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Friends With Benefits, So You Think You Can Lick M

Response was so favorable to this when i posted on my blog that i thought perhaps it will stand well as a story--

* * *
Master was starting to get a little displeased because i had not returned the favor to the slut who licked my pussy to orgasm a couple of days ago. That has been rectified. Here's the complete dialogue:

5:18 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
Master says i need to return the favor from the other night. Not that i need to be ordered. i dying with curiousity to find out what another girl's pussy tastes like and whether i can pleasure you with my mouth the way did me.

5:21 pm, May 20 Other Slut
*blushes* I don't know if I can be demanding as you were with me.. I am submissive through and through and giving orders is not something that I'm accustomed too.

5:24 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
i cannot get out of my little mind that picture of you. i imagine you in exactly that pose, but without the panties, sitting on my face and riding my mouth. i push my tongue out as far as possible, 'til my mouth hurts, so you can rub you clit on my tongue, so my tongue is your dildo.

5:29 pm, May 20 Other Slut
Please miss.. do be gentle with my swollen cunt.. it's been so long since a tongue has touched me..

5:32 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
i push my tongue in slowly, working first very small up and down licks which i gradually increase until my tongue is tracing the entire length of your slit. You begin to moisten, and i work my tongue a little side-to-side and sort of "cork-screw"-like to beging to open you beautiful outer lips and gain entrance to your secret places and make you a woman.

5:34 pm, May 20 Other Slut
I squeal and moan, rocking helplessly against your tormenting tongue.. please oh please.. a finger.. dear lord...

5:41 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
as good as it feels to be under the weight of your pelvis with your open pussy pressed hard and bucking against my mouth -- a position i could stay in for hours -- i heed your plea for "a finger, a finger, put your fingers in me, fuck me with your fingers!" So i slide from under you and as i do so my tongue trails along out of your pussy, across that sensitive spot between the pussy and the ass and up your ass crack just even to give you a little shiver when it touches you asshole. Then, bringing my self all the way out from under you, i put my hands to your shoulders and you, understanding what is coming next, recline on our back with legs outstretched and slightly bent up at the knees so you have complete access for both my mouth and my fingers to explore, tease, and please your beautiful, tasty pussy.

5:43 pm, May 20 Other Slut
oh oh yes.. please.. i push my hips upward excitedly, my swollen lips glistening with my juices.

5:45 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
i lap up the your juice and rub my lips and mouth, in fact my entire face, against your pussy, coating my face with your aromatic yet salty pussy juice.

5:47 pm, May 20 Other Slut
I whimper and moan, gasping as my fingers clench tightly at my side. My hips bucking with need, my thighs trembling.

5:50 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
as i slip my middle finger into your pussy your fingers unclench, fanning out wildly, and then reclench, no in my hair as you pull me into you as if you were trying to fit my entire head inside your pussy, and your hips buck, and with each buck i feel you pound against my mouth and shivers run the length of both of our bodies.

5:51 pm, May 20 Other Slut
Please.. please.. let me lick you while you tongue fuck my poor cunt.. I want to taste you.. I beg wantonly, clinging tightly to your hair, whining my pleasure as my back arches.

5:58 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
i add my index finger to the middle finger and fuck you hard and deep with my fingers while rapidly working my tongue side to side on your clit. i hear you cry out that you want to taste me, some slowly i remove my fingers from your hot dripping box and pivot my whole body around and on top of you, pushing my pussy toward your face was i approach from above your clit. i place my right hand on you public area, with fingers, reaching just down to your pussy lips. i clamp my fingers on your lips and then fan them out, opening you up. As my two middle fingers enter you i resume licking your clit, now in small quick hard circles just on the button.

6:01 pm, May 20 Other Slut
I scream in pleasure into your cunt and grab your hips tightly, diving my tongue right inside you. I swirl it and use my finger to press gently, warily against your asshole as I lick harder, my hips jerking up into your mouth with your tongue on my clit.

6:10 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
your attention to my pussy and my bottom feel so good, but i'm so driven my the excitement of my first time going down on another girl that i don't want to be distracted by my own pleasure. i want, at least for the moment, to concentrate soley on exploring you with my tongue and giving you pleasure as you had me. Relunctently for both of us, i slide down, sliding my pussy away from your talented mouth. As i go down my tongue trails off your clit and to your red swollen and gapping open outer lips, i press in, parting your inner lips with my tongue and lapping your juices like a thristy dog drinking water. Down, down, down i go. my hands reach around your hips, and grabbing your butt-cheeks, i raise your butt off the floor. Rolling my head forward on the floor as i light your ass, i pull my neck in tightly so my tongue reaches your asshole. I rim you as your thrash on the floor.

6:11 pm, May 20 Other Slut
I squeal and push hard toward your tongue. fuck yes.. ohhhh pleasee.. i want to cummmm oh please.. yes lick my asshole.. please harder...

6:15 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
As i lick your asshole i try, as best i can by wriggling my chin again as much of your pussy as i can be in contact with, to give you dual stimulation. i don't want to neglect that clit for too long, so have rimming and sticking my tongue in as far as possible, i slowing retreat, replacing my tongue with my middle finger in your asshole and my mouth back on your pussy, with my tongue on your clit.

6:17 pm, May 20 Other Slut
I cry out thrashing about as my orgasm hits. ohh yessssssss immm cummminggb

6:20 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
i dig my finger into your ass as far as possible and flatten my tongue out broad covering your quavering pussy, all the time squeezing your butt with the other hand. i feel you legs close tight around my head and your hand grad and squeeze my butt cheeks likes you'd fall of the face of the earth if you didn't hand on for your life.

6:22 pm, May 20 Other Slut

6:28 pm, May 20 masters-cumslut
slowly i draw my finger out. i release your butt cheek from the other hand and you go limp on the floor, which, fortunately has be great thick rug so you are very comfortable. Gently, very gently, i plant tiny light kisses on you still swollen pussy lips, inner thighs, and public area, working in cirles out and away from your now overly sensitive pussy. Gradually i pull up, finally no longer kissing, but stoking your beautiful body very lightly with the back of my hand and with my finger tips as you slowly recover normal breathing and your chest gradually stops heaving. I look down at your lovely naked form, so like mine -- all the same parts -- so unlike my Male lovers, and i say, "Thank you for letting me return the favor."

6:30 pm, May 20 Other Slut
I blush and nod, panting.. Thank you..

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