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The training of June Pt. 2.

Arter that wonderful evening of sexual excitement June had become totally obsessed with the life of the slave. She spend her spare time looking up sites in the internet anything to do with slaves and Master's was goal. She found many picture and videos that really excited her. She was also reading her way thru Mary's compleate shelf of kink and fantasty. She became more brave and chatted openly with Mary about the feelings she was about the life of the slave. One evening over coffee in the back of the shop Mary presented her with a book wrapped in gift paper. Mary said "Don't open it or read it till you are alone and have some you time". June thanked her clasped the book to her chest.
Mary said " You'll find all you need to know in there. It's quite old about forty years, but remember the life of the slave and Master has been around for hunderds of years, and didn't just come about with the internet".

June went home and hid the book till she had time to read it in peace. Daren hadn't noticed the change in her. He was only into himself as usual. A few days later saturday Daren was off playing golf with his mates from work. June had the whole day to her self and was ready to explore the book Mary had given her.
She had even got up the neve to go to a fetish shop and buy some things that excited her. She had a multi tailed whip, nipple clamps, A belt with a chain that went between the legs splitting the pussy lips, up between the arse cheeks and fastened at the back. To top it off she had bought a collar with a ring for leash on it.

After Daren left she went to their bedroom unpacked her things. She stripped naked and put on the belt. She fastened it tight around her waist and squatted down and clipped the chain between her legs, the cold chain made her wriggle as it split her pussy lips. She stood and the pressure of the chain made her let out a little squeel of joy. Then she placed the collar round neck. Then she took one nipple clamp, pinching a nipple to make it stand out hard and proud. She set the clamp over it and began to screw it tight. She swooned as the pressure turned to pain. Her pussy was hot, wet and swollen, her juices starting run down her legs. Then she repeated the same on the other nipple.
She took out the whip and lashed the tops of her legs and stomach. After about a minute she came very hard, pantting harshly. Then she screwed down the nipples clamps some more, making her head spin. The chain was grinding into her pubic mound and it felf so fucking good that she began to sway and wriggle her hips to increase the pressure. Her clit was been tortured by the chain and she came hard, squirting out a big stream. She fell back on the bed. Then she unscrewed one of the nipple clamps. She screamed as the bl**d flowed back into her sore nipple and the pain shot all the way into her brain. She had finges around the chain rubbing her clit, she teased her sore nipple till tears filled her eyes. Then she undid the other nipple, again the pain came and made her head spin. She took her nipples between finges and thumbs and pulled and pinched as hard as she could. The pain nearly made her pass out,,but she wanted more, so much more. She lay on the bed grunting and moaning in total pleasure, her pussy on fire from the chain biting into to her swollen clit.

When June recovered she went to her hiding place and took out the book.
She sat at her desk and unpacked the book. It looked very old and often read. The corners of the pages worn from been flicked thru. She opened the book and read the fly leaf. The words seemed to jump off the page at her.

This is the story of a woman that never felt truly
alive or free till she gave herself willing to a
Master. This is her story.
To anyone reading this who feels like the woman
in the story maybe this can also make you free.

June sat and became totally lost in reading the stoy of Kim. A woman lost in a dull drab life till she found true happines and freedom by becoming a slave. The book was writen in polite language, with no sexual swear words, but it rocked June to her core. As she read she knew now more than ever that this was the life she craved for. She pulled herself away from the book and went to look for something she felt fitting for reading this wonderful book. She went downstairs and searched in the the tool press till she found a pice of rope. She went back upstairs and sat. She fastened the rope to the ring in the collar and tied it to the leg of the desk. Then she took the whip bend over and lashed her back ten times and then continued to read. The book was not to long, about a hundred and twenty pages. An hour and half later when it was finished she was a slave in her mind. The training that Kim went thru didn't put her off at all, she wanted it more than ever. She turned the last page to back cover and a note fell out. She opened and read. " June I hope you found the book interesting. If you really want to go further with this then you will find what your looking for at this website!.. Enjoy Mary xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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