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Walk in the woods

I was taking a walk one spring evening in the hills behind my house. When I rounded a bend, a strange sight suddenly confronted me: a man in bright colored clothing was coming towards me. When he saw me, he made an exaggerated stop and promptly walked up to me and pulled a flower from behind my ear. He gave it to me with an elaborate bow, then beckoned me to follow him. By now, this strange clown had caught my interest, so I was more than willing to follow him. I have been fascinated by clowns since I was a k**, and this one wasn’t bad to look at either.

He led me to a wooded, secluded area on top of the nearest hill and motioned me to sit down. From his backpack, he drew out a small grease paint kit and began to apply it to his face. When he was finished, he turned to me and began to paint MY face! Every movement of his fingers was perfectly defined and sensuous, and as he trailed his oily fingers over my nose, cheeks, and lips, I began to feel a tingle in my pussy. Then from somewhere, he materialized three glowing balls that he began juggling in the air. Every once in awhile he would stop and add another ball, until he had five going at once. He put on quite a show for me, ending in a bow that brought his face only inches from mine.

I don’t know quite what happened next, but somehow his face was on mine, kissing me hard, as I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me. His greasy face paint was smearing all over me as he began to franticly pull at my clothes. He left a trail of paint from my lips down to both of my full tits and all the way to my cunt, which by that time was wet and hungry for action. He rubbed his face over my mound, and the lubrication from his makeup made the feeling really incredible. I started to moan softly as he brought out his tongue, alternately tongue fucking me and teasing my swelling clit. I couldn’t wait until I could plunge his hard cock inside of me.

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled him up and rolled on top of him, grabbing his cock and shoving it inside of me. I started riding him for all I was worth, ramming his cock in deeper and deeper. If anything, his dick got even larger and harder as he let me fuck him.

Suddenly, he pulled out and reversed our positions, so he was thrusting into me from behind. Every time he pushed into my hot cunt, he would squeeze my cute butt. I was getting more and more excited, and started to cry, “Yeah, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oooooooh god yeah!” He didn’t say a word, just began to grunt a little every time he pushed in and I squeezed my tight pussy around his cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he reached around and started wildly rubbing my clit. This pushed me over the edge, and as my pussy started to contract in orgasm, I yelled, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, OOOHHH!!!” Feeling me so tight around him must have gotten to him too, because he cried, “I’m going to CUM!” and after a few more fast strokes, pushed his cock as deep as it could go in my pussy and shot his load.

We didn’t say a word to each other - just got up and went our separate ways. The whole experience was so bizarre, I almost would have thought I imagined the whole thing - except when I got home and looked in the mirror, there was still clown makeup all over my face…and other places.

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