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My First Male r****g with the girls

Girls mature sexually much quicker than boys, by a few years at least. I guess our hormones are out of the starting blocks, before the boys testicles have dropped.
I am not advocating this is the norm for all girls, but one thing I had a naughty habit of doing, was pressing my crotch into an edge or riding something between my thighs.
My clitoris, (See my photos) is not large nor are my labia, petite they say, like petals, delicate and sensual, point is, that for all the the abuse they received, they remained virginal in appearance.
My earliest recollection to the awareness of the sensuous feelings eminating from my clitoris was when I was just a budding 9 year old girl, buttocks like a boy and flat chested.
I was in bed reading a magazine and came across an erotic advert, showing a man in scanty underpants, with a decernable bulge in front, standing behind a woman in panties, bent forward and cluching her naked breasts. The pose was close to a 'Doggy-Fuck' style and the more I looked, the more I was instinctly, grinding my thighs together.
I put my hand between my legs and formed a fist, pressed into my crotch and squeezed my thighs together, each squeeze giving pleasure I had never known before.
As time passed I found that by rolling a towel tightly into a rope style and pulling it up hard into my crotch, I achieved the ultimate feeling when I slowly withdrew it, in a 'Shagging motion' backwards and forwards, and at the end of the towel, before I pulled it clear, I came.
All this stimulation was in the clitoral region of my body, its continual development and the expanding of its influence on my young and rapidly developing body.
I was hooked on this feeling and devised ways to improve on the orgasms, which were coming fast and furious, indeed I was an expert on masturbatory techniques, when boys my age were still peeing up walls and measuring who went the furthest.
At this age I was genuine virgin material as penitrative sex or objects into my vagina were taboo, besides who needed them, when the clitoris was providing enough pleasure for me to savour on a daily basis.
I remember my first initiation to witness an erection, and the feelings I experienced, the need to explore further and the realisation, that this was the final piece of the jigsaw that fell into place and left me with a yearning to experiment further.
There were five girls, I was the youngest at ten, and the rest all one year older. We had a boy with us and he was to be our plaything as we sat in our hut, our gang headquarters. We were all thirsting for knowledge, and as the rain pelted down on the corrogated tin roof, the coziness and isolation from the rest of humanity, we girls turned on the sole male in the group.
'Lets take his clothes off' we chorussed in unison and we pounced tearing at him until he lay there at our feet, completely naked and exposed to our eyes.
The oldest girl demanded he get hard for us as he was going to 'Fuck all of us'
I was bemused by this as penitrative sex had never crossed my mind, but clearly these girls were more advanced than I was.
He had adopted a crouching position initially, but when ordered to lie down and showed reluctance, he was pounced on again and laid out flat on the cold ground, secured with a girl on each leg and arm, I had a leg conveniently between mine, now providing pleasure as it rubbed against my cunt, now getting wet for the first time.
The leader of our group still talking utter rubbish to him, squatted on his thighs and started to manipulated his flacid, but slowly erecting penis, and I was mesmerized as it grew to enormous proportions, swelling and its foreskin peeling back revealing the bulbous spearhead, shaped for penetration into the tighest orifices, as time would teach me.
'Wank him' she barked at yours truly, and my heart pounded at the thought. Thankfully she had been doing it to get him up so I knew the drill, and reaching out and clasping my hand around the shaft, it felt hard and soft and knobly as I slid up and down its length, a wonderful and inviting experience.
By now our leader had taken off her denims and knickers and now in her sneakers and ankle socks she squatted over him and lowered herself onto him, reaching under herself and taking hold of my hand, still clasping his cock, guided his cock into her open pussy and sat down, my first experience of penetrative sex, holding a fast disapearing cock into her pussy and feeling her vagina squat my hand when he was fully inside her.
'Get you fucking hand away' she hissed through clenched teeth, and started humping him, 'Don't you fucking cum' she screamed, 'Dont want your fucking sprog' she mouthed as she ****d him, bouncing more for her own pleasure than his.
I had never witnessed another have an orgasm, only my own, so watching this live sex unfolding before my very eyes, was both facinating and a tad frightening at the same time.
Her orgasm was quick and without shame. She gave us a running commentary on her fuck and we were well informed when it came and she showed just how much she pleasured in achieving hers. Just before she came, she reached back and took his balls into her hand and squeezed the ball sack tightly, as if cutting off the flow of sperm from his testicles while levering her motion as she fucked him.
She must have been hurting him as she fucked but she did not care a jot, this was the girls time and he was just supplying the cock for our pleasure.
Finished, she stood over him, legs on either side of his face and as she looked down on him, she said, 'Next one' and slowly squated down onto his face while the next girl took her denims and knickers off and did similarily onto his cock and started without waiting for instuctions from the team leader, who sat with her cunt inches from his mouth, occasionally lowering to kiss his lips with her open labia.
'Put your tongue in', she ordered, and I watched and learned as I had never known a man could do so much to a womans cunt area.
His hands were held in-situ by the other two girls, giggling with excitment and encouraging their friend, bouncing on his cock to her own pleasure, to cum, as their own impatience to get on was starting to show, as both had undone their denims and pushed them down, and were sitting on his hand with their bare asses, as the played with their pussies, simulating what lay ahead.
The poor boy, he was gasping for air, but she was now crushing her full wieght on his face as she was going for her second orgasm and by the noises she was making it looked to me that doing this was something I should do in the future.
Well, thats life, is it not, you live and learn.
The girl on his other leg readied herself to mount him, as the second girl was having her orgasm. She stripped everything off as she wanted to to be sure all her clothes bore no trace of her fucking, so stood naked, with puffy little nipples perched on tiny budding breasts and a good hint of pubic hair forming on her venus mound. She was licking her fingers and rubbing her pussy with her saliva readying herself for insertion.
When the second girl got off his cock the third girl delved down and swallowed his cock in her mouth, and I marvelled at her sucking him, but what she was really doing, was adding her saliva to his cock for easy insertion in to her pussy, as a few up and down movements later she was on him and fucking like next doors dogs.
She fucked differently, not dropping to her knees but remaining in the squatting position, with a clear up-down motion covering the full length of his cock, and I had the birds-eye view of him going in and out. Clearly she knew how to do it as it was the best fucking I had seen from the three to date.
Looking behind herself she noted I was transfixed with the in-out action, she barked to me to get hold of his balls and squeeze as hard as I could, clearly linking this with stopping his sperm, should he cum while inside her.
I reached out and encircled his testicles, closing my index finger round his scrotum and squeezing it to my thumb, determined to stop every last sperm from escaping into her vagina.
His was hurting bad and complained I was hurting him, but she said, 'Fuck him, squeeze as hard as you can', and then had a loud orgasm.
She dismounted just as the first girl stood up from her cunnilingus session and the next girl also stood up for her turn on him. With his hand free he reached down to dislodge mine from his balls and took hold of my wrist. Noting this the leader jumped down onto his chest and knelt across his throat. 'Let go' she demanded, and he did as he was told, while the girls manouvered themselves into new positions for the continuation of the fuck for the rest of us.
'He's cum' said the fourth girl, as she lined herself up to decend onto him, and sure enough there was a pool of white semen on his belly, filling up the cavity that formed his belly button.
She reached over and dipped her finger into the pool, withdrawing and inserting it into her mouth, as if tasting wine, 'Yes he's cum', she said, 'It's up to you if you want to fuck him, but he might go soft and you might get preggars' she continued, indirectly warning me about the white stuff and babies.
'Use his face' said another, and at this suggestion she lowered herself comfortably onto his face to be licked-off.
The leader decided to teach him a lesson on obedience and as I still held onto his balls, she smacked them with such f***e, he buckled-up in pain and the other girls decided to punish him also by punching, nipping and scratching him on his exposed flanks, all this for cumming without her permission.
'Have you tasted cum?' she asked me. 'No' I admitted ashamed of my inexperience, 'Try it she said, and I reached my hand forward intent on dipping my finger in, just as she had done, before me.
'Not like that' she said laughing and looking around for approval, 'Use your fucking tongue girl, lick it up' she added with menace, and as if to emphasize her intent she grabbed my hair and f***ed my face onto his tummy where I obediently licked and lapped his naval clean.
'Now suck him hard' she ordered me, 'you still have to fuck him' and with that I embarked on my first 'blow-job', aided by her pulling on my hair while his cock was the benificiary of my open mouth and tongue.
He was still smarting from the hard whack on his balls, so getting an erection was some way off, and after ten minutes of sucking cock he was as flacid as he was when I started.
She of course was getting angry as things were not going to her directions, and leaning on the back of my head when in a downward thrust, I gave my first and only deep throat cock suck, and I nearly passed-out for lack of oxygen, as he was a big lad, with a long cock.
'Your turn' she barked and I now saw the last girl had had her fun and moved away from the action and was wiping her crotch with his tee-shirt.
He lay flat on the ground, spread-eagled, quiet, and obedient. All the girls had moved away from him, now they were sexually satiated and he was terrified of being torn to pieces by them.
'Get naked and fuck him' can their voices in unison, and they clapped as they called. They must have known I was inexperienced when it came to fucking, so I stipped off everying and lay down, first on him, but later turned onto my back and he climbed on top, as the girls made sure by pinning me this time while he mounted and fucked me into a state of bewilderment, egged and encouraged by my female companions, cumming for a second time onto my tummy, to a loud cheer of approval.
So that was it, gone for ever and done in public. The boy I still meet today, is a dedicated submissive and yes you guessed it, is subject to some of the other girls all happily married but all with a dark secret from their husbands, women who go out for a girls night, but one where they derive pleasure from abusing men.

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