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The Birthday Present

It was about three years ago we changed our lifestyle. Dawn’s birthday to be exact. Forty years of age. I joked that she was now the same in years as her bust was in inches.

“You complaining?” she asked.

“When have I ever complained about your tits?” I replied. She laughed.

“Well you’d better do something special for my birthday. I want it to be a memorable one.”

That got me thinking. I had a week to go before the big day and needed my thinking cap on.

In the twenty three years we’d been married I can honestly say we’ve come up with some very unique presents for each other and it was becoming more difficult each anniversary.

We married young. It was on Dawn’s s*******nth birthday. I was two years older. We’d been going out together since the third year in school and she was still a virgin. She always said she wanted to walk down the aisle a virgin and lose it on her wedding night. So a virgin she was. Well, let’s say we’d never fucked. But she was certainly available for any other sexual pleasure and then some.

Imagine my surprise on our wedding day when, looking radiant, we went through the service, the photos and in the car on the way to the reception, I slid my hand under her dress and found a beautiful bald pussy. She kissed my ear and whispered, so the driver couldn’t hear.

“Don’t want to waste time when you take it from me.”

I was hard all the way through the meal and couldn’t wait to get back to the small flat we’d rented and throw her on the bed. Her first real fuck was in her full bridal dress and with me in my dark suit. She fucked me twice before we slept, fully dressed and awoke to another long, grinding shag still fully clothed. We still have them both with the stains of our love on them.

Since then we have been thoroughly adventurous in our sex life. Dawn has never objected to anything I wanted and , sure as hell, haven’t refused any of her wishes.

We have a number of close friends and we’re totally easy with each others’ company. We have a large property in the country and all often bask naked and it’s nothing to see a couple shagging. However, there was never any group sex although I think we all know that there have been random couplings of individuals. I certainly know - well, suspect - that Dawn has fucked all the guys at one time or another and I suspect she knows that I’ve had the girls. But it was always kept private.

And so it came to me. Her perfect birthday and anniversary present.

On the morning of the big day I woke early and prepared her breakfast in bed. I gently awoke her from her sl**p with the traditional bacon eggs etc and hot coffee and sat on the side of the bed chatting whilst she ate it.

“And your present’s in the lounge,” I said as she finished.

“Oooh! What is it?” she asked like a k** at Christmas. I gently took her hand and pulled her from the bed. I still thrill at the sight of her naked body. A 40” bust over a slim waist and curvy hips is guaranteed to get the juices flowing and she could see I was excited. Massive tits have good nipples to show her mood too. She was ready to thank me for her present in the way she knows I love.

Leading the way I opened the door to the lounge. Just before she entered I kissed her gently on the forehead and whispered. “Haappy birthday and anniversary, darling.” Then passed her into the room.

She gasped. Six naked guys stood there.

“Here she is guys,” I said. “Use her and abuse her well. She is a fucking slag. I will be back in twelve hours. I do not want her un-filled or un-fulfilled.”
Dawn turned to me and I smiled.

“Enjoy” I said and left.

The rest of the story I got from the video. I had five concealed cameras around the room and we have enjoyed them fully often.

The first guy to approach her was Tom. He was our best man and is really well hung. He took her hand and led her to the couch where he seated her and then, grabbing her hair, f***ed his massive prick into her mouth. Bob came next and sat beside her and grasped one of her tits and Keith took the other. Both began to massage and then suck the nipples as Tom began the rhythm of mouth fucking.

Dawn was a accepting all and her hands grasped and massaged Tom’s bollocks. She wanted his spunk and was making sure she got it. Tom, I should explain, was a short guy, five feet two to be exact, but he was hung like the proverbial stallion. 10” in length (yes we measured it) and almost as thick as a Coke can. Strangely enough his wife was the biggest girl in our group at six feet four and with a 44 FF bust but more of her later.

I’m pretty sure Dawn has fucked him in the past. I remember that at one time her cunt seemed a lot looser when I was in it. Now she had her hand round it and was easing his foreskin back over a knob that looked like a cricket ball. Her mouth was wide but it was still a struggle to get it in there but she managed and I knew she had it in her mind that she wanted it up her. She loves to be stretched wide and his prick would do just that.

Funnily enough it was the tallest guy who had the smallest prick. Dave, at six feet three, had a three inch stub but despite that he came in pints and could do so over and over again. And Dawn does like her cum.

Rob was down between her spread thighs and and she was soon groaning as his tongue flicked over her clit and probed her hole and I envied him. Dawn is a squirter. Cunnilingus with her is not only refreshing but you could be in severe danger of drowning if you couldn’t swallow quickly.

Chris and Keith were sucking on her tits and had her nipples out like organ stops while Ken was trying to kiss her while Tom was still mouth-fucking her. It looked like he wanted a bit of cock-sucking too.

Soon he pulled out and lay on the floor, instructing the guys to spear her on his massive cock. They grabbed her and carried her over him holding her legs wide and, while Keith held the massive prick, she was lowered onto it and boy did she let it be known she wanted it. Her language was filthy. Rob was wiping his face of her juice.

Dawn’s mouth was wide as she began to ride the massive prick and Dave wasted no time. His prick was only short and he straddled Tom and shot a load into her mouth. She clamed onto him and sucked the massive load into her mouth and on the film you can see the amount when she pulls back. Rob just bent down and kissed her and you know she’s sharing it with him.

When they separated she turned to the guys.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she screamed. “I’ve got a fucking arsehole needs it too.”

Keith took advantage and she was double pierced. Tom was taking an age as she rode him but Keith shot his load in a very short while and his place was taken by Ken who filled her mouth neatly.

So it went on. They pulled her and stretched her. They twisted and turned her. They fucked her in every conceivable position including upside down and she begged them for more. They spunked all over her. And when she was hungry they fed her with spunk. And when she was thirsty they refreshed her. After all, each man had his own liquid dispenser. And Dawn gobbled the lot down.

It was about eight at night when I came back. The guys were just finishing and were pretty well finished themselves.
“She is one fucking hot bitch,” Tom said easing his underpants back over a very red knob. “We’ve given her all we’ve got I still think she could take more.”

They all laughed and I bid them goodnight.

When I entered the conservatory, Dawn was bound with electrical tape, spreadeagled between the legs of the furniture. She was covered from head to foot in cum. Her hair was matted with it and she was smiling.

“Hi love,” I said. “Had a good day?”

“I’ve been had good today,” she said dreamily. “Thank you for my present.”

“My pleasure, “ I replied. “But it’s not over yet.”

“What?“ she said looking up at me wondering what else there could be.

“My turn.” I told her.

“But I’m full up.”

“I know,” I replied stripping off my clothes.

She was indeed full. I looked between her spread legs and cum was dribbling down from both holes. I pressed the tip of my cock to her cunt and eased it in. It was gorgeous and it was lucky she was full because the use they’d given her had made her swell up and that really tightened her hole.

She was slippery and when I kissed her I tasted the spunk on her face. It didn’t take long for me to deposit my load in her belly then I cut her free and carried her to bed where we cuddled together through the night. And a sticky night it was.

I was awoken in the morning by her kissing my ear.

“Morning, babe,” she said. “I think you should know that after the pounding my cunt took yesterday, it feels like I’d struggle to take a pencil up it.”

“Oh,” was all I could say.

“So I was thinking,” she continued. “Fancy breaking me in again. Think it’ll be a bl**dy sight tighter than the first time you stuck it in me.”

How could I refuse such an eloquent request.

“Think you’ll need to get me very wet first,” she cooed. “And you got just the tongue to do it.”

She still tasted of the cum that had filled her and I knew that she had left it for me. I wondered what else I might taste as I probed between her swollen lips and the thought had me rock hard. When she was flooded I wriggled up and lay between her widely spread legs. My knob was pushing her cunt lips apart and I could feel the entrance to her body. She actually winced as I pushed in and I can’t help a feeing of pride. My prick made a woman wince. It was a glorious early morning fuck. She held me in there like I was in a vice. I came in minutes.

I began to wonder whose birthday present it was.

Both I guess.

When I met the guys again they all agreed it was so good that it should be a regular thing. And I’m pleased to say that the girls agreed and it’s now part of our play. Unfortunately men have limitations but we have our days too.

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