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B*****r Lust

I was 18 and my b*****r was 19 when we found each other. I have always known my b*****r was gay but my parents didn't. I would catch him surfing gay porn websites all the time and sometimes I would watch him furiously rubbing his huge cock. I would get turned on but I would never wank myself over it, it seemed wrong.

There was one time when my b*****r got so horny that, when he thought I was asl**p he started rubbing his cock on my face and in between my lips. I just stayed still I didn't know what to do, after rubbing it on my face he slipped into my bed and rubbed his massive 9.5 inch cock on my tight virgin ass. He pulled my shorts down and started really going for it, though he would never stick it in my ass, I knew he wanted to. He reached around and rubbed my cock, I had to stop this I started to move so he jumped out of my bed and back in his own. A couple of months went by before he tried this again but this time I would have a surprise in store.

I heard him sneak over in the dark and he pulled down his jockeys and revealed his limp cock, which looked so good in the moonlight. He rubbed it until he was half erect then he moved it to my face and then to my lips. At that moment I opened my mouth and swallowed his entire cock. He jump and nearly screamed in shock, he tried to get away but I kept his cock in my mouth sucking on it he was getting harder by the second. He began to moan as I rubbed his huge balls while sucking his cock. I moved my hand around the back of him towards his ass, it was tight and muscular he was really into sport, which made sure he had tight muscles. He moaned as I rubbed my fingers up and down his crack over his brown hole.

I pulled him out of my mouth and commanded him to suck my cock and he did it immediately he rubbed his face on my tight briefs where you could clearly see the outline of my now very hard cock, I stood up while he carried on licking my pants. I pulled them down to reveal my 9-inch cock; it was smaller and a little skinnier than my b*****rs. He sucked my cock like a lollypop, I nearly came in his mouth but I pulled away.

"Now you are going to bend over and take my huge cock in your tight ass!!"

I commanded him like he was my bitch. He bent over my bed and I positioned my cock behind him in line with his hole. I was feeling horny so I decided I was going to fuck him harder and faster than he has ever been fucked before. I plunged my cock into his ass and he screamed like a bitch. I kept on fucking him, pumping his tight ass.


He didn't stop shouting. I wanted to see his face while I assaulted his ass, so I pulled out and turned him over on to his back then lifted his legs up and stuck my cock in his ass and continued with my attack. I just kept going I was surprising myself. I was pumping him fast and hard, I could feel my cock was ready to explode so I shoved it in for one last time before I exploded, I pulled out and came all over his cock and stomach. I stuck my cock in his ass again and waited till I went limp then I pulled out. He got up and said "your turn."

I lay on my back and waited for him to stick his monster cock inside me. He rubbed the massive head against my virgin ass; he was teasing me.

"Just stick it in, I can't wait any longer."

I was nervous just thinking about his huge cock going anywhere near my ass.

"I am going to fuck you the way that you just fucked my ass, are you ready."

I nodded and he stuck his monster in my ass, I couldn't believe the pain I was in, it hurt so bad but after a while of him just being inside me the pain went and was followed my pleasure.

I couldn't believe how good a huge cock could feel. He then started pumping my ass faster and harder than I could ever have fucked him. I was getting hard again.

"You like it do you? Then I will make it faster."

He pushed himself to the max fucking my virgin ass. His sweat was dripping all over my cock I couldn't believe how hot he looked while doing me so fast. I could feel his cock stiffen even more inside me I knew he was going to come so he pulled out of my ass and rubbed his cock faster than I have ever seen before not even I had done it that fast. He screamed with pleasure as his come splashed all over my torso and cock. He then licked it all off and we got into bed with each other rubbing each others cocks and holding them it felt so good. My b*****r then kissed me on my lips and it felt weird and cool at the same time. I have come to love my b*****r in a totally different way and I like it.

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