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Davids first time with a man

David's first time with a man

I was only a young teenager when it happened -- he was at least 10 years older than I was and lived across the street. His name was Marc and I played tennis with him and often stayed at his place to watch movies or play video games.

I never really realised that I could be turned on by other guys until that one fateful day. Of course, I had my fantasies about it every now and then but I only had girlfriends so far. But whenever Marc smiled at me or touched me, I felt this sweet feeling inside my tummy and also in my loins. So I started to dream about him more frequently. But I never imagined, or would have imagined back then, of what would soon follow and happen one fateful day.

I remember it was a hot August afternoon and we played tennis together. After that, we went back to his house for some cold drinks. We were laughing and playing around a bit, throwing ice cubes at each other. At one point, Marc tried to put some ice cubes down my shirt so he had me in this very firm grip. I could feel him breathing down my neck and our faces were very close to each other.

I don't know exactly how it happened but before I knew it, we were kissing. My heart was beating so fast I was afraid it would just jump out of my chest. After a while Marc smiled at me and said, "Mmmmmm...that was nice. I didn't know you were into guys as well."

I stumbled a bit but managed to sit down on the nearby couch. He came sitting next to me handing over a cold drink. We sat there for a while, silent...but inside I was very excited.

Suddenly I felt his warm hand on my upper leg and I saw this look in his eyes that I have never seen before with him. He kissed me again, this time more passionately than the first time. I felt his hand stroking my thigh as he did it, then moving up to my tennis shorts. I was so hard already and he noticed. "Wow," he said "I can tell you are enjoying this." With his hand already on my hard cock he whispered, "Would u like to see mine?"

I just nodded because I couldn't bring out a word with all the excitement and hornyness I was feeling at that moment. He stood up and slowly opened his shorts, took them down and there it was hanging in front of my face -- this huge cock and massive balls.

It was so close to me that I could really smell it from where I was and it turned me on so much! It was as if I opened my mouth automatically because before I knew it, his cock was already inside my mouth, and it was a bit of a weird feeling to suck a cock at first but wow was I was excited! It tasted so good but it felt so big in my mouth that I really had to open wide especially when he pushed it in a bit further. His hands were stroking my hair and I heard him moan. I thought, "ooh, this is so hot."

Marc took out his cock and rubbed it all over my face -- it was already so big and shiny. Then he got back on the couch, his big hands opening my tennis shorts. He took out my cock that had grown so hard. We got completely naked and started kissing again, with our hard cocks rubbing against each other in the process. Then he got down on me taking my cock in his mouth. I thought to myself, wow, I only had one blowjob before in my life with a girl but this was amazing! Marc took it all the way in and I couldn't help it when I came inside his mouth before I could take it out. But I could see he enjoyed it because he was smiling and just swallowed everything...

After sucking the last drop of cum from my cock, Marc gently moved my head towards his cock again; I promptly sucked him and jerked him. I wanted to return the favour so badly. I tried to get it in as deep as possible but gagged and got teary eyed. He said it was okay and that I will learn someday. "Just keep doing what you're doing," he said. So I sucked and jerked and squeezed his balls and finally, I heard him moan louder and louder -- his body shivering as he took out his cock and squirted a big load of warm hot cum on my face and chest. At that point, I felt so proud that I could make him cum! Haha :-)

After that first experience, there were many more hot sessions with him that followed. He taught me everything about men to men sex and he was also the one who fucked me for the first time but that story will follow soon... ;-)

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