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Eurotica 14: First day of the holiday

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Eurotica 14: First day of the holiday

Lorna was sitting back on her plastic chair and looking up, there was barely a cloud to be seen in the sky and a distant jet plane broke the blue void.
She was sat on the top balcony of the holiday apartment, the sun was high in the midday sky and the heat was entering every pore.
She was a redhead and her pale skin could suffer in that climate, it was for the best not to overdo it on the first day of the holiday. Why be in pain for the rest of it?
She put her sunglasses back on and picked up her cold drink, this heat really dried her out.
The flight over had been smooth but jetlag was catching up, she had just got out of a refreshing cool shower and sat on the high balcony in just a towel.
She took a sip of her drink and listened to the noisy street below, nothing but English people in this district. She wondered what had happened to all the Spanish culture these days.
They had already met their neighbours; some couple who were directly below and they were all meeting up for a meal and clubbing later on.
An ice cube fell from her glass and down the front of her towel, before she had the breath to scream, she threw it open to let the cube fall to the tiled floor and melt away very quickly.
Her towel had fallen down and she was naked in the blazing sun, looking down she could see her round firm breasts and dark nipples. No eyes could see her up here, it was a world of her own and the sense of freedom was indescribable.
It stirred her.
Her legs had opened involuntarily and bl**d was beginning to fill her clit, touching it she shook with pleasure.
‘Where is Rick? I need his cock right now!’ she thought.
As luck would have it, she heard the shower stop running.
He would be out soon.
Lorna sat there waiting. Her partner Rick had not come out, he was in the kitchen putting the kettle on for a cup of tea.
She sat there pouting and finally lost patience, her clit throbbed and was as hard as her nipples. She had considered sliding the remaining ice cube around them but there was no need – a wet towel could have hung on them right now.
‘Rick my darling, would you come here please?’ she said through gritted teeth.

Rick appeared-also in just a towel, he nearly dropped his cup when he saw her sitting there naked.
His jaw fell open and head darted from side to side.
‘No one can see, don’t worry!’ she reassured him - not that she cared if they could right now.
A small towel hung on his also pale midriff; he was also tired from the flight but felt bl**d begin to flow quickly into his cock.
Lorna took hold of the cheap table and pulled it across so she was sat with just her breasts exposed.
‘You look hungry my love! Why don’t you get on your knees and eat?’ she opened her legs wider to expose her trimmed pussy in the shade of the table.
She stretched her pussy wide open with her fingers.

Rick needed no more encouragement; by the time he put his cup down and was knelt under the table his cock was rock hard.
He kissed the inside of her thigh a couple of times and ran his fingertips over the tops of them. She was a bit clammy from the heat and she tasted salty, this turned him on more.
He moved forward and kissed the top of her pussy, moaning softly – she couldn’t see what he was doing through the table so everything was a surprise.
Each kiss was a little harder than the previous; her clit was swollen so much it was fully exposed.
He began to stroke it lightly with the tip of his tongue, Lorna gasped and took hold of the rail behind her – pushing her breasts forward to soak in the intense heat.
Rick’s tongue moved from side to side over her clit and then downwards over her pussy entrance. It moved up and down of each side in turn and tasted her flowing juices.
’Oooohhhhh!’ she squeezed her own breasts and massaged them for a while and then slid the palms of her hands gently over her hard nipples in a circular motion.
She had to stop quickly and grip the rail again as she felt Rick’s tongue slide inside her.
Her head spun round so quickly that her sunglasses flew off and over the balcony.
She squinted at the sudden brightness but soon forgot as Rick began to stir around inside her wetness.
As his tongue stroked her pussy walls he pinched her clit between finger and thumb and squeezed.
As he tongue fucked her faster, she began to shake. A climax was nearing.
He slid in and out as her hips lifted up to encourage her peak, she gripped her nipples harder than ever and then tipped over the edge of no return.
She screamed.
‘Oooohhhhh!’ it came out a lot louder than she had anticipated but milked a second one before there was time to care.
Her chest flushed a deep red as she turned around to if anyone saw or heard her.
The noises from down below had gone a quiet for a few seconds but soon picked up again. She gained her breath and felt the last contractions die away.

He was still down there so she took hold of the edge of the table and upturned it.
It fell on its’ side a few feet away and Rick looked up at her. He blinked in the sunlight.
‘Fuck me now! Give me your cock before I throw you over the balcony’ there was an intense urgency in her voice that drove him wild.
He moved up close and kissed her deep on the mouth, she tasted her own juices on his tongue and fed on him for a few seconds before breaking contact.
She stood up and felt the strong heat hit her back and buttocks; Rick’s towel fell to the floor to reveal his smooth hard cock.
She held him close and they kissed again, his cock nestled against her belly as he squeezed her buttocks. He pulled her towards him so he could rub against her.
In a flash, Lorna was on her knees and his cock was deep within her mouth.
Lorna held the base of his cock tightly between forefinger and thumb, sliding it in and out of her mouth while clawing her nails lightly down his stomach.
Rick held on to her shoulders as his member vanished from sight while
Lorna gorged on his cock – loving every inch of it. Her remaining hand was between her legs playing with her clit again.
Lorna took Rick’s hands and pulled him down to his knees, she laid out her towel on the floor and guided him onto it.
Their bodies were shining in the heat and it made them slippery.
He lay down on his back and she sat astride him; She placed her drenched pussy lips against his cock and slid up and down the length of it. His hard shaft parted the lips but didn’t penetrate.
He massaged her breasts and pinched her stiff nipples; he could feel her clit against his hardness and was ready to beg.
She sat up straight on her knees and reached around her back, Rick breathed sharply as she took hold of his cock and guided the tip to the entrance of her pussy.
His full length slid in easily in one manoeuvre.
‘Oooohhhhhh!’ they said in unison.
They looked into each other’s eyes as she began to ride him; her hands held on tight to his shoulders and her breasts swung back and forth inches from his face.
He stuck out his tongue so it caught a nipple on each stroke; she fucked him hard and couldn’t get enough of his cock.
He reached down to below her pounding belly and played with her clit – placing two fingers on it and massaging quickly from side to side.
‘Mmmmmmm!’ she moved her face close to his and kissed him passionately without stopping or losing contact. She broke off again quickly as another climax tore through her body.
‘Aaarghhh!’ she shrieked as her sweat drenched body convulsed.
She collapsed on top of him.
He wanted to fuck her from behind but he could see that her knees were red raw, so she laid down on her back on the towel.
It was drenched from his sweat and that cooled it a little.
She opened her legs and pulled at his hips as he got down between them.
He grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs out straight and over his shoulders, his hard cock rammed in deeper than before as their thighs were pressed together.
‘Oh god!’ she said in surprise.
He was in so deep, his balls pushed back.
They were face to face as he thrust in and out of her; mouths wide open and panting.
She could feel the bulbous end of his cock gliding against her pussy walls and then his balls striking her buttocks.
A trail of sweat traced a path down his back; he let her legs drop down to the floor again and continued pumping hard into her.
She held him close and maintained eye contact, her legs came up again and wrapped around his back.
He was close and she wasn’t going to let him go until he was spent.
‘Fuck me! Fuck me hard and prove yourself worthy of filling this pussy!’ she hissed at him.
Her hips flew up to meet his, he was on top but she was doing the fucking now.
Her nails scratched lines down his back and then dug into him. His hands turned to fists as he tried to support himself.
‘Aaahhhhh! I’m coming! I’m coming!’ he moaned, she thrust her hips up hard against him.
His body stiffened and a look of agony then ecstasy appeared on his face simultaneously.
His hard cock swelled and then exploded inside her, his hot cum struck the very end of her pussy and tipped her over the edge again.
‘Ooohhhhh!’ she screamed again.
He thrust hard to relieve his balls of every last drop; she closed her eyes tight and clenched her teeth as she peaked all over again.
They collapsed limp and exhausted, rolled apart and fell into a deep sl**p.

Rick woke up first; he was aching all over. Turning to Lorna, he could see she was sunburnt badly. He woke her up.
She opened her eyes and smiled at him, she went to get up and winced.
‘Ouch!’ they decided to get into the shower again.

Lorna turned on the shower room light – and then caught her reflection in the mirror.
Her mouth fell open.
She was bright red all over; they must have been asl**p for hours to catch up with the jetlag. But not all over, for she had a perfect white patch across her chest in the shape of Rick’s lower arm and his open hand had left a perfect outline on her left breast.
‘Rick, come and see this?’ she realised that not even a bikini would cover this up.
‘What?’ he said as he entered and stopped dead when he saw her. A grin appeared on his face.
She looked at him; he had a perfect outline of her arm d****d across his chest and down to his groin. He was browner so it was more prominent.
The sunburn ached and itched but the white patches were fine.
‘Oh shit! We’ve only just got here too! How do we hide this for the next two weeks?’
Their faces were redder now, but that wasn’t sunburn.

There was a knock at their door; it was the neighbours from downstairs.
‘Hey folks, I hope you are as hungry as we are!’ the jolly sounding chap yelled through the door.
Lorna and Rick looked at each other and the neighbour continued.
“I think I have your sunglasses here!”

© N.J.Benke 2005

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