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Forbidden love part 3

please read forbidden love part one and 2 before reading this thanks.
....screams with excitement as she had never(and hopfully still hasnt) had a dick in her luciouse pussy lips that could split her if it went all in at once, as i start to slowly make love to this goddess of love and beauty i am thinking we are like one and cause of that she starts to say ″this is pure ectasy ~, and i believe as our lips form to make 1 being of life we have one of the greatest and still is the greatest kiss of my life. i start to make love to rebekah with fast strokes and you can just here my mighty ballz bang agaist her ass she is now moaning louder as i love her faster and faster i start to reallylove hernow, she starts to say she cant help it any more she starts having an orgasm she screams at the top her voice so loud i have to put my hand other her mouth so we dont wake the neigbours, as her pussy starts to grip to my dick like its god. theres one orgasm then another and another and i start to think oh my god this is the first time i have made love to some one who i have givin multiple orgasms to i then start to faint i come 2 with her still stradeld to my dick and moaning more then ever , i start to quiver up.
and i know that im coming so to hold it in so that i can fuck her morei plop out her pussy and start to lube her ass up. because ive never done anal so i thought id give it a try. so as she goes on her hands and knees i slowly inch my dick in inch by inch to love her doggy style as rebekahs nice globe looking ass cheeks start to ease of my dick she starts to moan as i start to lover her slowly......

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