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Walk-in Threesome

I had gone to Peter's house knowing full well we were likely to fuck and was as hard as a rock wehn I got there.

He opened the door and showed me to his bedroom. My dick began throbbing at the thought of what was to come. On the way In noticed there was a second bedroom with a made bed. "Don't worry that's my house mate Tim's room, he's out" he said as I peered into it.

We made our way to his room where he had his TV on top of a cupboard that was next to a wall mirror. Peter flicked the TV on and slipped a video in. A lesbian porno. My hard dick was practially tearing through my jeans at the thought of getting fucked while watching a porno.

We sat beside each other and in no time we had our hands on eahc other jeans. I could feel Peter had a massive hard on too. We looked at each otehr as we began to unzip each otehrs pants exposiong a throbbing dick underneath our pants.

Peter dove in first, burying ym hard dick in his mouth while I undressed. After a few minutes he stood up and I returned the favour, taking his ragging boner in my mouth while he stripped.

Once we were both naked he pulled me up from his throbbing, wet dick and span me around. "Fuck it buddy!" I exclaimed as he fucked me. His dick felt so good in my hole that I hadn't even noticed that the video was playing! "Yeahhhhhhh" Peter moaned as he began to take longer and deeper thrust into my willing arse.

Then, as he slid in, I heard a door open ! I wanted to grab my clothers but they were on the floor."Fuck!" I said as I motioned to move away from Peter. Rather than moving he held my arse firm and said "in here Timmy!"

"What the fuck?!" I said "Relax he's cool" replied Peter. Before I knew it a stunned Tim stood in front of us. "Tim this is Joe" Peter calmly said with his dick still buried deep in me and I said "hey" embarrasedly

"Hey mate, you two look fucking hot, can I join in?" Tim asked. Looked around at Peter and said "Well...sure" and with that Tim stripepd and stood before me with a hard on that wasn't as big but his body was a lot thinner than both of us with a tight arse as I could see from the mirror. This made my dick start to leak pre cum as I recahed out and grabbed his hard dick and drew him in line with my mouth.

At the same time, Peter had moved me a little so he could see me sucking Tim's cock in the mirror. As I hungrily took Tim's cock, Peter began to pump faster and faster. After I few sucks Tim pulled out and said "I wonder who's better?" and with that he climbed on to the bed. His wet dick, glistening with pre cum, in line with Peter's mouth. Pete took in without hesitation swallowing it whole while he continued to pump me.

Tim looked down at me and said "You win Joe!", win what? I thought and with that Peter and Tim flipped me on my back. Peter moved back a bit while Tim movced in and ran his tongue all the way down my soaking dick to my balls and began sucking them. I had never had my balls sucked before and it felt good ! "Fuck yeah" i moaned and with that Tim worked his way down to my wet hole, still wet from Peter's dick, and stuck his tongue in !

At first I jolted but then it started to feel good so I let it go. At the same time Peter came around to my mouth and I hungrily took his cock. This seemed to cue Tim who stopped licking my arse and plunged his hard dick right into it.

As Tm slid into my arse, Peter slid out of my mouth and vice versa. It was like I was being fucked by one huge dick from one end of my body to the other. As the fuckng frenzy continued, Peter looked across at Tim and said "so you're the guest here Timmy, time for you to be inititated!" "Hell yeah" he replied as he slid his dick out of my arse and lay on his back.

In one motion he but his legs into the missionary position. Peter and I stood in front of his beckonign arse hole as he moaned "Fuck it Joe" so I stepped up and began pumping his tight arse, It clenched my dick harder than Peter's ever did ! Then Peter said "fucking good hey" to me as I smiled back. Peter then walked around and said "Right, first to blow takes the others in his mouth !" and with that he grabbed Tim's dick and began pulling so I then grabbed his dick with my spare hand and began wanking him while I still pumped Tim, determined for one of them to cum first.

Peter's body began to arch when all of a sudden Tim let out a massive "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" and shot a load straight across his chest "fuck, fuck fuck" he continued to say as his body shuddered from the orgasm. "Yeah buddy" Peter said as he pulled away from ym hand and began to move up to Tim's mouth. As he did this he pointed back to me and said "come on Joe, let's fill this poro bastards mouth" and with that I slid out of his soaking arse and moevd up to Tim's mouth.

We both stood over Tim's cum soaked body, our dicks either side of his mouth. I began to reach of rmy wet, ragging hard on when Tim's hand shot up and grabbed both mine and Peter's dick. He dragged Pete's dick down first and took it inot his mouth. Almost instantly Pete moaned a huge "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" and shot straight into Tim's mouth and he swallowed every drop without even gagging !

Tim then turned his head to my cock and said "lucky last" and with that he swallowed it whole. At the same time, Peter pushed his head so it would take my dick deeper and deeper with every thrust. I couldn't hold it anymore and my body began to shake "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" I yelled as I shot one of my biggest loads into his mouth and again he swallowed every drop.

The three of us were there, two standing one lying, with our spent dicks with cum on the edges when Peter said "now that's a house mate Joe!" "Fuck Yeah" I replied. "It's ok" said Tim "We'll gang up on him next time Joe!"

And with that Tim got up and went to wash off ad Pet I gathered our clothes and got dressed.

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