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The Driftwood

He was still awake watching the western drone on in the background as his love’s snoring got louder and louder. He laughed at first to himself, then out loud. He watched her snore until he turned off the tv and the room disappeared into darkness. He inched closer to her in bed. He put his arms around her and snuggled his body next to hers. His cock instantly got hard with one touch of her. He started to growl in her ear, she slowly became aroused to the affection being showered on her. He touched her hard round behind and nudged his cock into the crevice that led to her pussy. His hand found its way to her soft pink piece of flesh and he started to stroke and rub it. She was already wet. His cock got harder and harder, and began to throb with pure unadulterated desire. He pushed his cock towards her depths, but he stopped and turned her right hip away from him he wanted her doggy style. She flipped onto her belly and raised her eagerly waiting pussy to greet his huge cock. He dived into her, pushing through until the beginnings of life started to get ready. He realized how much his cum excited her and now he would always stop a good 2 or 3 seconds before he would cum inside. He knew she could feel his throbbing cock push against the insides of her pussy. She ached with love as his cock pulsed inside her, and she came in contractions so she could swallow him.

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