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Seeing To My Son’s Needs

My only c***d and I still live together although he is now 42 and I am in my sixties, his dad died over twenty five years ago and I hit a bad patch after his death. I relied on my son to look after and do everything for me after I would not leave the house.
Weeks turned in to months then in to years and now I have a son that has never had a girlfriend, he works in a garage as a mechanic but hardly socializes after work.
I look after and pamper him rotten in the house and when I was cleaning his room the other day I came across some rude magazines, big-breasted older grannies just like his mom. I couldn’t help looking at them as I used to like reading porn magazine with my husband when he was alive.
I’ve always looked after my needs when I was alone in the house with a couple of well worn dildos and surf the internet for pictures of men‘s cocks to think about at the time of coming.
It was getting late when I was going to bed one night, Gary was in his room on the computer when I looked in on him, he had on his earphones and his arm was franticly moving from what I could see from the back of him. The screen had on some video of an older woman fucking herself with a clear see through dildo, I left him to it and went to my room, he hasn’t had much of a life, really.
Gary always comes in to my bedroom to say goodnight and to make sure I am sorted before he pops off to bed himself, but this night I cannot help but wonder about him playing with himself as he kisses me goodnight.
The next day I looked at the history on the computer and found the video and who had made it, she also had some photos of herself naked. She was a little bit younger than I was and had her fanny shaven, but we were about the same size looking. I am on the plumper side with dangly 44dd tits that hang down the side of my tummy but my fanny is a mass of hair. I like to hide how big I am with a good panty girdle or corset but once out from them, every thing just heads south.
Gary had a well-organized folder of pictures, but the majority were hairy older plump women, this must be how he pleasures his needs. I spend some time looking at them and feel quite horny, when I’m about to finish I open this folder full of cocks. I then notice where they have all been taken, the very seat I’m sitting on, it Gary’s, my son’s cock I am looking at.
My fanny needed no persuasion before I came, my knickers feel sodden and I am panting like a steam train. I went and flop down on my bed and grabbed the dildo from the top drawer, pulling up my skirt and my girdle to one side I slip the dildo in to my dripping fanny.
It has been a long time since my fanny has been wet before using the dildo and it slipped straight in with ease fetching me to another intense orgasm in seconds. Afterwards I felt sorry for my son, only having the computer to satisfy his needs at his age and somehow he needed to see the real thing.
I order a new nightie online that day, a daring red lacy one that I want to wear in front of Gary. It will be three days before it will arrive but in the mean time, I wander around the house braless with my big tits hanging down inside my low-neck stretchy top and notice Gary taking an interest in me. He just cannot wait to get in to his bedroom on a night after our tea.
The nightie has arrived today and I have already tried it on, it is shorter than I had expected and very transparent with a nice flowery lacy pattern. My areolas are big, dark, and easy to see through the lace. It is marvellous how it holds my tits together and I have a lovely cleavage wearing it.
Now its night and I am in bed waiting for Gary to come in and say goodnight, my old nighties were up to my neck and I would also have the sheets covering over my breasts. But tonight I have a glimpse of my new nightie and cleavage on show with two very thin straps going over my shoulders.
Gary cannot help but look when I drop my book down, the pleasure is immense on his face, I catch him looking again after he kisses me goodnight. The next three days I go around the house braless when he is home and I hear him outside my bedroom door when I’m changing for bed on a night.
I am as much worked up as he is and I go on the computer to look at his cock photos when he’s at work. He now has photos of me on his computer, all braless while bending down doing the hovering, sitting relaxing on a night and some of the back of me in my new nightie when I was sitting down at the dressing table in the bedroom.
A new file has appeared, photos of his cock stuck in between my breasts and a shot of him coming over my tits, his big angry looking cockend squirting cum on to my photo.
I am shocked at what I am looking at but turned on at the same time, to know that he finds me sexy enough to wank over my photo and not some skinny model.
After tea that night, Gary goes to his room and I follow an hour later, I want him to see me somehow.
I dressed in to my nightie but I do not like my stumpy pale legs sticking out the bottom so I put some tights on with no knickers. Next, I needed Gary to come in to the room; I tipped my seat over and lie down on the floor on my side where it landed. All prepared I banged the seat up and down and Gary came running in
“Are you alright mom?”
“Yes just a bit shaken”
“Let’s get you up”
He knelt down behind me as I shuffled up on to my elbow; one of my tits was still hanging down touching the floor. His hand came around me and I felt my tit get gently squeezed in the palm of his hand, the thin lacy material unable to hide my growing nipple.
“Sorry mom”
“Doesn’t matter what you touch just get me up, however you can”
He got me sitting upright on the floor, I knew he was looking down at my cleavage and this made my nipples hard to a point that I could see them sticking out now.
“Are you ready?” Gary asked again
He placed his hands under my arms and tried to lift me
“Get a better hold of me Gary”
He slid his arms further under and his free hands just happened to land on my tits as he tried to lift me, it was too late to say anything. As we got stood up, I clamped his hands on to my breasts
“Sorry mom I didn’t mean to touch you there”
“No harm, it feels nice to be touched there again after so many years, you take as long as you want touching them”
I helped him along by pressing and massaging his hands in to my heaving breasts, it did feel nice to have a man touching me again.
“Oh Gary that feels nice”
I started to breathe a bit heaver and noticed Gary was moving his hands by himself, he was squeezing and squashing my tits.
“Do you like doing that Gary?”
“Yes mom, it’s nice”
I gently pushed back in to him and felt his erect cock sticking straight out in front of him and pushing in to my back. I moved one of my hands between us and felt his cock through his pyjamas and he gasped as I did so.
Now it was him doing the heavy breathing on the back of my neck
“Mom that’s feels nice”
We stood still for ages with the air between us electrified, his hand wandered over my tummy and I could feel his big sacks in the palm of my hand as I pushed his manhood up his tummy.
With both hands, I started to pull his pyjamas out over his cock and I felt it hit my back, now I had my hand around his naked cock; his tip was wet and sticky with his pre cum.
He moaned as my thumb massaged his cock end rubbing his pre cum over his bulbous end
“Oh mom”
I spun around and sat on the bed, now his cock was at face level, I was surprised how big his cock was in the flesh, much bigger than the pictures I have seen of it. He cupped one of my tits with his hand and I held his cock in one hand and his balls in the other.
It twitched in my hand and I knew it would not be long, he started to rub my nipple through the thin lacy nightie and I let out a sigh.
He took a sharp intake of breath and I knew what was coming, his cock twitched and jumped then cum pumped through my tightly squeezed hand and squirted on to my tit. Squirt after squirt pushed past my hand and fired straight at my tit with f***e, Gary was breathing fast and moaned with each pump, my son was excited and the pleasure on his face said it all.
I moved forward on the bed so I could catch all his cum on my tit and begin to milk the last of his creamy sticky cum from his cock as his pumping slowed down. He was a heavy cummer and his cum was starting to run between my tits.
I let go of his deflating cock
“Sorry mom”
“Don’t be Gary that was nice”
“But I made a mess over you”
“That’s alright”
I looked down at my cum covered breasts and without thinking I ran my finger through it. He moaned when I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked off his cum. I had forgotten how much I loved the taste of cum and scooped up a second load then licked my fingers clean.
“Get me some tissues please Gary”
Gary watched as I slipped each strap off my shoulders before I pulled the nightie over my tits. A puddle of sperm was released from between my cleavage and Garry caught and wiped it up. He looked like a young boy seeing something for the first time, in fact, it probably was his first time at seeing real tits.
His cock hung limp but it still looked huge, thinking of the pleasure it would give to my aching fanny was immense and made me wet just thinking about it. I pulled my nightie back over my tits and Gary just stood and watched then I pulled his pyjamas back up over his cock.
“I’m going to bed now,” I said
“Ok mom but what about your tights, can I watch you take them off”
“Not tonight, some other time. I promise, I don‘t like showing my pale fat legs”
“I think you have nice legs, let me watch please”
He was that little boy again when he used to plead for sweets and I always give in to his demands.
“Ok but remember I warned you about legs being ugly”
I stood up and slipped my tights from over my bum then pulled them over my hairy fanny; gravity played it part with my tummy and hides my fanny from sight. Then I sat back down pushing my tights to my knees, this was where I would show him what I have.
I lifted one leg up which made my legs part, my whole hairy pussy was on show as I slipped the tights down off my foot. My fanny felt warm and wet as my lips stretched apart.
Gary sighed and I knew he liked what he saw; he stretched out his hand and touched my leg. It felt like I was wired to the mains as a bolt of electric went through my body.
He looked like he wanted to see more, leaning back on the bed I stretched my leg as wide apart as I could, I could see in the mirror opposite how open and pink my fanny was and how much of a slut I looked with my tights still on one leg.
Gary’s hand moved up my leg and I did nothing to stop it, I wanted to feel a mans hand there again as much as he wanted to touch it. I helped him move his hand on to my fanny; I was open and willing as I pushed two of his fingers inside me. My fanny swallowed them up and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was as his fingers wriggled around inside me. Trying to muffle and suppress my feelings I let out a loud moan as his fingers worked my fanny to an orgasm. The poor lad did not know what he had done and in such a short time, I pulled his fingers out of me and pulled them up to my mouth. I could see my own juice on them and began to lick them clean.
Gary stood there mesmerized as I licked his fingers
“Mom you’re beautiful and sexy”
“Thank you Gary, now off to bed”
“Goodnight mom”
“Goodnight Garry”
I lay in bed with an ache and wanting for the real thing inside me and after an hour, I could not stop my actions. I went to Gary’s room leaving the landing light on for a soft light to shine in to his bedroom. Gary stirred in bed.
“It’s only me Gary”
I slipped my hand under the sheets and found he was naked, his cock sprang to life as I touched it them griped it tight in my fingers
“Oh mom”
“Shhh Gary”
He was hard in my hand and sticking straight up now, I pushed the sheets off Gary and his hand found my tit, I moaned as he lightly pinched my hard nipples. His hand began to move down over my tummy, in under my nightie then on to the inside of my leg.
"Mmmm Gary"
I moaned as I spread my legs a little further apart, allowing him better access. I felt a finger slip into my wet pussy and I moaned a little louder. I needed something for myself and lowered over his cock, his big bulbous end poked from my circled fingers.
It looked red and swollen in the dim light and oozing pre cum which ran down on to my fingers. I licked the tip and then sucked the bulbous end in to my mouth. I swirled my tongue around under the bell end and licked it clean.
"Oh mom that’s great”
I held the base of his cock with one hand and licked his slit to taste more of his escaping pre cum; I’ve missed the pleasure of sucking a cock for such a long time.
It was hard to concentrate because his finger was still sliding in and out of my pussy. I started thrusting on to his hand and he quickened his pace, fingering me faster and faster. I let his cock slip from my lips and panted,
"I'm going to cum Gary, don't stop”
He reached over with his other hand and started to rub my clit and I cried out,
"Oh Gary, Yessssss, I'm cummmming."
My orgasm ripped through me making my whole body shudder.
After catching my breath, I sucked his cock back in my mouth, with one hand around the base of the shaft I started pumping it between my sliding lips. I held the tip in my mouth and sucked as he started fucking my mouth.
His finger was still rubbing my pussy and I felt another orgasm approaching. I started riding his hand again while I sucked his cock and he started to rub my clit again with his other hand. I groaned with pleasure and let his cock slip from my mouth again.
"Yeeees, oooh Gary, I'm cumming again," I shouted.
My insides contracted on his finger in waves, while a wild sensation ripped all the way through my body, he had me coming like no time before.
I continued playing with his cock while I recovered. As soon as I caught my breath, I pushed his hands away and climbed on to the bed. Being a big woman that’s easer said than done. I pulled up my nightie high enough to stretch my legs to straddle over him. Sitting up on my knees, I positioned myself over the tip of his cock and slowly lowered myself down until I felt the tip of his manhood at my fanny entrance. I started to have second thoughts about a mother fucking her son and taking an advantage of him like this.
Before I could move, I felt his cock thrust upward, sliding into my wet pussy. We both moaned simultaneously, all thoughts of stopping were gone,
I quickly lowered myself so his cock was completely engulfed, the size taking me by surprise as it stretched my insides.
“Go easy on mom Gary, your going to split me in half”
I could feel him thrusting up in to me and I had to take control how much he stuck inside me, he was desperate for his first fuck and orgasm to happen with a woman.
“Relax Gary, take your time, were not in a hurry”
He started to settle down and I was able to lift up and down on him, pushing his big fat cock to new depths inside my fanny as I acclimatised to the sheer size of it.
Gary slipped my nightie straps off and freed my tits; he filled each hand with a tit and took the weight of them as I rode his cock. He met each of my movements with a thrust of his own, burying his cock deep inside me.
"Ohhh Yessss,” He moaned loudly
"I'm going to cummm Gary, Oh yesss, I'm going to cum”
His thrusting and grunting made it clear that he was ready to explode as well. My orgasm hit and I cried out,
"Gary I'm cumming, I'm cumming”
His cock pounded into me a couple more times before he grunted,
"Mom so am I, I’m coming as well”
I felt him push deep in to me and felt his cum splash into my pussy.
"Yes, Mom, I'm cumming”
“I know son, fill me with you cum, squirt it inside me”
I felt spurt after spurt of cum splashing into my fanny, where did it all come from, I wondered? It felt like gallons. His first time with a woman and he seemed extremely happy.
“Mom I came”
“I know son, was it nice”
“Better than nice, thanks’ mom”
I collapsed onto him, both of us panting for breath and I gave him a kiss, he kissed back and thrust his tongue inside my mouth. It’s been an age since I have been kissed like this and I responded and kissed back and sucked on his tongue as well.
When the kiss broke, I rolled off; my fanny was leaking our love juice and lay next to Gary. I looked up at him and he was grinning from ear to ear.
I lay with him until he fell asl**p them I had to attend to my sore leaking fanny before getting off to bed.
The next morning Gary came down for his breakfast still grinning, I kissed him lovingly on the lips; it didn’t look like he minded to much as we sat down for breakfast.

The End

Possible part 2 if you like this story and want to know more?

Have posted some mature girdle and corset photos + videos in my profile if you want to see what real women have under their dresses.

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