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We eventually made it to my house, which was on a typical, mature, suburban street. I led Deb out of the car to the front step where I told her to sit & wait fo me. With her hands still tied behind her back, sans panties, I helped her down to sit on the 2nd step, about 12" off the ground, leaving her knees up in front of her considerably higher than her waist. I instructed her to rest her forehead on her knees & not to move while I removed the blindfold.
I went in the house & watched from the picture window. She was desparately trying to get her teeth on the hem of her dress to pull it up over her knees. I then went to the door and she heard me so stopped moving.
Although it was late evening, eventually I heard someone walking down the street. I was a little apprehensive, wondering if passersby may see her as in distress. It was a couple out for an evening stroll. They did not stop, but certainly slowed to peer through the darkness to comprehend what they were seeing. Deb's face was buried in her knees. This really turned me on to know the degree of humiliation a girl of Debs' upbringing was experiencing.
After about 20 min. I went out to bring her in the house. While re-applying the blindfold, she whispered she had to pee. I led her to the back yard , and unknown to her, led her to the square of light being cast on the lawn from the bedroom window where the ceiling lights were on. I told her I wanted to watch her stand & pee, so she'd better spread her legs. I heard a 'tut' and told her it was pitch black & no-one could see. It was very exciting to think the neighbours backing onyo my property could be watching.
I walked her into the house and straight to the shower where I gave her a nice lathery soaping down. She quite enjoyed it, and then I told her I was going to shave her pussy. To my surprise, she did not protest.
Once done, I dried her and led her to the living room where I told her to kneel on the floor. I then pushed her forward so her cheek was on the carpet and spread her knees so her ass was fully exposed. I then snuggly tied her ankles to her bound wrists, pulling her feet up & back. She was now balancing on her knees and cheek, leaving her quite uncomfortable, which I asked her if she was. She replied 'no'. She was catching on.
I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I left her there for about 1/2 hr. at which point I could see she was trembling and perspiring. Yet, through all this, she was so wet she had thick strings of vaginal fluid actually intact from her pussy to the floor.
I stroked her pussy with my foot as I sat on the couch and said, "You're a more complex girl than you thought, aren't you? You like this and you really don't know what to make of it, do you? It's obvious to me you've needed someone to take control for some time. Now, I want you to admit to me how much you enjoy this."
She didn't answer, but then, she didn't need to.
I then instructed her I will do with her what I please, and "you will comply and not protest; is that clear?" To which there was a quiet reply of "Yes". With that, I pulled off my leather belt and fetched a stiff hairbrush.

Part 4, the final chapter, to come soon.

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