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Sheila Meets a Neighbor

.Jerome was one of the earliest black studs in my stable.Back in '76 I had a basement apartment and he lived upstairs.He met me,as a female,one day when I was returning from grocery shopping.I was dressed casually in a sleeveless maroon turtleneck,mid-thigh jean skirt and a gaff under sheer nude hose with tan,3" high-heels.I wore a short blond wig of natural hair and light make-up.He walked up to me,wearing a wife beater t-shirt and sweat pants with sneakers, as I began to unload my groceries and asked if I needed any help I checked him out and I said sure.We introduced ourselves and he carried in the two bags I couldn't and put them on my kitchen counter.He then turned to me and said,"I didn't know I had such a pretty neighbor."I was, and continue to be, an attractive and completely passable blond.I replied,"I didn't know I had such a good looking b*****r living so close to me."Jerome was a gorgeous,muscular,coal black six footer and I'm 5'10"in three inch heels.He slowly ran his eyes up and down my body and asked if I ever dated a b*****r.I winked and told him,"Jerome,I ONLY date black men ."He took a step towards me so I held up my hand and said,"Hold on a second.I have to be honest with you." He said with the deepest sincerity,"Sure Sheila,we don't want to start anything with a lie."I came right out and told him,"I'm a man."That backed him up two steps as I continued,"But that doesn't mean we can't be friends and neighbors."

"Wow",he said, shaking his head,"you sure could have fooled me".

"Maybe a drink will help you get over your shock.I've got vodka and scotch."

"Can you make me a screwdriver?'

"Sure can.Turn on the stereo and have a seat and I'll be right with you."

I mixed him a strong drink and made myself a scotch on the rocks.I took a Quaalude out of my purse and washed it down with a sip of my drink,touched up my face and joined him in the living room where he was sitting on the couch.I placed our drinks on the coffee table and demurely sat sideways on the couch, facing Jerome, causing my skirt to ride up and showing off my gorgeous legs.He told me he lived with his mom,had just graduated and was starting college at the end of summer.All the while his eyes were going from mine to my breasts to my legs and back.My gaze went from his eyes to his crotch,but his sweatpants were bunched up and I couldn't tell what he was packing.He guzzled the last half of his screwdriver and when I started to get up he stopped me and said,"No,you relax.I can find everything."When he came back,he sat right next to me and I thought "hmmm".Then he started telling me about his girlfriend,Bobbi,who he's been dating for a year.

"She's cool and all,but she won't give me oral sex."That's how he said it.Oral sex.

The Quaalude and scotch had really relaxed me.

"You mean she won't suck your cock?"I asked.

"Yea,she thinks it's dirty or some shit."Then he goes,"Sheila,when you're with your boyfriends,is that something you do?"

I looked down to his lap and said very slowly,"Every fucking time."This time there was definitely movement.

"But I don't just drop to my knees and go at it.There's always kissing and cuddling first."

He nodded his head,took a sip of his drink and pulled me towards himself and kissed me lightly.

"Jerome",I said,"that's not gonna get it."

"I know,I'm just warming up."With that he finished his second drink,again pulled me to him and placed his thick,warm lips on mine as I put both my arms around his neck.Now I love being in the arms of a strong black man more than anything.My tongue may have made the first move but it was quickly followed by Jerome's and the kiss was deep,long and passionate.When the kiss broke off,I whispered ,"that was much better,"and "what do you want me to do?"

He looked straight into my eyes and said,"I want you to suck my cock til I cum in your mouth."

I stood up,took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom.I backed him up to the end of the bed,told him to kick his shoes off and ran my hands up inside his wife beater and took it over his head.I then crouched down,hooked my hands into his shorts and sweats and slowly dropped them.When his pubic hair came into view I started to lick my lips,but as more and more cock was revealed my mouth started to water.And there it was in all it's glory! Nine inches of thick,veiny black cock!

I sat him on the edge of the bed and told him,"Wait a sec,hon",and went over to my vanity to put on some slutty red lipstick with a Vaseline veneer to help me with that monster.I slinked back to him and slowly dropped to my knees.Looking into his eyes,I took his cock in my hand as my wet mouth covered the head.Once he was secure in my tight mouth,I moved my hands to caress his thighs as I slowly worked to engulf more of his engorged member.I slobbered all over him and when his cock wasn't in my hungry mouth I'd ask him,"Does this feel good?,Do you like me sucking your big,black cock?Do you want to cum in my mouth? Are you going to be my lover?"

And Jerome would answer,"Oh yes,Sheila! Oh man,it feels so GOOD!Suck it,Sheila,suck it."And finally what I wanted to hear,"Yes,I'll be your lover."

With that last utterance I redoubled my efforts until my nose was embedded in his pubes and his cock was down my throat.I held it there for a beat and slowly came up til just the head remained in my mouth.I then put Jerome's hand on the back of my head and he proceeded to languidly fuck my face as I looked lovingly in his eyes.He soon picked up his pace and when he came he screamed,"I love it Sheila,I love it!"

Jerome was a fabulous ejaculate!Just like I love them.He filled my mouth faster than I could swallow his sweet jizz,the rest dribbling down his fat dick.When he was done,I cleaned up what I'd missed from up and down his now shrinking pole.He was weak kneed and collapsed on my bed.I laid down next to him,cooing in his ear and telling him how much I wanted him as a lover.Soon we were deep,french kissing again and I fondled his tool til he was hard again.I gave him another mind-blowing blow job.I would have fucked him but I hadn't made my pre-anal preparations.That would have to wait til later.

Jerome was added as the third black stud in my stable.He married Bobbi.She still won't blow him.That's fine with me.I've been fucking and sucking him for twenty years now.She still doesn't know.

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