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Best fuckin nite eva

My life is pritty normal I am just the normal bi that dates both genders. But last week end I relised that I fancied a boy at work he was 23 2 years older than me he caught my eye a couple of times lol and at lunch i caught him cheking me out my friend natasha said that he totaly had hots for me. A couple of days later when we where sitting in the wating room he asked me out i couldent help my self self i blushed a bright red and murmed yes so low that he could barly here me i felt happy i was so happy. Just overjoyed Y weeks after we started going o. We went out for a drink up the bar it only took two minuts and i was opening I iwsh i had masubated befor i left because i was horny as fuck i suddenly had an urge to grab him and never stop shagging but i had to controle my sexual urges. I asked him if he wanted to come to my houise for a drink about half an hower later he was pissed i asked him is he wanted to come up to my room he said yes we sat on the bed for 5 minuts before he started unbuckeling my bra yes i thougt silently as he grasped my softwight perfect d cup boobs he ran his finger ove my chest whilst i fumbled aroound with his jeand until i saw the giant hunk of wight meat standing fully straight i dident hesitate it was in my mouth i was slobbering all over it and devouid it whole that then he asked right your giving a great blowjob but can i please fu i so wanted him to fuck me so i screamed yes yes he grabbed his hot sticky dick and thrust it so far up my arse i thought i had gon to heven all i shouted and scremeed FUCK FUCK ME HARDER i was so happy i felt like the happist woman in the world than he fucked me doggy style for the rest of the nite was best nite so far
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