inn. this was a place he learned that alot of people went to. it as a place they went to forget their pasts.spike walks into the inn looks around before walking back ot the darkest corner he could find. the barmaid looks to the stranger that came in and walks over to him." what can i get you my lord" the barmaid asks in her soft innocent voice. spike just looks at her and says" bl**dwine if you have any m'lady" spike says in his somewhat gentel somewhat deep voice. the barmaid smiles at him and walks back into the kitchen getting him his glass of bl**dwine.the lovely barmaid returned with the blodwine to spike handing him the glass he looks at her and smiles trying to hide his fangs."thank you m'lady" spike says as he takes the glass. the barmaid just smiled as if being around a vampire did not seem to bother her. spike sat in the corner looking out the window that was cloesest to him going off into dreamworld. he could still hear all that was going on around him.spike took another sip of his bl**d wine relaxing in the nice warm in it was winter time again. he finishs his bl**dwine then gets up and pays th barmaid and askes her "how much will a room cost?" the barmaid smiled and answered " 15 silver for a night". spike smiled and gave her a bag with atleast 300 gold pieces in it. "will this cover me for a while?" he asked in a soft voice. "yes" the barmaid would say to him as she got a key and took him up to his room."is there anything i can get you m'lord?" the barmaid asks spike as he walks into his room."no that will be all thank you m'lady" the barmaid bowed and took her leave.he goes over to the window and opens it enjoying the cool night air as he closes his eyes. he moves from the window to the bed and lays down. he falls to sl**p dreaming of jessica his lost love his heart still longs for her. he wakes in a sweat as he sees its day time. he was able to be in the sun but not for too long. for the longer he was in the sun the weaker it would make his powers.he makes his way down the stairs to the tavern part of the inn. the barmaid smiles at him as she makes her way to him.she asked"is there anything i can get you my lord"? he just looks at her and goes back to his corner.the barmaid kinda sadden that he did not answer she did not know if she should ask again.spike looks to the barmaid with a half smile"bl**dwine and some eggs please" he says in his half awake voice.she smiles and goes to the kitchen to get his order she never knew vampires ate real food.she takes his food and drink to him as she sets it down spike looks at her and smiles and says"thank you". she nods her head and goes back to the bar and starts to clean glasses.a knight comes into the inn makes his way to the bar and has a seat.the barmaid goes over to the knight and askes" what can i get you kind sir"? the knight smiles" some ale,egg,bacon,and a few rolls please" the knight says in his soft kind voice.the barmaid returns with the order and sets it down in front of the knight.the barmaid then heads over to spike to check to see if he needs anything.half way there the barmaid stops as she sees him start to get up.spike makes his way to the barmaid and stops about a foot from her and smiles."i will be out back if you need me" spike says to the barmaid as he walks by her.the knight eats his food and enjoys his drink when a werewolf comes in looking for spike.the werewolf grabs the barmaid and pins her to a wall " where is that bl**d sucker at" the werewolfs says in a deep evil voice.the knight stands up"let her go you b**st" the knight yells to the werewolf.the werewolf turns to the knight and gets and evil smile on his face.the knight goes for his sword as he waits for the werewolf to make his move. the werewolf lets the barmaid go and starts making his way to the knight. unknown to the werewolf and the knight spike had came back in unseen he takes a silver dagger and throws it at the werewolf. knowing the silver will kill the werewolf he then grabs his sword from behind the his duster and draws it and waits. th dagger enters the werewolfs shoulder making him grawl. the werewolf then turns and faces spike taken the dagger out of his shoulder the werewolf runs at spike. spike takes his sword with lighting fast speed and cut the werewolfs arm off then rams his sword stright through the werewolfs back killing the werewolf. spike removes his sword from the wolfs back and cleans off the bl**d before returning it to its case. the knight and barmaid stunend at what they just saw the knight lets his sword go as he is still shocked at what happend. the barmaid could not help but be scared and so she ran upstairs to her room and locked the door. spike looks at the knight and says "" do you mind helping me clean this mess up''. the knight just nods his head as he goes over to the dead body and drags it out back spike grabs the arm and follows. spike then makes a fire and burns the dead body he looks to the knight.""thank you for saving her like you did it was foolish but brave not many people fight a werewolf and live"" spike says to the knight.. the knight still in shocked says "" i am not sure i would have killed him but luckly you was here and did it your the real hero not me"". spike was not use to being called a hero he was use to being feared by everyone his new life at this Inn might take awhile to get use to. the knight turns to leave and before he does he tells spike "" i know who you are and i am glad your on our side this time just remember you have a say in who you are"" with that said the knight leaves and spike stands there looking into the flames of the fire thinking to himself "" if only that knight knew what i have done in the past but then again that was my past"". spike leaves the fire after it starts dying down and goes back inside the Inn andm akes his way up to his room when he hears the barmaid crying. he knocks on her door and she answers with "" please leave me alone''. spike just stood the a moment before saying a word'' i am in my room if you need me m'lady '' spike says in a soft tone voice. he turns and starts to walk to his room when the barmaid opens her door and asks him to stop. he stops and turns to the barmaid'' yes m'lady '' he asks softly..'' i am scared what if more come back and try to get payback for what you done'' the barmaid asks spike in a scared voice. he cracks a little smile and says'' they wont be coming here for a long time they hate the smell of their burning dead'' the barmaid let out a sigh then looked the prince in his ice blue eyes. for a moment he didnt know what to do only one person had ever done that and she is dead so he turns his head."" you miss her i can tell and i bet she misses you so why don't you go back to her'' the barmaid says in her kind voice.. he closes his eyes and answers'' i can't she is dead and yes i do miss her everyday and i wish i could just turn back the hands of time to see her one more time'' spike then walks away and goes to his room and shuts the door.

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