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Eurotica 20: The beach, the sun – the cave?

I wrote this for a ladyfriend whom I went on to have a wild weekend with - ish!
After reading it, she claimed to have rushed to her nearest pub, picked up a man and then fucked his brains out! See what you think!

The sand was so white and pebble-free it could have been snow, but for the intense heat from the cloudless blue sky.
The Mediterranean Sea was crystal clear, very warm and very welcoming.
Mandy marvelled at the view, she was a week into her holiday with her partner and her tan was starting to brown away the sore red burns.
She sat her small frame up on the sun-lounger, it was set on a secluded beach with some rocks on the shore side, her partner Wayne had gone looking for crabs in the rock pools and a cave.
Although what exactly he was going to do when he found them was a complete mystery to her.
Wayne was like a little boy up there; he worked hard in his job and this was perfect escapism for him - and it kept him out of her way for a while.
They had both suffered severe stomach upsets for the first few days and had yet to christen their hotel room, they were both fine now and really getting into their holiday.

The tension of everyday rigmarole eased off quickly, that part of her life was many miles away and easily forgotten out here.
It also gave Mandy a chance to eye up a couple of very attractive men who had recently arrived to enjoy the beach; she had been watching them through her sunglasses to hide her lustful gaze.
There were no families around so she had removed her bikini top to reveal her tanned large breasts, when she noticed one of the men look in her direction she pushed them forwards a bit to flirt a little.
The man waved and said good morning, she smiled and waved back.
“Hi there!”
The man quickly turned around and sat next to the other one, he put his arm around him and kissed him on the cheek.
Mandy’s jaw fell open; the best looking men on the beach and they were gay! “Blonde, Tanned, Toned…Typical!” she thought.
She slid her sunglasses up over her short dark fringe and winced at the bright glare the sand reflected, she laid back and shut her eyes.
Within minutes she was in a deep sl**p.

Something woke her up suddenly; she felt a strange sensation on her skin.
She opened her eyes and was dazzled by the midday sun - something was running down her front.
As her eyes adjusted to the bright light she saw the two gay men stood either side of her, they were completely naked and masturbating furiously.
She realised that they had shot a mass of cum over her breasts; she licked her lips and smiled at them both.
They returned smiles in as they milked the last drops from their shrinking cocks, then they changed sides and knelt down.
Tongues were drawn out as they closed on her, they were about to lick each other’s cum off Mandy’s breasts so she pushed them together so it pooled in the middle.
As she gave a huge grin everything blacked out.

She opened her eyes and was dazzled again, still – something was running down her breasts.
As she looked around she saw Wayne stood there with a bottle of sun cream, he had poured it over her breasts and was all ready to rub it in.
“We can’t have these getting burnt now can we babe?” said Wayne as he poured just a little more cream over her breasts and was expecting her to rub it in.
She started thinking back to the dream and felt her pussy stir a little, she looked up to her partner; he was slightly overweight with a shaved head.
He looked like a thug but had deep blue eyes that diminished any animosity the rest of his build portrayed.
She saw him as a sweet man but someone who really had his moments.
A frown was on her face for a second and it changed to a smile as she warmed to him again.
“Will you do it for me?” she asked.
Wayne looked a bit uncomfortable at first and looked around to see if there was anyone else around.
There was no one; they were all alone for now so he knelt down beside her, she closed her eyes to tan her eyelids.
He placed his hands on her shoulders and worked the palms of his hands downwards over her soft skin; they passed over her large breasts and stopped underneath. He slid them back upwards and spread the cream more evenly.
There was a lot of it so he had to rub well, her nipples sprung up hard and erect and he felt them.
He moved the palm of his hand over them in a circular motion; Mandy gave out a sharp breath.
He pulled away.
“Don’t stop, please!” she said mixing her voice with heavy breath.
“What if some one comes?” Wayne was nursing a suddenly attained bulge in his brightly coloured shorts.
“As long as it’s us I don’t care!” she smiled at him and saw that he was uneasy.
“So did you find that cave?”
“Erm yes, just up the top there via a rocky path!” He nodded up at the rock face to point out its’ direction.
“Then show me it!” she hissed at him and smiled cheekily.
She got up and made her way towards it.
He followed at first so he would look in awe at her wide buttocks rippling as she went; then he took the lead so they could find it quicker.
The uncomfortable barefoot climb seemed to last forever, eventually they were at the mouth of the cave.
It was cooler inside and smelt a bit damp but it was very private. The view of the sea made it perfect and she embraced him tight as her tongue slid deep into his mouth.
He followed suit and felt the passion growing as each nasal breath hissed across their cheeks.
Mandy grabbed his buttocks to pull him closer; she felt his hard cock through his shorts and couldn’t resist it any longer.
She got down on her knees before him and pulled them down quickly, his cock sprung up and stood to attention.
Placing her tongue on his balls, she lightly ran the tip of her tongue all over them.
They were salty from his earlier swim but that just made her tongue tingle more.
Slowly she ran the tip from between his balls to the very tip of his cock.
“Ohhhhhhh!” he moaned.
She wrapped a forefinger and thumb around the base as she angled it down a little, the tip of her tongue tickled the swollen end.
Her other hand had found it’s way inside her thong and was touching a wetness.
In one go she swallowed his whole length and her nose touched his stomach.
“Whoa!” he said in disbelief.
She wanted to giggle but her mouth was way too full, still gripping it – she moved her lips up and down.
It throbbed almost in unison of her swelling clit, she was drenched in her own juices and decided to remove her thong.
She stood up and slid it down, after giving it a shake to remove sand – she hung it on a jagged stone on the cave wall.
As she turned around she could see Wayne looking her up and down.
“Like what you see?” she jested.
“Oh yes!” he replied and moved her to the wall.
He squatted down and lifted her left leg; her bare foot came to rest on one of his shoulders.
In no time at all he had slid two fingers inside her wet pussy.
“Oh my god!” Mandy gasped and rolled her eyes upwards under the lids.
He moved them in and out of her slowly at first but picked up speed a little.
“Oh, oh, oh…” she panted. He pushed his fingers in as deep as they would go and he began to lick her swollen clit.
He massaged it at first and then ran the tip of his tongue around its’ circumference.
Mandy held her pussy open wide and her mouth hung open wide as she leaned on the smooth cave wall, she was breathing short hard gasps of air as Wayne began to suck.
While his fingers were deep inside he began to part them to stretch her inside, juices ran down his knuckles.
His hand was soaked in her juices as he licked around her pussy entrance, reaching under he located her anus and smeared some over it.
He pressed his mouth hard against her and slid his tongue deep within her pussy.
It explored inside her and traced paths against the wet walls.
“Oooohhhhh! Fuck! I’m going to cum!” as she said this he slid a soaked finger into her anus.
She pushed her hips forwards so he was fucking her with his tongue, as they went back his finger slid in deeper.
“OOOHHHHH!!!” Her climax exploded throughout her body and it convulsed, he continued French kissing her pussy and slid a second finger into her rear passage.
A high-pitched squeal left her lips as another peak ran through her body like an earthquake – complete with aftershocks.
“Mmmmmm!” she hummed as she calmed down and let her leg drop back down. Wayne got up and kissed her on the mouth. She could taste herself as their tongues flicked around inside.

She regained her breath and smiled at him, his cock was still as hard as before.
She smiled at him when a small pool near the mouth of the cave caught her attention.
She took his dry hand and led him near to it; she turned and bent forwards over it – leaning against the cave wall.
He moved up behind her and took hold of her wide hips, he was unsure of why she wanted to be fucked there but wasn’t going to kill the moment with questions.
She had a very good reason; as he slid his hardness deep into her hot pussy – she watched it in the reflection.
Everything was visible; she watched as his glans parted her lips and his full length vanished until just his balls were visible.
He began to fuck her rhythmically, as she watched his balls swing back and forth and slapped against her. She moved herself back a bit to allow it in a bit deeper.
Her hips rippled with the f***e as he moved faster, a trail of sweat ran down her back as he fucked her in the heat.
“Mmmmm! Baby!”
She could see his glistening cock slam in and out of her pussy in the still water of the shallow pool. Her hand gripped the wall so tight a loose stone crumbled off and fell down.
It landed with a splash in the pool and ruined her view; it could be ages before it was still again and she could tell by Wayne’s thrusts that he was close to a climax.
She turned her head slightly to try and face him.
“Cum on my tits?”

He withdrew his cock and she turned around. She knelt down on the soft sand and he stood before her.
Mandy lifted her breasts and parted them, Wayne placed his hard cock between and she enveloped it.
He thrust his hips forward and began to fuck her breast pussy. He slid easily as he was still covered in her juices.
She looked up into his eyes and smiled.
“Come on babe, cover me!” she said.
“Ohh yeah!” He replied. She continued.
“I want to see you shoot your hot seed all over my hot tits!” Talking dirty to him always sped things up a little.
“Fuck me. Fuck me!” He felt his balls begin to tighten; they had not been emptied in a week due to his illness.
“Ooohhhhh! Shit!!” His whole body tensed up and a small trail of cum flowed out of his cock.
Time seemed to stand still for a finite time and Mandy licked her lips.
“Cover me!” she almost whispered.
That tipped him over the edge; the tip of his cock appeared from within her breasts and a huge volley of cum shot straight upwards and came to rest across them, then another, and another.
Mandy had never seen so much but then, they had never abstained for so long.
His last drops oozed out and he moved back. She held her boobs up and let his hot seed pool up between them.
Wayne slumps back on the floor of the cave and within seconds was in a deep sl**p.
“Well really!” She said! This was one of his ‘Moments!’; little annoying habits that stretched her patience close to breaking point.
She bit her lip to stop herself from shouting.

A noise caught her attention and she turned, it was the two gay men!
She gasped in shock and felt very embarrassed, so did they.
“Erm, sorry love. We weren’t watchin’ yer, we were too busy ourselves!”
The taller of the two was very camp and they both smiled sheepishly.
They were in shorts that looked like they had been pulled on quickly and hung lopsided over washboard stomachs.
An uncomfortable silence ensued.
The taller of the gay men broke it.
“So ‘e’s jus cum all over yer boobs and fallen asl**p! Well!” he huffed.
She was still stood there with it running into her cleavage.
Both men were licking their lips as they watched it.
Mandy looked around to see Wayne still dead to the world; she turned to the two men.
“So how about you help me clean this mess up?” and gave a cheeky smile.
For once she would have a ‘Moment’ of her own.
They both smiled and licked their lips – and moved towards her.

© N.J.Benke 2005

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