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Loving foreplay

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He paused for a moment, and took time to admire the beauty that was his girlfriend who rested naked on the bed in front of him.

He began looking at her piece by piece, and started with her legs. His glimpse shifted slowly upwards the long legs that just seemed to stretch to an infinity, he was beginning to feel like Achilles, chasing a turtle he could never catch.

But then suddenly the legs were at an end and his emotions were the same a young k** on christmas morning would have, discovering the freshly decorated tree and the gifts that lied underneath. The sex of the young woman was totally bare, only a little spot of black hair was about 2cm above it. His eyes wanted to keep staring forever, but he f***ed them to proceed on their little journey.

Above that spot of hair, that couldn't just have grown per chance but was a nicely looked after piece of art, his eyes found a bellybutton.

Farther upwards he saw that the girl's skin started a smooth curve, and he licked his lips in anticipation of what he was about to see.

Big, full, womanly breast with little, erected nipples on top representing both the literal and the figurative cherry on the cake, just waiting to be eaten. For the chance to play with these tits for five minutes even the mightiest or wisest men would declare war on one another, he was convinced by that.
But again, with a little hesitation, his glimpse shifted towards her head. On its way there it met her neck and a golden necklace, that he bought for her last valentines day. It sure wasn't cheap, but the vendor, a nicely dressed blonde girl, kind of talked him into it and of course, he really loved his girlfriend more than a fistful of dollars.

It was a nice looking necklace, and it looked even better on her, though he never took time to really examine it. Of course there was the one or other occasion when he told her how beautiful she looked whilst closing her necklace and tenderly kissing her neck or burying his face in her beautiful long, black hair, but just now he realized, that the necklace was a masterly crafted piece of art, little gold rings perfectly linked together.

He imagined the jeweler putting one ring in another as careful and loving as if he were a mother placing her newborn baby in its crib.

“What are you waiting for?” he heard a female voice say and cringed as he realized that he had probably been just watching her creepily for the past minutes.

“Just waiting for the perfect moment.” He said and pressed his lips on hers before she could say anything. Instead of staring at her lips, he used his own to sense them, and pushed his tongue forward, where it met its playmate.

Her lips were warm like a long night in the Caribbean, and the kiss also felt like that. As their lips parted and he moved a little backwards, he saw that his little expedition on discovering the many beautiful places of his girlfriend excited and aroused him. He felt quite ready and didn’t want to bother with any foreplay at all anymore, as he had plenty of that in his mind, though he was not sure whether if girlfriend will agree on the whole ‘no foreplay’ thing.

So he wanted to run his hand all over her body, and with the softest touch he wanted to start his exploration all over again. Before that he took his time to look at his naked girlfriend as a complete picture, as they were always more prettier than all parts of a picture combined.

He then proceeded with his plan while he kept looking at her closed eyes, eagerly waiting for them to open.

Those incredibly long legs and the inner side of her thighs, which responded nicely to his touch.

The gold chain that probably was the only cold thing in the room.
Her tits, soft as silk and big as mountains, more than filling one of his hands. The feeling he got from playing around with them was sexually more satisfying than anything he had ever done with other women or alone. He had been together with his girlfriend for almost 3 years now, but the sex never got any worse.

Slowly his hand started to move lower and lower, to the bellybutton and beyond, where they finally reached some hair. He rested his hand there for a while, stroking her hair that felt more like the fluffy fur of a puppy than the rough stubbles he would always get and shave off.

Only a tiny distance away from her pussy his hand started shaking, and he felt the heat increasing by every 1/16 inch he was getting closer.

She was just as excited as he was, he could tell by her heavy breathing that made her chest rise and fall. He then stared at her closed eyes again, and when he touched her cheek gently with his left hand, while leaving his right at the spot it was, she shuddered with excitement.

He moved his head closer to hers, until he could feel her warm breath on his face, and started to do circular motions in place with his hand, that was still not touching her pussy at all. When he pressed his lips against hers, again engaging in another long kiss, his fingertips finally met the already dripping wet clit.

With his left hand he swiped some hair out of her face whilst executing the exact same simple circular motions he was doing just before with his right hand.
She was moving her hips around, trying to escape his teasing fingerplay, until she finally opened her eyes and pushed him away with her hand, interrupting their kiss.

“Cut it out and fuck me already!” Laura said under heavy breathing.

Michael smiled and looked into her eyes, as this was all he was waiting for all along.

This is my first story ever, and if you like my style of writing please say so, then I'll write and post more of them, maybe a series of stories that tell one big story while having little episodes of sexstories or something like that.

And the story of course ends at the best point so that you all beg for more :P

also, I'll probably keep writing even if you all hate it, but it would still be nice to leave some comments, if you can't think of a good comment, "Great story, please write more" would work
also also, this could appear like 5 times because I couldn't get everything to work... sorry for that.

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