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Wife Flashed!

A couple of my friends knew that I enjoyed showing off my wife and had been after me for months to try and arrange some type of show for them. They had both seen nude photos of Jill, (supplied by me) but neither of them had ever had the opportunity to catch even a glimpse of her naked body in person.

Every time I'd tell them about an experience where I'd flashed Jill to some truckers on the highway or relate some other adventure they'd always complain and ask why they couldn't have been the lucky men to see her. To solve this problem, and to make both of them and myself happy, I finally came up with a plan to show her off to them. I figured out how to do this without her knowing, since she doesn't like to be seen by people we know.

I told Rick and Jason (my buddies) to wait at Jason's house on Friday night, and if I could put the plan into motion I would call them and they could come right over since he only lived a few minutes away.


When Friday evening finally arrived everything seemed to follow a normal routine. After the k**s were tucked into bed, Jill went in to shower and as I often do I picked out come of her sexy lingerie and put it on the bathroom vanity. This lets her know that tonight would be a night for sex in the living room, with the lights on, and not in the bedroom in the dark.

I checked to make sure the window d****s were open on the side windows of the living room and then quickly called Jason and told him to come over as we had arranged. They had been instructed were to stand and watch and to keep their mouths shut, no matter what.

The side of our house is hidden from the neighbors by a tall fence, and a large pine tree would keep anyone from seeing them. We had figured out that as long as they remained quiet no one would know that they were window peeking. I had also arranged some left over building supplies, a pile of bricks and a lumber platform for them to stand on so they could easily look in the window. I also left each of them a note and a pair of Jill’s used satin bikini panties. The note basically said here are two of Jill’s recently worn panties for each of you to rub your cocks with and cum on, just load them up until the crotch is full and I will make sure they wined up back in her panty draw.

It was almost the same time as I heard Jill shut off her hair dryer that I heard a couple of car doors slam shut out on the street. Before she came out of the bathroom I had time to verify that Rick's car was parked on the street a couple of houses down from ours.

I put on some nice romantic music, to help cover any sounds they might make. It wasn't long before Jill came out of the bathroom dressed in the sheer purple nightgown that I had set out for her. She looked wonderful, and her body was clearly visible through the sheer fabric. I'm sure the guys got a good look as she passed by the window on the way to the couch where I was sitting waiting for her.

As usual she sits down on my left side, the side closest to the window where my buddies were looking in. This way I can put my left arm around her and caress her with my right hand. We both enjoy foreplay a great deal so as usual we spent 20-30 minutes kissing and caressing both through and underneath the soft fabric, before we undress. By then we were both getting quite turned on.
However, most of my excitement was coming from the fact that I knew we were being watched.

I slowly slipped her sheer purple thong panties off and began to give her pussy a gentle massage. It wasn't long before she was leaning into me and soon she was stretched out on the couch with her wide spread legs facing away from me and towards the spectators outside the window.

By now I was down on the floor and had switched to rubbing her clit with my left hand as I pumped first one, then two fingers in and out of her wet grasping slit. I asked her to show me her tits so I could watch them bounce. Without any hesitation she pulled the last bit of sheer cloth over her head and tossed it to the floor. She had unknowingly stripped herself bare and exposed her nude body to two strange men.

This was almost more than I could take so I began to remind her how great she looked and how sexy she was. I started to tell her how much I enjoyed working on her cunt with both hands and how I like to see her little tits shaking back and forth.

Since she enjoys being told how sexy she looks, which isn't how she feels about herself, she quickly arched her back and began her orgasm. I made sure that I wasn't blocking the view from the window so that they could see exactly how she arches her back and tenses up until she can let go.

Okay, the moment of truth. I strip off and put Jill in my lap. Jill slowly pushes my cock into her.

I made sure that I was in the right position so that she would be facing the side window where Jason and Rick were outside watching. It was taking all my willpower not to cum when Jill began to settle in to her familiar up and down rocking fuck. I continued to tell her how good she looked as I pulled her nipples and shoved up into her with her up and down motions.

Once again I started to tell her how much I enjoyed her body, and how proud of her I was. I reminded her that a body that looked as good as hers deserved to be shown off to others. I thanked her for all the times she's allowed me to show her off, or get her naked where someone would be able to see her.

Jill smiled dreamily and said, "You're welcome honey, I enjoy it because you liked it."

I encouraged her to be more daring in the future, and she said she would do her best to be "a little show off" for me. Almost as soon as she agreed to more exhibitionism I asked her how she would feel about someone watching us have sex.

She figured that as long as she wasn't having sex with them it would be ok. With that statement I couldn't' wait any longer and immediately let loose the load of cum that I'd been holding back.

Soon after my orgasm I told her that we'd been putting on a show for a couple of friends who were looking in through the window. She was ready to jump up and run to the bedroom, but I held her tight and with my legs I pulled hers further apart. With me now exposing her even more, I explained that I'd invited them over to watch us have sex tonight.

I told Jill that I was so thrilled by showing off her body and our lovemaking to others and since she was usually willing to accommodate me, I figured that she wouldn't mind putting on a little show if she didn't know about it.

She must not have believed me about the window-peepers because she asked me if it was really true. She was thinking that I was role-playing, which we do a lot.

But I assured her that they were watching and if she wanted, I'd ask them to come in. She still didn't really believe me, so after some more discussion and at my suggestion, she walked over to the window to look outside.

She was still completely naked as she walked over to the window, and when she was 3-4 feet away she must have seen them outside because she shrieked and quickly ran upstairs. Since she'd run away, I quickly dressed and went outside and told Jason and Rick that the show was over.

They both seemed to be a bit embarrassed since they were both in the process of wiping up their slippery cocks with my wife’s panties.

After quick goodbyes they left and I went in to see how Jill was doing, but only after I put those cum soaked panties in her dresser draw.

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