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"The Taking Of Curious"

I can remember the summer of 2009 very well, why you ask? Well it was the summer when I took ‘Curious’; yes, ok strange name, albeit a nick-name … but what a lady! I guess she was around mid-thirties dark hair good-looking babe!; anyway I lived next door to her, and first saw her from a gap in the adjoining fence … my story begins

I was mowing the lawn one midweek afternoon when, after some 45 minutes of mowing I sat down on the chair on the decking, even though I had the CD player on, I could hear a sort of moaning and groaning coming from over the wooden fence. It sounded a little disturbing so I tried to look for a gap in the fence to see where the noise was coming from. I could see through a small gap my next-door neighbor dressed in a black bikini spread-eagled on the lawn with her hands between her legs …

“That’s Curious”! I thought … why that name?, Well I’d seen her several times before, as her and her husband had just moved in, and each time she’d say ”Hello!” and I would say “I’m curious, but what’s your name?”, she smiled and pouted “Hummm, call me curious, James”, “OK!”, I said, strange name I thought, anyway, on with the story …

Curious had her hands between her legs and was rubbing her clit, slowly and deliberately; I then saw that she was not alone, there was another person on the lawn; and that wasn’t her husband! … The guy then buried his head between her legs and stroking her pussy area … “Wait, Steve, I want a drink, please!” … the guy stopped and went inside the house … she resumed gently rubbing her pussy … I thought shall I call out and ask if she’s OK? … “Yes!” I thought … Steve then called out “Gotta go babe, I’m need back at the studio, back later!” … With that he departed …

Ah, I thought, good time to call out. “Is everything OK over there?” … “You sounded ill!” … what a poor excuse I thought, so bl**dy corny! … Curious replied, “Is that you Terry?”… “Yes, I replied”, Curious spoke … “I was very dry and needed something wet down my throat!” … I thought, oh yes … lucky Steve!
“Come on over, Terry, have a drink with me!” I proceeded to her garden gate, which she unlocked, she opened the gate, and wow! … she was stunning in the black bikini, so much that my cock began to twitch even then … she guided me over the lawn, she and I both sat on lounger-beds … “You could hear me a few minutes ago, then?” … “Yes!” I replied, “Well that’s great, because I feel great, have a drink, James!” She offered me a glass of chilled white wine … it tasted lovely, as she sipped her’s a dribble of wine dripped down her chin and rolled between her breasts … she wiped the wine off her cleavage with her fingers and sucked on each finger hungrily! … “Whoops, sorry, very clumsy of me!” … I said “Lucky fingers!” she giggled and smiled warmly! And gently poured more wine over her tits.

”Come over here Terry, and lick the wine off my tits!”, she removed her top and I bent over and licked the wine off, I then licked her pert dark-red nipples and sucked gently on first the right, then the left, my hand reached down to her crutch and I stroked her clit through her bikini bottom, she was damp, this turned me on and I licked harder on her pussy as I rubbed and squeezed both her tits. She moaned and sighed, and pulled aside her bikini bottom and revealed a mass of black hairs around a lovely pink clit! I licked harder and pushed my tongue deep into her cunt; I then said “God, you fucking hot Curious!” … “Don’t talk, just suck my fucking, cunt, James!” … I obeyed! … As I sucked hard, I could taste what seemed to be cum; I thought that’s her lovers cum, the dirty bitch; so I sucked even harder, and the cum flowed into my mouth … “Kiss me Terry, let me taste my love juice!”

We kissed passionately and deeply, exchanging saliva and cum, she then said “Right, let’s get your cock out!”, she hastily grabbed my jeans zip and pulled out my cock, which was somewhat excited and slightly oozing with pre-cum juice …she took hold of my phallus and kissed it gently and rubbed my balls … she then sucked her finger and then fondled my ass-hole whilst she sucked on my cock! This was heaven, I ripped her bikini bottom off and gently thrust two fingers into her wet cunt … she moaned and sucked harder on my phallus as she shoved her finger into my ass!

I retaliated by thrusting three fingers into her now slippery-wet cunt! She then spoke … “Put your cock into my cunt and fuck my gently but fucking deep!” I responded and placed my rampant cock into her pussy, it slapped in well … she then spun around on the bed and she said “Fuck me doggy-fashion, you horny bastard!” I did just that, I thrust both gently, then harder then gently then almost pulled it only to thrust it back in I then said “You like being fucked, from behind then, bitch!” … “Yes, she replied, especially as my lover is watching from the kitchen, he’ll be over to join us; now fuck me, Terry!”
I did, and indeed her lover came out, with another guy!

Her lover, Steve, dropped his pants and she began sucking on his shiny cock … the other guy also took of his pant and began rubbing his hard cock whilst watching us. “She shouted out to James (the other guy), put your fucking cock inside me too … I want you both in my wet cunt!” We maneuvered in to a position where he was bellow me on his back, he eased his cock into her pussy right up to the hilt, I then slipped my cock into her pussy above his; and we both started to fuck her. I t was quite a turn-on to feel another guy’s cock rubbing against mine … even so … beautiful!!! “All change!”, “Come over here Terry I wanna’ suck you off, whilst you watch my two lovers fuck my pussy!” … She sucked harder and harder on my cock, I could feel her tongue almost circulating my shaft and drawing the very life outta’ me!!!

Curious was now in such a state of ecstasy that she cried out “Cum inside me then shoot over Terry’s cock so I can taste all your cum!”

Steve and James, duly obeyed and shouted out “I’m cumming babe!”, “Me too!” said her lover … “Don’t fucking cum all in my cunt save some for Terry and me!” My body then began to tremble, “I’m going shoot, where do you want me to cum?” … she replied “Deep in my mouth you fucker!” … this I did my balls tensed and relaxed as I shoot deep in her mouth … at this point the other two guys came over and began wanking all over her mouth and cock, then seemed to shoot for fucking ages … she loved it … she released my cock and began licking all the cum off her mouth and my cock, she sucked hard on the cum and slurped it up like a cat ..

“Come on boys, let’s give him a surprise!” … with this both her lovers then proceeded to suck in and around my cock as well as her … she wanked me hard and I cum again all over her face and in each of her lover’s mouths too!!
“Phew!! …. “What an incredible experience!” I panted … Curious replied … “There’s more to come, if you like, Terry” … “Have you tried it with a shemale?!” … I replied “What! You are a decadent bitch; when and where?!”

The End?

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