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School Girl Suzy

Suzy sat at the front of the class,stroking her black stocking tops under her desk, her school uniform skirt just ending at her tops, Suzy's teacher Mr. Wilson could see Her hand stroking her white cotton panties knowing exactly where to stroke...Her lips swelling and bulging her cottons, her swollen lips outlined and finger stroked by her hand. Her Teacher was mesmerized in lust watching her tease her lips through the panties, stroking and moving her cottons to show her pussy in class, pinching her pussy lips..probing her opening. Mr. Wilson was so hard as He watched Her, Suzy slid two fingers in her wetness She came on her two fingers...holding her breathing and gaze with Mr.Wilson who exploded under his desk..watching her, She sat and stroked her legs and caressed her stocking tops while pinching her nipples she could not stop her panties from soaking again, Her lips were bulging in those white cotton panties, the darkness under her skirt, her nylon stockings legs and tops...her legs so seductive Mr Wilson wanted to get his face close to her. Suzy had a dream that he had His lips touching her swelling as he stroked her ass and placed her panties to his nose and rubbed his face in all her juice and sucked her wet panties in his mouth while Suzy was stroking his head under her skirt she loved older men playing with her in secret and under her skirt..She had dreams,...filthy lust dreams

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