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My graduation party was a blast. I made over $2000 in gifts. If only I could graduate every year. My professor was disappointed that I was leaving her classes. I told her that I would still be around campus because my girlfriend had another year. Her gift to me was a customized pussy pal shaped to her pussy. I had my girlfriend shape a dildo after my dick to give my professor as a thank you present. I guess our minds think alike.

After my f****y cleaned up all the decorations of my party, reality set in. It was time to find a job. I went through the classifieds and the local employment agency. It was hard finding a job anywhere. I applied for anything and everything that seemed mildly close to something that fit my degree. There were plenty of sales jobs. One of the positions called for a young ambitious people looking to reach the top. That sounded enough like me.

After a couple of weeks, I got a call back from a sales firm. The boss on the other line seemed nice. The next couple days flew by. I could not wait for my first professional interview. My girlfriend ironed my tie, shirt and pants completely naked. After she finished she gave me a good luck blow job before I left for my interview.

I got there early to make a good first impression. The boss came out of her office. She was easily in her mid 50’s. She looked like her husband’s dick must get plenty of attention. Her black skirt came down to her knees. The first two buttons of her top were undone just so anybody could see the edge of her breasts. Throughout the interview I was distracted by the images in my head of what she might look naked. I did not know why she had next to nothing on her desk.

“Well Mr. Hendrix, your resume seems pretty solid. It looks like you would fit right into our business. There is, however, one thing that you have to pass before we can hire you.” As she said that her legs parted far apart. I could look straight up to her fur. Before anything else could be said, I was removing my tie and ripping off my shirt. She stood up briefly to unzip her skirt. I pushed her back into her seat as I started to lick her lower lips. She took off her top quickly to allow her chest room to breath. As I started to lick her pussy I unleashed my cock. Before long her lips were squirting out plenty of natural lubricant. She gave a couple quivers.

After she got her orgasm, she swiftly moved from the chair to bending over her desk. “Pick a hole,” she said.

With no thought I started to show her why I deserved the job through her pussy. My cock smacked against her 50 something thighs. As I shoved my dick into her aged pussy, she shoved her body against her desk. For a small second I started to think about how loud we might be to the other people working. I figured that she was the boss, and she would have to deal with it, not me. With that thought, I started to penetrate her hole even harder. Her long brown hair flew all over the place as her moans filled the entire office.

When her pussy took enough pounding in that position she climbed the rest of the way on top of the desk and then turned to face me. She gave me a slight push backwards with her foot to put me in her chair. She looked at me seductively to remind me that it was not even close to over. She got on top of me in the chair backwards facing her ass toward me. I lined my cock up to continue my interview. Her perfectly aged breasts bounced up and down as her body gyrated on my man muscle. I started by stroking her nipples. Before long her moans were back in full strength. She put her arm up to invite me to lick her nipple. I took the invitation. She helped her breast into my mouth. I then snuck my middle figure up her ass. Being the experienced employer she was, she took my other hand from her tit and started to lick my figures.

After multiple orgasms from my projected boss, it was time for me to explode. As she went down on me she first took the figure that had been penetrating her ass. She cleaned up my finger as a sign of gratitude. With her other hand, she stroked my dick to keep me loaded when her mouth was free. Her tongue rippled and vibrated against my dick as her mouth took me in. The tip of my penis could not hold it in; I blew my load right down her throat. She looked up at me with a smile. “I think you have presented yourself quite well today. If you want the job, I will be able to make an offer by the end of the week.”

As I left, I realized that nobody in the building seemed the slightest bit disturbed by all of the moans coming from the office. My reaction to this was that this was probably the best job I will ever have.

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