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Mommy Time!

Prequel to My Silly Little S ister

Ever since I was fucked by Mom and Dad on Sunday,my Mom has been acting like a total Sex Freak! Then again,so has my Dad! He just won't leave my asshole alone. If no-one else is around,except for Mom that is,He keeps pulling my pants down and fucking my ass with everything from his fingers and cock,to veggies and dildos! He keeps calling it "Training Time!". I refer to it as "Heaven!" because God,I love it!

On Wednesday morning,after Dad left to go to work at the shop,I was at home with my Mother. My s ister,Chrissy,was heading off to school,the poor k**,but I had the day off because my Folks have decided to start Home Schooling me.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard the bus stop in front of our house,so I looked out the bathroom window. I was just in time,and watched as Chrissy got on the bus and found a seat. She was still obviously crying. I began to feel kind of guilty because little Chrissy didn't have a clue as to why I was being Home Schooled and She wasn't. In fact,She had thrown quite a temper tantrum that morning over the entire issue!

You see,Chrissy was standing in the living room this morning,waving her pink backpack about and stomping her tiny feet. She realised it was getting her no-where but still She continued to scream at us. She kept it up until she turned red in the face and she began to get the hiccups. Suddenly,as tears were streaming down her cheeks,she looked first at Our Folks,then she looked me dead in the eyes,turned around and lifted her blue and green plaid skirt,mooning us with her faded pink Hello Kitty panties! Right after that she threw open the door and ran next door to the neighbor's house to wait for the bus.

I was drying off,thinking about Chrissy's cute,little,round pink "Hello Kitty" panty coverd ass,when I realised my dick was getting hard,and I mean really,Really Hard! I couldn't help it. The more I tried Not to think about her ass,the more I did!

Images of her naked little body were dancing through my mind. I imagined kissing her cute freckled face and that sweet,tiny ass of Hers. In my minds eye,I was shoving my tongue into her rosebud and then eating out her bald cunny and sucking on her love button,just like I had been learning to do to Mom! My dick throbbed and stuck out hard in front of me as I walked downstairs to get a drink.

Mom was vacuuming,dressed only in a pair of crotchless,red panties and a matching red bra that had holes cut out of it. This allowed her huge,brown nipples available for suckling! She is such a Randy Bitch! I noticed that she also had a small vibrator stuffed up into her snatch,being held in place by a black leather strap.

Mom turned the vacuum off and stared wantonly at my hard cock. She began licking her lips as she reached down between her legs and turned the dial on the vibrator up as high as it would go. "Come here,Honey" she said,her voice shaking. "Is this for me?" She asked. I couldn't tell I was thinking about Chrissy,so I smiled at her and made my cock bounce up and down.

"What do You think? I have the Hottest Mom in town,don't I! Who else would I be getting a stiffy for?" I laughed. "Oh,I don't know... Daddy perhaps? Or...well,nevermind" she began. "Is there something I can do for You?" Mom said,reaching out and pinching on the tip of my dick.

I jumped and swatted at her hand. That hurt,Damnit! "I needed something to drink before getting dressed." I laughed. "Well,So Do I!" Mom whisperd. "Go. Get some juice. I'll get something in a little bit." she moaned and I watched her eyes roll up as she began to shake with an orgasm. Mom could cum at the drop of a hat. Or an apple or a shoe! She was totally mulit-orgasmic and would get herself off whenever and wherever she could get away with doing it!

I got my drink and walked back into the dining room expecting to find her there. Mom was nowhere downstairs. I looked everywhere and couldn't find her! I smiled to myself knowing I would find her in her room surfing the net for some totally perveted shit. The kinkier and nastier the better,as far as I was concerned because except for a Playboy,I haven't seen any "Real Porn"! Very little was taboo for Mommy,or Daddy for that matter! But I was wrong. Mom wasn't in her room. She was in Mine!

A video was playing on my computer. It was of Her and Dad fucking in the garage! Dad was pounding Mom's pussy with the handle of a hammer! She also had one of the garden hoses stuffed up her ass! It looked like she was fucking a long,green snake! Mom stayed on her hands and knees kicking,her feet up and down while whipping her head from side to side. "Take it out! Take IT OUT! GODDAMNIT!" she screamed. Dad pulled the hammer out of her cunt but Mom was now pounding her fists onto the concrete floor. I watched as Dad left the scene and the image on screen suddenly got bigger.

He zoomed in for a shot of my Mother's belly. It was swelling up fast! Her stomach was huge and getting bigger! "Here comes the good part!" Mom panted,as she pulled me in front of her. "Watch this shit!" she sighed,working her vibrator in and out of her faster and faster. She gripped my shoulder in a vice like grip as another orgasm rocketed through her!

The image pulled back till Mom could clearly be seen in full view again. She had moved forward till her pregnant looking stomach rested on the floor. There was a loud "Whooshing" sound as Dad pulled the garden hose out of Mmommy's ass. Grunting like an an imal,Mommy's asshole suddenly shot water across the entire room! It was like a fountain! She kept her ass pointed up in the air and the water continued to lift in an arch! It hit the ceiling and then the wall! She was holding herself up off of the floor with her forehead as both of her hands pressed against her stomach! The flow of water stopped and Mom gasped quite loudly. I could see her face straining and then I watched in amazement as an apple flew out past her open ass cheeks! It landed a good six feet behind her,as it rode on another jet of water!

My face hurt from smiling and Mommy's face dripped with sweat! She took off her sodden panties and stuffed them into my dry,open mouth! I stood there,sucking on my Mother's pussy juice soaked panties,staring at the computer screen. I watched as time after time things issued forth from my Mother's asshole onto the floor between her feet! An Orange was next,followed by two ping-pong balls,a golf ball and too many gr apes to count!

Turning to face My Mother,I took her panties from my mouth and placed my hands on the sides of her face. We tumbled over the chair she had been sitting in,backwards onto the floor. My lips pressed into hers,flattening them across her teeth. I scooted down some and began chewing on her nipples! She was slapping my shoulders and arms till I grabbed her wrists. I scooted further down till her fat,bald cunt was in front of my face. Her long inner pussylips stuck out between her thighs and I began sucking them into my mouth. Spreading her cunt apart I then shoved my face into her sopping wet snatch and began sucking and licking at the gaping hole of her pussy as I fucked her clit with my nose! I lost count of the amount of times Mommy squirted into my mouth and all across my face into my hair! I only stopped because Mommy was pulling some of my hair out by the roots,and screaming at me to stop!

I jumped to my feet,my face slick and my hair dripping with her pussy juice as it ran down onto my chest. Reaching down,I took hold of the hands she held out to me,and I helped her up onto her knees. She smiled,looking up at me and nipped the head of my cock with her teeth. Without thinking,I slapped her on the cheek,rocking her head to the side. It was an instinctive reaction. I didn't mean to slap her,but Mommy must have loved it! She gripped my balls in one hand,yanking them down, and the base of my cock with her other. Squeezing my balls tight and holding my cock in a vicelike grip,she then began gnawing on the head of my swollen cock with her back teeth as she held my cock in her mouth!

Now it was my turn to pull Her hair! I couldn't get away from her devouring mouth! My knees were buckling and I was afraid she would bite the head of my dick off if I fell or even tried to move away from her!

Mommy finally relented and let go of me. She stood up,took my hand and led me back to the chair in front of the computer. Now the video showed Mommy being fucked by a miniture baseball bat as she laid on her back,on top of the dining room table. It was a POV from between her wide spread legs. There was a strange bulge stretching against the inside of her lower abdomen,and it could be clearly seen moving in a queer fashion every time Dad shoved the bat into her.

I leaned back as Mommy then put the chair into it's reclining position. Getting up and walking over to my bedroom window,she opened it letting a cool breeze fill the room. We could hear music floating on the air. It came from the Church two doors down the street,as the organist practiced for that nights service. "Oh! Isn't that nice? Old Mrs.Harris is serenading us!" Mommy giggled.

I looked at my mother and smiled. Mommy looked like an old street whore! Her mascara had run,blackening her eyes and streaking down her cheeks. Her red lipstick was smeared all around her lips,and some of it even stained a few of her front teeth. Mommy's once perfectly styled hair,now flew in all directions and was partially matted from her sweat.

Mommy's groans coming from the computer's speakers pulled my attention back to the action on screen. Dad had finished with the ball bat and was fist fucking her. Once again My eyes were drawn to the strange bulge in my mother's lower stomach. "You'r gonna cum watching this part!" Mommy cooed as she kneeled once again between my legs and started giving me an expertly performed blowjob!

My hips writhed in her hands and I bucked up and down into her hot,drooling mouth! Saliva poured from between her lips as she noisily sucked my cock. Removing a hand,she reached down between her legs and began fingering herself again. In just a few moments I could hear the squelching of her fingers as they worked her pussy into another wet,messy orgasm! Taking her fingers out of her vagina,she shoved them into my mouth. Greedily I sucked them clean,as I watched the video of Mommy getting fist fucked.

In the video, On-screen Mommy began bouncing her backside on the table as her moans became louder and louder. But Real Life Mommy had her mouth wrapped around my cock was humming along with the tune the organist played! Moans! Humms! Moaning! Humming! Screaming! Singing!

Mommy held my nutsack tight between her fingers as She began making up words to the song we could hear coming through the open window! She began to pull my balls down in a milking fashion,like a farmer would a cow's teat. She continued to tighten her grip till my scrotum turned dark red and my balls were trapped beneath her thumb and forefinger, stretching the skin across my nuts tight! My cock stood up straight in front of her smiling face! I was so close to cuming I couldn't stand it,but the grip she had on my balls stopped me from doing so!

My On-screen Mommy was now gushing a stream of her love juice as her entire body shook with an orgasm! She was screaming incoherently,lifting her head from the table top and looking down along her body at the camera. Her face began to turn red and blotchy and she was breathing in quickening gasps,then she started grunting while holding her breath! This kept going on for almost five minutes until every muscle in her arms chorded and the veins stood out from her throat and across her forehead.

"It won't be long now." the real life Mommy panted. "Keep watching,Baby!" she giggled again as her hand sped up and down along the length of my cock. That was when she also began to twist and wring my cock as she did this!

My On-screen Mommy suddenly did a partial sit up. Her face was beet red and she snarled,spit flying in all directions,while looking into the camera's lense pointing up between her legs. I couldn't tear my eyes off of what I was looking at! Something dark blue and red striped was pushing against the opening of Mommy's cunt-From The Inside! Her mouth was held in a rictus grin as she drooled on her self. The hole of her vagina began to spread wider and wider as bit by bit she f orced what ever it was inside of her out!

My Real Life Mommy started singing "Bringing in the sheaves,Bringing in the sheaves. I will eat his Cum while I'm bringing in the sheaves. Keep watching! Sucking on his cock,Sucking My Son's Cock. I GET ALL THE CUM! BECAUSE I'M SUCKING MY SON'S COCK!" Mommy sang,in a very loud voice! "Here It Comes,Baby!"

I couldn't believe my eyes! My On-screen Mommy,gave one final,loud grunt and one last,massive push and a Nerf Football shot from her cunt so hard into the camera it made my Father stagger several steps backwards!

Just as that happened,Mommy relaxed the agonising grip she had on my nutsack,clamped her lips around the swolen head of my cock and began sucking for all she was worth as her hand flew up and down!

I was So Turned On! I began clenching and unclenching my asshole muscles together. I fo rced as much bl ood and sperm into my cock as I could! Then I squeesed my ass cheeks and my stomach muscles tight,and without any warning to Mommy,Cum blasted from the head of my cock! I sent it forth flooding into her mouth! I could feel it! All of it! Before one spurt could clear the head of my cock into her sucking lips,another was following! I kept cuming,time after time! It felt so,fucking fantastic! I could even tell when it went from a thin,easy flowing liquid to a thicker,chunkier consistancy! I also felt the shaft of my cock swell and contract over and over as I emptied myself!

I have no idea why I screamed what I did as I unloaded my cum into my Mommy's mouth and down her throat. "Suck My Cock,Mz.Harris! Suck My Cock! You Want It,Now Eat It! Eat My Cum Mommy! EAT IT!"

When I couldn't cum any more,Mommy lifted her head,crawled on top of me and kissed me deeply! Our tongues danced and probed into each other! She pulled back and brayed a laugh,holding my face in her hands,as strands of my cum hung from our lips and fell onto my naked chest. It was obvious that Old Mrs.Harris had actually heard me because she stopped playing for a second and when she began again,it was in the wrong key!

"I wonder if the Preacher heard us?" Mommy laughed. Then she started kissing me again and sat on my lap stuffing my spit and cum covered cock deep up into her fiery,wet pussy!

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