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My mexican lover 2

Well it has been a couple of weeks that me and my new love have been fooling around. We dirty chat all day back and forth on the windows messenger. She calls me over to her desk, saying she has a question on something she is working on.

I walk over to her desk and she is looking really cute today. She is wearing a low cut grey shirt, with a knee length black skirt. As i am standing over her, i am looking down her shirt at her beautiful 40d breasts. She is wearing a red satin bra with lace trim. I take a look around to make sure nobody is around, as i slide my hand down the front of her shirt, cupping her right breast. She kind of lets out a little whimper as i take her nipple between my thumb and index finger and began to pull on it.

She begans to rub my cock over the front of my jeans as i pull her breast out of the top of her bra, leaving it naked under her shirt. I lean down and take her nipple into my mouth and suck it gently. This gets her excited and she rubs my cock a little faster and harder over my pants. I stand up to have a peek around, just making sure nobody is near. We are in luck and everyone is at their desks, we are still alone.

I reach my hand down and push the hem of her skirt up about midway up her thigh. I lean down again and slide my hand up her beautiful thigh to the bottom of her panties. I lift her skirt up to take a peek of her panties. They are a red satin material, with lace trim and a very visible dark spot where her pussy was very wet.

I slide my finger under the bottom of the leg of her panties as i make my way to her bald wet pussy. She opens her legs a little more as my finger finds its target and i slowly push it in. I trace her slit up and down with my index finger as i slowly slip my middle finger into her tight wet fuck hole. In and out i slide my finger into her velvety hole, as i caress her clit with my thumb and kiss the top of her breast. I use my free hand to take her naked breast out of the top of her low cut shirt and place my lips on her now erect nipple and suck it as i finger fuck her wet pussy.

I can tell she is getting close to her climax, as her pussy walls seem to clamp around my finger. I continue my assault on her beautiful pussy as her climax approaches. She bites her lips hard as her pussy erupts, coating my finger with her delicious juices. I rub her tender clit a little more before i slide my finger out of her dripping pussy and out of her soaking wet panties. I turn her head to me and kiss her on her sweet soft lips, gently inserting my tongue into her waiting mouth. I give her nipple one last kiss before i walk back to my desk and we continue our sex chats, making plans for some fun at lunch.

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