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Job Description ch.2

My heart sank when she moved away from me. Then I saw she was lubing up her cock to fuck me with it. I was scared and she could see it. She told me to relax and push as she entered me. I was thankful that she had loosened me up with her finger. When she got the head of her cock in me she stopped to allow me to adjust to her. She looked right at me and told me to look into her eyes as she fucked me. She wanted to watch me cum with her in my ass. With the discomfort I was feeling I didn’t think I was going to cum. She slowly entered me with the rest of her 8 inches. It started to hurt a little. She told me to relax and just try to enjoy the feeling. She then leaned over me to give me a kiss. At first she was going very slowly. The look on her face was pure ecstasy, like watching a c***d eat their first piece of candy. She noticed that I was relaxing and enjoying the feeling of getting fucked. I couldn't help myself, I started moaning as she kept hitting a spot that cause me great pleasure. Without knowing I came all over my stomach. She just kept fucking me and said she thought I would like this. I was in pure heaven at the pleasure she was giving me. I was moaning and begging for more. She gladly gave me more. She was no longer going slow and was fucking me harder and faster. I could feel that she was going to make me cum again. I couldn't believe how good this felt when I came a second time. This caused her to cum deep inside of me. She stayed there for a minute, enjoying the feeling before her spent cock slid out of me. She scooped some cum from my chest and tasted it. She moaned softly and told me she loved how I tasted.

She had me lay in the bed properly and cuddled up behind me with her cock resting between my ass cheeks. She pulled me in close and put her hand around me and told me to rest for a bit because the night was still young. I had mixed emotions about what had just happened. Samantha fell asl**p holding me like her lover. I soon fell asl**p too.

I woke up before she did and quickly dressed and went down stairs to my room. Over next few days the rest of the girls were asking me when they could have a go. Apparently Samantha told them I was a wild ride and they should all take a turn. Even though it had felt good my ass hurt for a few days after. Samantha kept hanging around trying to get a second shot at me. Mike came up to me and told me that if I didn’t want a repeat of my encounter with Samantha I should double check the bathroom door every time I went. He was right because at least once a day someone tried to open the door when I was in there. When everyone noticed that I was uncomfortable about the whole event, Samantha came by my room and apologized for telling everyone how good of a fuck I was. I told her that I did enjoy it but I was still uncomfortable about enjoying it and that I also felt guilty because I had a girlfriend. I could tell she really didn’t mean any harm so I told her it was ok. We sat in my room and talked for a while. She gave me the name of a place to take Cindy on my next day off that had good food but wasn’t too expensive. I thanked her and she kissed me on the cheek when she left.

Samantha was right about the food and the price but she failed to tell me it was a lesbian hangout. Cindy was not happy with me for taking her there. We didn’t realize until after our food was served. That’s when we notice some women in the corner making out. After looking around I was one of two men in the place, the rest of the people were all female couples enjoying a night out. She couldn’t stop talking about the how gross it was to watch the two “dykes” in the corner. I had never seen this side of her before. She was being so crude and inconsiderate to the other people that we were asked to leave before we were finished with our food. She even started preaching to me about how their behavior was a sin and they were going to hell. I just couldn’t take it anymore so I yelled at her to shut up because she was being a bitch. Needless to say we broke up that night. I was so mad at Samantha I didn’t say a word to her, I just glared as I walked past her in the hallway my way to my room. About an hour later I was called into Gina’s office. She lit into me about my behavior in the restaurant. I asked her what she meant then she told me how her friend Wanda owned that place and she recognized me as working for her. I then relayed the story of how I got into a fight with Cindy and we broke up right after that. Gina wasn’t convinced that I was sorry and told me I should have reined in Cindy before it got to that point. For that I was going to have to pay the price for embarrassing her in front of her friend like that. I was so mad at Samantha at that point that I could hardly see straight.

Gina was not the kind, passionate lover that Samantha had been. She got up and walked behind me. Without warning she slapped my ass so hard that it f***ed me to step forward into her desk. She then grabbed the back of my neck and f***ed my face onto the desk so I was being held bent over her desk. Still holding my head down, she told me to undo my pants and lower them as much as possible. With her free hand she pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. She than reached up with her foot and pulled them down the rest of the way, telling me to step out of them. With that done she proceeded to spank my ass until it was good and red and I started to cry from the pain. She stepped back to admire her handiwork and I started to stand up. She then got really mad that I had moved. I quickly bent back over the desk but it was too late at that point. She went into a closet and brought out a whip and some lube. With a wicked grin she told me it was now time for the real pain and if I knew what was good for me I would hold still and take it like a man. She made me count out every strike across my ass and thank her for it. When she got to ten I couldn’t count anymore because I was crying too hard from the pain.

She came around to the front of the desk and shoved her cock in my mouth. I couldn't tell you how big it was but it felt bigger than Samantha’s. She enjoyed shoving her cock to the back of my mouth and beyond. Her use of my mouth was violent and thankfully short. I was coughing when she pulled out of my mouth so I still was unable to see her cock. I felt her lubing my ass and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy this. She grabbed my hips firmly and shoved her monster of a cock straight to the hilt into me. I screamed at the pain from the invasion and when she was all the way in she was rubbing on my sore ass, causing it to hurt more. I begged her to stop because she was hurting me. She told me to shut up or she would let all the girls have my ass tonight. Just to prove who was in charge, she brought the whip down on my poor ass again. Gina rode me hard and deep. Every thrust was for her pleasure only. She must have been really excited because she came quickly.

When she was finished cumming in me she pulled out and I felt empty inside. She walked around to my face and told me to clean her cock. I couldn't believe that she wanted me to do that or that I was able to fit that monster in me. It was only a little longer than Samantha’s but it was thicker than mine. I licked her cock clean then she told me to suck it to milk the last of her cum. I sucked her about a minute and she started getting hard again.

I was afraid she was going to fuck me again. My fears were realized when she started to moan that Samantha wasn’t k**ding about how good of a cock sucker I was. She pulled her monster of a cock from my mouth and told me to stay right where I was. She went into her closet and got out a camera and took a picture of her cum leaking out of my gaping asshole. She came up behind me, making sure to lean against my ass, and showed me the picture.

When she backed away I thought I might be able to leave but I was wrong. She had only put the camera down. She lined up with my asshole and made herself at home in my ass. This time she took her time to enjoy me. My ass still hurt from the beating I had got and from the ravaging she had just given me. Gina was moaning and telling me that I had a sweet ass and that she looked forward to many more encounters like this. She started rubbing my ass while she was fucking me and I’ll be damned if it didn’t start to feel good. She knew she had me when I let out a moan. She told me to just relax and enjoy because she wasn’t going to finish any time soon.

With her slower pace I was able to relax enough to enjoy the conflicting sensations I was having. Her hand rubbing my ass was causing me just enough pain to distract me from the pleasure of her fucking my ass. She knew how to use her cock to inflict pain and pleasure. Having punished me to her satisfaction she was now giving me the bliss to go with it. Her cock was so thick I had an empty feeling when she pulled out. A couple of times when I thought she might be getting ready to cum she would just stop and rub my back and my ass and then she would start fucking me again. She quickly learned how to get me on the edge of cumming and pull back. When she was ready she fucked me to wild abandon. This quickly brought me off and when I jerked from the f***e of my orgasm it set her off but good. It felt like she came just as much as the first time. Spent, she leaned over my back. She was breathing hard and sweating from having fucked me for nearly an hour straight. When she slipped out of my ass she told me to clean my mess off the desk and lick her clean. I cleaned the desk with some tissue and licked her cock clean of all her cum. I could feel her cum leaking out of my ass as I licked her clean. She told me to grab Grace and have her tend to my ass.

I put my pants and underwear back on and went to go get Grace. Samantha couldn't look at me and none of the others said a word. Grace looked at me when I walked in the room and told me to go get cleaned up and she would meet me in my room. This night had gone from bad to worse in a short time. Mandy offered to help me clean up. When I looked at her she told me that she was doing this as a friend. She led me downstairs and helped me take off my clothes and washed me. She told me that all the girls went through that treat at least once. She patted me dry and wrapped the towel around my waist. Grace was already in my room ready to take care of my ass. I was told to lay face down while she applied some cream to the welts to help them heal faster. Grace felt bad for the pain she was causing just by applying the cream and I told her it was ok. When Grace was finished she left, Mandy stayed behind and asked if I wanted her to stay. I told her I needed to be alone for a while, she kissed me on the cheek and left. I cried myself to sl**p for the first time in years.

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