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I have to admit that nothing turns me on more than seeing my wife used and abused by black men, and I have found that it really turns them on to turn a white mans wife into a slut for black cock.
Although my wife Kathy admitted that a black guy she worked with was hitting on her, nothing ever happened til he made it happen. He knew of our open relationship and had seen her out with other men and wanted in on the action. She always told him that would never happen.
Well he got what he wanted one night after work when my wife stopped in a bar where he was having a drink. He intentionaly got her fucked up on shooters then took her out to her car in the parking lot and got some of that white pussy he wanted. She hasn't been the same since.
Tonight I am taking her to a bar in the ghetto and she is more than willing to go. I am helping her get dressed and she is wearing a short black strapless dress with a shear top and just long enough to cover her ass. Ofcourse she's not wearing a bra or panties, but she is wearing a black garterbelt, black stockings and black highheels. She definetly looked like a slut but that was the idea. When we walked into that bar I wanted every black man there to want to fuck my wife.
After we had a couple drinks we left for the bar which was in the middle of the ghetto. As soon as we got out of the car it started.
"You lookin for some big nigger dick baby." one guy yelled. "Send your white boy home and let this nigger show you a good time. Love to fuck that white pussy." another one yelled. We kept walking and went into the bar. Every guy in there had their eyes on my wife as I thought they would. It only turned me on to know they were all wanting to fuck her, and it turned me on even more knowing that my wife was wanting just that.
We found a table and sat down. It wasn't long before the drinks started coming for my wife from other men and I told her to do whatever she wanted. She got up and danced with the first guy who ask her.
I watched her dancing with the guy and other guys who were cutting in, they knew she was there to be fucked and she was definetly getting lots of attention. Guys were grinding on her and feeling her up, and their was no shame on her part as she allowed them to do whatever they wanted. It went on for hours til the bar closed around 2am. But thats when the doors were locked and the afterhours party started.
As my wife was slow dancing with one guy I watched as he worked his big black hands down over her ass and slowly pulled her dress up to her waist exposing her ass and pussy for every one to see. He kissed her and she kissed him back with her tongue in his mouth. My cock was so hard as I watched him undress my wife on the dance floor. It was game on after that and and in no time they had her down on her kness in front of me with their cocks out.
My wife wasted no time in getting her mouth around one of those big black cocks. "Suck that nigger cock white bitch." he said "Show your hubby your a nigger lovin whore." I watched as he face fucked her hard and she gagged on his cock as he told her what a whore and a slut she was. It turned me on to see him using my wifes mouth like a cunt to fuck. "Suck it you fucking cunt." he yelled as he his cock in her mouth and filled it full of cum. His cum oozed out of the corners of her mouth around his cock and ran down her chin onto her tits. When he pulled out another cock replaced it, then another and another. I'm not sure how many she sucked off but it was a turn on for me to see my wife down on her knees sucking their black cocks with their cum dripping off her face and tits.
"Lets take her to the room and fuck her." one of them said. I followed as they led her upstairs to a room where there was a bed. My wife was about to get gangbanged and she obviously wanted it.
It didn't take long before they had my wife on the bed, one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. "Damn your wife pussy feel good on my nigger cock." the guy fucking her said. "Yeah fuck that married white cunt." another screamed. "look at her spreadin her legs, she wantin that black cock." another yelled.
They fucked her over and over and she fucked them back, wanting ever inch of black cock she could get. It was a turn to see them fucking and using her like a whore.
Just when I thought they were done fucking her one of the guys said something about bringing junior in and letting him have some white pussy. I wasn't sure what they were talking about til in walk this skinny little k**. I'm not sure how old he was but to me he didn't look old enough to be in highschool.
"We got you a white slut to fuck boy." one said. You like fucking white bitches don't you boy." "Yes" he answered.
He was already naked when he came in and for a skinny k** he had a big cock. I have to admit he was much bigger than me.
One of them told him to go over and stand by the bed. "Suck the boys dick slut." one said. My wife kind of looked at me and them and I wasn't sure if she was going to do it. "I said suck him>" he said again. This time she moved over to the edge of the bed and started licking his cock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but it turned me on to see my wife sucking this young black k**s cock. "Your wife is about to become a true black cock whore." one guy said.
I watched as she sucked his cock like she was wanting it and it wasn't long before he was cumming in her mouth. "Swallow his cum and keep sucking." she was told. I watched as she swallowed his cum and kept sucking til he was hard again.
"Now fuck her boy. Tell her to spead her legs for you." one said. "Spread your legs." he said and she did. "She wants your black cock boy. Shes spread her legs for you and wants your cock don't you. Tell him." "I want your cock" she said "Fuck me." I couldn't believe it but it was turning me on to hear my wife begging this k** to fuck her.
He moved between her legs and she grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. As he pushed it in she started moaning. "Oh god fuck me" she moaned. "Yeah boy, shes wanting your black cock. Don't you." "Yes fuck me, I want your black cock." My cock was rock hard hearing my wife beg this k** for his cock.
I watch as they held her legs open so he could fuck her. "Thats it boy fuck that white pussy." and he did. "Oh god." she moaned over and over as he fucked her. It was a real turn on to see him fucking the shit out of my wife and to see her hot for his cock.
It wasn't long before he was filling my wifes pussy full of his cum. It had to be the hottest thing I have ever seen.
After that everyone left and after cleaning up my wife we headed home. It was definetly a night neither one of us will forget.

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