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Sometimes you just need a slutty stripper to fuck

It had been a very very busy 12 days for Ben and I with work responsibilities. The moment we were done, I KNEW we needed some serious down time and my plan was that down time to be with a fresh new pussy for us to play with. Talking with our neighbor and exotic dancer friend Julia, she begged us to please come down to her "plate of business" as there was someone there that wants to meet us. By "meet", and because we'd fucked Julia before, we knew she meant someone who wanted some action with us, and I was game!

Literally dragging Ben down to her club the other night, we sat near the back and surveyed what was going on. Various strippers came to the stage and I started to get turned on, watching them dance in just a g string, tits everywhere, some of them getting on all fours near the edge of the stage and showing their pussies to the front row guests. It was pretty erotic to me. Julia came over and told us to watch for a girl named "Sally" as that's the girl she wanted us to meet. Julia giggled and left to do her job. Sally came on the stage and seemed attractive to me, shoulder length curly blonde hair, a tanned body, a nice ass. She did her thing which was pretty tame, and came down to see us. We talked briefly and I liked her right away, she was blunt and down to earth but didn't bore us with any "I'm really a nice girl I just need college tuition" etc etc. Basically, she liked being naked, and liked showing her goodies to others. I told her I'd always wanted to know what goes on in the "back room" or champagne room or WHATEVER they called it. She winked and told us to come with her.

The room was rather seedy, used, not very glamorous but we were alone. She sat Ben and I in side by side chairs, and asked us if we'd like a dance. She decided I was first, and within a few seconds, sat her half naked body on my lap lightly. Rubbing her tits in my face, I could feel myself getting wet. I wanted to suck her nipples but knew it wasn't allowed, and I had much bigger plans for her later. She reached down and rubbed her pussy thru her g string, looking at me to see if I was watching. And I was. I could see she was totally shaven and bare down there. I decided I'd ask her if she wanted to get laid. She got up and went to Ben, nudging herself between his open legs until her ass was near his chest. Ben looked over at me with a face like, "I smell trouble". She bent over and touched the floor with her hands, her ass tantalizingly close to his face. "She's bald down there Ben" I said to him, smiling wickedly. "Yes I Can see that clearly " he replied, her barely covered pussy gyrating near his face. He did not seem to object to what I had in mind :D "Listen Sally... wanna come back to our place when you're done? We'd like to have some fun wit you, if you're interested".

HELL YES I'm interested, is what she said. She finished work in 30 min and we told her she could follow us home. I was VERY VERY EXCITED for this night!

We went to the car to wait, not because we were bored but I was seriously wet and horny and I wanted to cum. We got in the back seat and Ben started to finger me, rubbing my clit and finger fucking me all the while whispering in my ear all the filthy things we were gonna do to her body when we got home. "You want me to fuck her, dont you?" Ben said, his fingers dancing around my clit, bringing me so close to climaxing. "I'm gonna fuck that stripper's pussy since she was shoving it up in my face, is that what you want?" "YES" I replied, just thinking of it and listening to him pushed me over the edge, my pussy throbbing and wet and cumming almost immediately. Ben stuck 3 of his fingers in my pussy while rubbing my clit until I exploded on him, and he pulled out his fingers and tasted my pussy by licking his fingers and smiling back at me seductively. "So sweet Baby" he said, putting his fingers in my mouth next. I was ready.

Sally finally emerged and we headed back to our place. It was 1:30am. We got comfortable in the dark living room, and Ben made us glasses of wine. He walked over to me and started to undress me partially, and then took off his own clothes. She didn't have much to take off but left her top, around her waist now, on. Ben walked over to her and said "How do you like it, dirty or nice?" "Dirty. Talk Dirty." Sally said, and he pushed her down on the couch, flat on her back. Lifting her legs, "oh yeah, you like it dirty huh?" he said, and pushed her legs apart. "Sherry, spit on her" Ben said, his fingers running up and down her naked cunt. "Get her wet". He stroked his cock while I did what he asked, then rubbed my spit around her pussy with his now hard as hell dick. "My wife thinks I should fuck you" Ben said, "What do you think?" Sally responded that she wanted to fuck. He teased her pussy with the head of his dick, putting it at the entrance to her hole but not fucking her just yet. "Yeah I think I'm gonna FUCK you, Sally" and he suddenly rammed his dick in her pussy, and started fucking her with long, hard strokes, pulling out with each and then entering her again and again, down to his balls. Spreading her legs wide by the knees, I watched his dick fucking her, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. "Take a picture of me fucking this slut" Ben said, (knowing damn well I was, but just wanting to stay in the "i like it dirty" theme) "Look at what a whore she is, spreading her cunt to get fucked" Sally moaned, "fuck me fuck me" while Ben continued stroking her. "Bitch, I am fucking you", then pulling her up by the darms, his cock springing out of her cunt into the air, he turned her around and pushed her down roughly, her face buried in the cushion, and grabbing her hips to raise it higher. "Stick your ass up Bitch" Ben said, and she stuck her juicy ass up, spreading her knees apart. "Look at this Pussy" Ben said,looking at her ass and pussy, "this hot little cunt needs some dick don't you think?" He entered her, pounding down on her doggy style with his pulsing hard cock. "Sticking her ass out to strangers because she wants to get fucked, isn't that right Sally?" he said, thrusting over and over, first hard, then slow, then hard again. "So now you getting FUCKED" He put one leg up on the couch, and pounded her out, treating her like the whore she wanted. She started screaming and I do mean talking VERY VERY loudly, saying "Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy" until he came to a stop, and started teasing her again, rubbing his dick on her pussy lips, spitting on her pussy and ass, spreading her apart, fucking her rough but slow. "You watching me fuck this slut, Sherry?" of course, I was spellbound. "You wanna see my dick allll the way in like THIS",he said, resting his pelvis against her pussy. Grabbing his ass, I pushed him in deeper and told him "no, MORE" and he grinded against her cunt, pulled out, grinded against her again. "Tight little cunt, she's got a tight little cunt" fucking and fucking her, harder and harder. Her pussy was wet, juicy and totally being used, as he grabbed her ass and thrusted.
He pulled out and sat down on the couch, grabbing her and sitting her down on his dick, facing out. "Sit on my dick, Bitch" Once he was fully inside her, he grabbed her and moved her up and down on him, until she did it on her own. He watched her ass bounce up and down from behind, then pulled her back until she rested on his chest and pried her legs apart. "tell me if she cums on me Sherry" Ben said, and I got closer and watched them fuck, her pussy being spread apart wide with Ben's dick buried inside. "I wanna make this slut cum, you wanna cum on me, Sally?" reaching around, one hand rubbing her clit and the other holding onto her ass. OH FUCK!!!!! Sally said, as he rubbed her and fucked her at the same time, "I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum...omg" she said, making Ben fuck her smooth and hard, "Cum" he said over and over, and suddenly he pulled her up, his dick slipping out slightly and I saw her cream on him slowly dripping down his dick and I couldnt resist, I put my face up next to them and licked her cream off Ben's dick, down to his balls and up to the head, and then licked her, causing her to jump up and cry out, then back down to his dick. "She came" I told Ben, and he thrust back into her and said "Now I'm gonna cum in this hole" and did it hard until he cried out and thrust all the way in, I could see the bl**d in his dick throbbing and cumming in her. He pulled out and his cum immediately dripped out. He yanked her off him and said "Suck it off" to Sally, pushing her head down until she sucked all his cum off his dick. He sat back, exhausted, and we all laughed and said "FUCK".

Later, before leaving, she asked if she could see a few of the pics I took. Once I showed her a few, she said "can you send a few to my email?" which I later did :D Sally, we'll be "seeing" you again I'm sure! XOXO

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