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The older lady Part 2

The older lady and I were seeing one another for weeks at this point. Even though I didn't have a girlfriend, I didn't say a word to anyone including my friends. Since I still lived at home, she didn't come over my place, and we didn't go to her's because of her husband.

Many of the people I worked with would hang out after work at my s****r's house from time to time. One night I was headed home from my s****r's and the older lady offered me a ride. We left and we found our special parking spot and she rode me in her car again (which was in fact her son's car!). As usual, I came inside her and she loved every drop.

One day I was talking to my s****r and I let something slip out about a woman I was seeing. I don't remember what it was, but I probably said it on purpose just to let someone know! My s****r wasn't sure if I said was right, and I admitted it to her. She told me that when we were all hanging out,the older lady and I didn't even look at one another, we seemed like we didn't even like one another!

From that point, my secret was out. Many people that we worked with found out. My friend, Mikey, and I talked in detail and it ends up he was also seeing another married woman who we work with!

My s****r was understanding, though! She told me I can use her house when no one was home. The older lady and I took full advantage of that! One of the first times we used her house, she was so grateful that as soon as we were alone she went down on me in the living room. I loved it and came faster than I did in a while. I came in her mouth and found out she didn't like sperm! She ran to the kitchen sink and spit it out.

About two weeks later, we were in my s****r's bedroom. She was riding me as usual and we got interrupted. My b*****r in law came home early! He opened the door, said "oh shit!" And left. She jumped off, covered herself and I just sat back and laughed. I think it was because I lost my virginity in public that to this day I don't care if people see me in that situation. He drove off and I told her it was OK and we should finish. I got on top and filled her. She came hard, I guess she secretly liked getting caught too!

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