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The Convent part 1

I am the only male heir of the king. When my father died his b*****r, my uncle, tried to kill me when I was 10 to seize the power. My mother took me overnight in a remote convent of nuns to be hidden from him and have shelter. I was welcomed and I was put in the cell of the youngest nun who was 19 at that time. I grew older in that safe place cuddled by the nuns.
When I was turning 12 one night I was already in my bed but I could not sl**p. s****r Sarah my dormitory mate and my beloved educator came from a late night mass. I pretended to sl**p because it was late and she entered the cell trying not to make noise thinking I was in my dreams. There were a couple of candles on the shelf and a warm light showed me the whole space around us. She thought I was asl**p so she undressed without using the folding screen that she used to go behind normally. First she removed her veil and then she took off her vest. She was naked with a pair of pants and black cotton stockings hanging only with a ribbon. I started to experience my first erection. My penis started to grow violently and without control. She didn't realize I was peeping so she went further and lowered her large panties. I was shocked to see her in the magnificence of her naked body. She was so beautiful with a slender body and a rounded ass. She had a small bush between her legs and for some reason that sight caused me a great suffering between my legs and in my stomach. My erection started to hurt. I could not resist still any more. She looked at me with surprise and horror to see me awake. I apologized, I was mortified I stood up to stop her from hiding and at that point she saw me with my greatly hard penis sticking up and out like a fire harrow! She sat on her bed and she implored me to cover that shameful thing. I did and I promised that would never repeat again. The day after, she went to the mother superior to talk about what happened that night. The mother superior told Sarah not to worry because what happened was normal, it was a natural reaction that I had at the sight of her naked. She then told Sarah that she was going to speak with the Archbishop to obtain advice on the course of action in this case. After one week the mother superior received the answer to her letter and she summoned Sarah to share with her the bishops advices.
The bishop, in his letter said that the erection is a natural phenomenon especially in a young boy like me. The problem is that I was obliged to stay closed in the convent without vows to escape a violent death. So it was not fair a total deprivation of sexual activity because it could be leading to madness. He suggested giving me relief from my torments through my young mate Sarah for whom he gave an exceptional exemption from her vows. He was categorical that no sperm waste should happen, so all my sperm had to be released and maintained inside her body in order not to commit mortal sin.
The mother superior told Sarah what the bishop wanted to be done and gave her the permission to access the prohibited shelves in the library to read some matter about sexuality. She did and after that the mother superior told her some final advices. She told Sarah not to be afraid to commit sin because she was free from her vow of chastity, and she told her not to use her vaginal orifice to avoid pregnancy and a consequent scandal. She stressed her on the importance that no sperm had to go wasted around.
Sarah was a little scared because she didn’t have any man before.
One night there was a thunderstorm and there was heavy rain outside, I asked Sarah to stay with her in her bed because I was a little scared by the lightning. She welcomed me in her warm bed. She was only dressed in her nightgown with nothing underneath. The candle gave her a warm look; I embraced her laying my head on her breast. She had big and firm tits and I could smell the scent of her skin, the scent of a woman. I could feel my excitement rising as a tingling between my legs gave me advance warning of an erection. She started to feel my penis getting bigger because she told me in a whisper that my little man was becoming a big man. I blushed but I enjoyed my stay in her arms like never before. She told me that she could help me to have relief. I begged her to do so. At that point she took off her nightgown revealing to my eyes her body. I distinctly caressed her tits, I kissed her nipples I liked her neck. Her skin was exquisite. She started to moan softly so I became braver. I touched her sides and with my hand I reached for her sex. She was hot and swollen with a lot of drops of her fluids between her thighs. I touched her deeply and her breath became stronger. My cock was hard like iron. She begged me to make her my prostitute. When I was about to fill her flower with my pole she stopped me. She told me that this was not possible but there was another way I had to take to my advantage. She turned her back to me lying on a side than she lifted her leg revealing to me all her secrets. She was wet with fluids dripping all around. She grabbed my cock with her hand causing me a start. She moistened my hard cock with all her wetness making it all slippery and wet. Than she leaned the tip on her butt hole and she started to draw back against me. She gasped when the head passed in, I was trembling in anticipation of what was coming next. She stayed still for a while as I felt the narrow sphincter becoming wider and wider. My penis started to be sucked in by its own till it was all the way in. Sarah was trembling as I did. She whispered to me that I was all the way into her; now she told to shove it in her as hard I could. I did. I literally fucked her so hard in the ass for a time I could not tell. She moaned loud in her pillow because she didn’t want to be heard. My cock grew harder and bigger as I felt a strong oppression that I had the urge to release. She told me to let it go and to release all into her. Then I started to feel a strong tightening on my cock, she was coming, she had some sort of contractions squeezing and sucking my cum out. At this moment I came for the first time in my life. I started to squirt torrent of sperm. I was continuously coming, it seemed it could last forever. I fell spent on her back. She kissed me deeply in my mouth telling me that she was going to be my mistress, it was her duty for as long as I needed. Ad God knows how badly I was about to need it!
The days passed and my urge to release seemed to grow no matter how hard I tried to relief my urge. I told Sarah that when she was away from me I had a hard on and I asked her what I had to do. Sarah explained me that as long as I released my semen into her we was in the grace of God, and that if I tried to masturbate and waste my semen away we was committing a mortal sin. I shown her my uprising cock and asked her to help not to be a sinner. Sarah was in her period and could not allow me in her sweet recess. It was already throbbing hard and I started to become a little impatient. Than she she surprised me when she got on her knees as if she wanted to pray in front of me. She bent her toward me, opened her mouth with a drop of her saliva coming down from her lower lip and she let my cock in. Sarah slowly slid her mouth all the way down my cock taking it almost entirely. I felt her tongue gently stroking my shaft and the warmth of her throat caressing the head. It was impossible to stand for long and I started to feel the urge to come. Her mouth was fire around my cock and she was sucking moving away from me causing me spasms of pleasure. She stopped for a moment and looking in my eyes with her mouth and chin all wet of my pre-cum she said not to worry and let it go in her mouth and that was fine for her if I came in her mouth. When she took my cock back in her throat I could not resist any more and I let it go. I felt almost ten very long shots of cum. Sarah didn’t let a drop come out of her lips and the feeling of her swallowing around my cock made go crazy. I gently pushed further my cock in her throat to release more cum. She almost fainted and I had to move back to let her breath, but she stopped me from getting out. She cleaned my cock with her mouth and licked till the last drop. Sarah stood still with her eyes closed, than stood up and told me with a whisper in my ear how good I tasted.

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