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African Prince 2

Chapter 2

"I'm going out tomorrow evening Mikey, so you're going
to have to make dinner for yourself." Mikey's Mom said
as she scooped a big spoonful of mashed potatoes onto
his plate. As always the dinner table was set for two.
The size of the house seemed so excessive to Mikey's
Mom, especially since Natasha, Mikey's older s****r,
went away to college. Regardless, she did a good job
maintaining it, made easier as much of the space was
never used.

"You got a hot date Mom?" Mikey joked. He was surprised
when her answer revealed this to be true. She had not
seen anyone since her husband's death. Although the
concept of his mother with another man was foreign to
him he tried to encourage her as best he could, "Good
for you. Who is he?"

He was a man she had met through a friend at work.
"He's rumored to be quite handsome." Mikey's Mom

This struck Mikey in a funny way. He had never thought
of his Mom as a sexual being before. Well until a few
hours ago that is, but he pushed that out of his mind.
Now for the first time she was talking about men and
dating. Even though it made him a little uncomfortable,
it struck Mikey as a good thing. He didn't necessarily
want a new father figure in his life, but he knew it
would be good for her.

As his Mom got up and began carrying dishes over to the
sink, Mikey let his eyes fall to her ass. She was truly
a shapely woman. Mikey's eyes ran down her legs then
back up across her ass and back to her neatly tied
hair. She was slim, in good shape, she ate right, and
she worked out from time to time. Mikey did not feel
guilty about this. He was not looking at her sexually
so much as he was sizing her up as a woman for the
first time. He was impressed, but he f***ed his eyes


Mikey sat through another boring day of school and
another monotonous bus ride home but he managed to get
off at his stop this time. It was Friday and he had
thought up a plan for this evening's entertainment. His
Mom was going out, and he had a night of fun planned.
The woods behind their house ran along the back yards
of every house on the street.

He wasn't sure why he had never thought of it before,
but if he cut through the woods to behind Julie's
house, he just might be able to catch a glimpse of her
through the window. The woods were pretty deep and dark
and he knew that he and his Mom never bothered to pull
the shades on the windows on the back of their house,
maybe the Osbourne f****y was as trusting as his own.
He felt his penis bulging at the prospect.

When he got home he waited patiently for nightfall to

"Okay honey, he is going to be here any minute."
Mikey's Mom was dressed just as she had been in his
fantasy. For a second it made him feel uncomfortable,
but that was ridiculous - she always wore this outfit
when she wanted to look especially nice. And she did.

She looked beautiful. The dress had a loose quality
about it, but it also showed her curves exquisitely.
The fabric was light in weight but rich in color. And
her headband - that headband Mikey had seen so clearly
in his brief fantasy - held her hair back in a fashion
half way between chaotic and neat. The necklace she
wore was both extravagant and simple; It had a
decorative and tribal quality to it, and it accentuated
the smooth dark skin of her tall neck.

If she wore makeup it was applied lightly and with the
greatest of skill. Her lips were moist and seductive
and it was almost impossible to tell that she wore a
thin layer of lip colored lipstick. Mikey couldn't help
but admire his Mom's beauty once again.

"There's some leftovers in the fridge you can heat up,"
she explained. "Or you can cook some of this chicken
and there's rice and peas and green beans... and let's
see," she continued, while looking through the
refrigerator. "You could make soup, there's a..."

"Don't worry Mom, I'll figure something out," Mikey
interrupted. "I'm a big boy now," he said
sarcastically. "There's headlights in the driveway. Go
on, have a good time." He almost couldn't wait for her
to get out the door. He was getting aroused with
excitement over his plan.

"Okay," his Mom said with a hint of anxiety in her
voice. After all, this was her first date since her
husband died, and on top of that it was a blind date.
"I won't be too late." And she smiled nervously and
spread her arms to give him a hug. Mikey couldn't help
but take note of how his Mom's large breasts pushed
into him, just below his shoulders. At 5' 7" Mikey was
fast approaching her height, but she still had a couple
of inches on him. She gave him a quick peck on the
cheek and disappeared out the front door.

A residual excitement tingled through Mikey. Her
breasts were both soft and firm and even though he and
his Mom hugged quite often he had never really paid
attention how they felt before. The smell of his Mom's
perfume was barely noticeable; She was a master of
subtlety, but even as she was already out the door the
smell stayed with him and excited him even more.

He touched the moist spot on his cheek where his Mom
had kissed him, then brought those fingertips to his
lips and licked them. "What am I doing?" he said out
loud. "I'm just horny, I didn't jerk off this morning."
That guilty feeling he had felt the day before
returned, despite his attempt to explain himself.

But all these thoughts went out of his mind as soon as
he remembered his plan. He ran upstairs. He put on his
black jeans, black sweatshirt, and his black winter
"burglar" hat. He laced up his boots, and just for
effect he slid the sheath for his 4" blade onto his
belt. He took the knife out and looked at in the light
of his desk lamp. He kept good care of the knife as it
had been his fathers. He polished it and sharpened it
regularly. He saw his own face mirrored in the blade.

There was a path leading out behind his house that ran
parallel to the street. He could take it most of the
way, but he would have to cut through some dense swampy
woods to get within visual range. Halfway there he
realized he should have brought his binoculars, but he
was too excited to turn back. He had brought a small
flashlight but the moon was almost full and he didn't
want anyone to see a light behind their house, so he
was not using it. He found his eyes adjusted quite well
to the dimly lit forest.

Mikey came out to the edge of Julie's back lawn.
Immediately, he saw Julie. He couldn't believe his
luck. Even if he saw her only fully clothed, it was
already worth the trip. His dick was almost hard all
the way down here, but upon seeing her it became fully
erect. She was on the first floor and in the corner of
the house closest to him. There would be no need for
binoculars. He could see her perky, developing tits
forming two tents in her white tee-shirt.

He could see her face clearly, and for a second almost
thought she was looking at him. However he knew from
experience that when you are inside at night with a
light on, a window might as well be a wall from your
point of view. He reassured himself and admired her
beautiful face.

Mikey's penis was snagged uncomfortably in his
underwear. He unzipped his pants to rearrange it and
then decided he might as well leave it out. The
excitement was overpowering, tingles ran through his
body, and butterflies tickled his stomach. He began
stroking himself ravenously.

She turned and bent over and seemed to be picking
clothes up off the floor. Frustratingly, she began
walking in and out of view, apparently tidying up the
room. What luck it was that her room was on the first
floor. Timed with each glimpse of her, Mikey stroked

Then as she momentarily disappeared out of view he
imagined her slim rounded ass, her lips, and the head
of his penis swirling between them. He imagined her on
the bed, bent over, her own hand reaching behind her,
parting her pussy lips with her fingers, inviting his
entry. He imaged her standing, him right behind her,
penis pressed against her, him kissing her neck, and
lifting her skirt, and sliding her panties...

He was about ready to blow she came into view and stood
facing the window and shook her head lightly tossing
her hair. Being this close to Julie, his dick in his
hand, her looking right toward him, was the most erotic
thing his virgin body had ever felt before.

His body jerked violently as he shot jet after jet hot
white cum into the air, all the while looking into his
fantasy's eyes.

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