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Jason, at 14-years of age, one day wandered into his
mother's bedroom and, looking through her dresser, his
world was suddenly turned upside down as he picked up
and eventually tried on his mom's panties and bras, one
set after the other. He didn't expect mom to come home
and catch him, but she did. Mom was divided on how to
deal with her son's activity. (Fm, ped, inc, cd, mast,
oral, 1st)


When Jason was only five, his father Troy was killed in
an automobile accident when a 47-foot long, 18-wheeler
ran a stop sign and struck the driver's side oh his
mini van broad side. His mother, Lea Ann Parsley, was
distraught nearly to the point of suicide, but knew she
needed to give her son even more love and attention now
that her husband and her son's father, was gone.

Lea was only 25-years-old when her husband was killed,
and now at age 34, she was still single and had in fact
only dated three times, and each had been sexual high
jinks of a d***k attempting to bed her.

Today was a strange day, and was still two weeks away
from starting her three weeks of vacation. First the
toaster simply wouldn't toast. Then car trouble hit her
while driving to work; her car had a flat tire on the
freeway, and Lea was an hour late for work.

Arriving at her front row assigned parking space in the
company parking lot, Lea saw an older model pickup
truck in her parking spot, and knew it likely belonged
to some redneck character at the bar down the street.
There was no parking permit on the vehicle and she
asked security to have the vehicle towed. Waiting for
the towing company to arrive took other 15-minutes.

Finally Lea was in her office, turned on her personal
computer, and watched the firm logo appear on the 19-
inch flat screen monitor she was allowed to have
because of her position with the company. The screen
went dark with no warning; it simply stopped running as
if someone had unplugged the computer.

Then she realized the lights in her office had also
gone off, and walking out of her office and into the
hallway, saw everyone milling around. The office pool
area, which consisted of cubicles that weren't large
enough to allow a person enough space to be comfortable
for the eight hour day, had also emptied out into the

Looking at the far end of the office, Lea saw the
company president, Scott Melrose, move to the center of
the room and announce in a loud voice, "Ladies and
gentlemen, there has been an accident, and everyone is
excused for the day, the electricity will not be on
until late this afternoon, and you are advised to call
the office in the morning before coming to work in the
event the problem isn't fixed by the end of today."

As an afterthought, Mr. Melrose announced, "You will be
paid for today."

"Lea Parsley, will you please come to my office, some
people need to speak with you." In Mr. Melrose's office
were two uniformed police officers and one man in what
appeared to be some type of maintenance uniform.

"Hello, Lea, the officers tell me that you found it
necessary to have a vehicle towed this morning that was
in your parking area."

"Yes," she said, "I had security contact the towing
service, as the problem of people parking i*****lly has
gotten out of hand, and human resources advised
everyone to take such action." Mr. Melrose had
personally authorized such action, since the bar and
private club two doors down now had topless bartenders
working there, and the club's customers had commenced
parking in the company lot.

Lea was advised that the driver of the pickup was so
upset; he jumped into the security officer's pickup
truck and crashed it into the electrical transformer
box at the end of the building. The man didn't realize
what he was running into and he was electrocuted. After
another hour of filling out a report, Lea left for home


Walking into the house, she decided to change into
casual clothes before taking Jason with her to the mall
to look for some clothes to take on their cruise
vacation. Lea thought it odd that Jason wasn't in the
great room watching television, or playing on one of
his game machines. Even more surprising was noting the
absence of sound from the stereo of 'his kind of music'
reverberating throughout the house.

She walked down the hallway to the master bedroom
suite, which had been her late husband's favorite place
in the whole house. When they built their home, Troy
changed the floor plans to open the bedroom adjoining
the master bedroom and bath. Troy had a den included as
part of their suite. Included in the enlarged bathroom
was a Jacuzzi tub that measured more than 8-feet

The bathroom also included a separate toilet area that
had a door, so the bath was available someone to enjoy
the Jacuzzi, without invading the privacy of another
person using the toilet. As a practical joke at the
start, Troy had included a bidet for his wife to wash
her "certain spot" so he could "blow dry" it before
enjoying what he called, munchies, or "snatch food".

While building the home, the bank insisted he purchase
credit life insurance, and after living in the house
for just a little more than a year, Troy had been
killed. The insurance paid off the mortgage, and the
one-million dollars worth of life insurance from the
company where he worked eased the worries for Lea on
keeping the home. Lea also had the settlement of five-
million from the trucking company and its insurance
carrier, which provided a million in up front payment,
and two-hundred-thousand a year in annuity payments
each January 1.

The investments she made at the brokerage and financial
investment company where she was employed provided Lea
a tremendous income. Lea's employment income had risen
until she was made a vice president, and earned her
well into the six-figure range. She and her son Jason,
were able to maintain a high standard of living, yet
neither flaunted the wealth they enjoyed. Lea had
determined that she needed to have a mortgage so she
could deduct the interest on the house from her taxes,
and had set the money aside in a college fund for
Jason, and it was tax free.


Entering her master suite, Lea stopped suddenly at the
sight that greeted her. The shock of what she found in
her bedroom was such she cried, "My god, Jason, what
the hell are you doing, you... you are... you're
wearing my lingerie... why...?" Lea allowed herself the
luxury in purchasing matching lace and silk imported
Italian and French bras, panties, merry widows, and
other such items to wear under her clothing, and Troy
had loved them. Except now no one knew what she had on
under her suits, dress or other clothing when she was
at work or outside of her home.

Jason turned at the sound of his mother's voice, and
his hand was inside his mother's pearl and moss green
thong panty that he was attired in, along with the
matching bra. Jason had wadded up toilet tissue and
inserted it into the bra. In his hand was his erect
cock, and as he jerked his hand from inside his
mother's panty he was wearing, his young manhood came
out and the elastic of the waistband of the
undergarment, flipped down to where his 14-year-old
penis joined his body, just above his testicles.

"Mom, I... you... you're home early... don't be made at
me," and as he spoke, tears formed in his eyes. "Mom,
I've never done this before... I've never been in your
bedroom before... honest mom, this is the first time,
please... believe me... mom... I'm sorry... mom,
forgive me..."

The look in her son's eyes, the sound of his pleading
voice caused Lea to wonder what had brought her son to
slip on her underwear. Then Lea noticed something she
hadn't noticed when she first saw her son in sexual
arousal from wearing her undies. Lea hadn't looked at
her son's face when he apologized to her. My God, he
has a penis like his father, she thought, and his
erection sticks out more than six inches. He was as
thick as she recalled Troy was, perhaps Jason was even
larger around. Lea was looking at only the second
erection she had ever seen other than Troy's, whose had
always fascinated her.

The view of her son's young, but large adult-sized,
cock was stimulating her bl**d and Lea caught herself
wondering how she might at last find someone to bed
her; after all, the last had been her darling husband
Troy. There was no doubt in her mind that the image of
her son was creating the need for sex, and she wanted
to reach out and take him to her bed. Should she
undress, and let him see her body, then clasp him
between her thighs and feel him fill her sex with his
young juices?

How could she become so excited over her own son's
nudity? Yet her desires peaked higher than anytime
since the death of her husband. Does Jason realized he
has such a large manhood and that some women in his
future will not want it pushed into her body if it
continues to grow as he gets older? Then Lea asked
herself a question: at what age does a male's cock stop


Flashing back, Lea thought to her self, my God I had
nearly forgotten seeing Chad Mason's erection the night
of my senior prom. Chad, his parents and younger s****r
had lived next door to Lea's f****y all the years since
Lea had been born. The handsome youth was three years
older than Lea, and had been the star quarterback on
the high school football team. Chad was nominated by
the congressional district's US Representative to be a
cadet at the US Naval Academy.

Lea had decided to invite Chad as her date for here
prom, as he had told her when he left for the Academy
he would be back and take his cute next door neighbor
to her senior prom. "Remember, you call and if ask me,
I will try to get home for the occasion to date you."
Laughing and being playful with freshman high school
girl, Chad hugged her and asked, "Can I have a kiss to
seal our date, and could I possibly take you to bed so
you will be my wife... yes, how wonderful it will be
when were married... shall we seal our fate in your
bedroom, my darling queen?"

"You are asking me to go to bed with you, and you just
finished packing your clothes to leave me... and you
ask me to 'get between the sheets with you' as my
father calls it when he talks about anyone having sex."
Lea had hugged the handsome youth, and kissed his cheek
as he was ready for his parents to drive him to
Maryland. 'I really would like to have kissed his lips,
and I wonder if it is true about how many girls he has
been with, and heck, he never tried to be with me,' Lea
had thought to herself.

The two of them were standing in his bedroom and he was
finished packing his clothes, and once more she hugged
her first love interest that only young girls can find
so romantic, no matter what is really taking place
between them. Lea felt Chad lightly brush his hand
across her shoulder, and then his fingers slid down
over her large breasts. 'Oh Chad, she thought, 'you may
touch my breasts, don't stop now, let me feel your love
through your hands on my breasts.'


Walking into the prom with Chad in his midshipman
uniform made her the most watched girl at the prom. A
few of the others in her large class were jealous and
made comments between themselves. To her complete
surprise, she and Chad were selected as the prom king
and queen in a vote done by students only. When they
were on stage in front of the other five hundred other
seniors and their dates, plus the parents who were
e****ts, Lea had tears in her eyes. They had a
wonderful time that evening and after the prom, Chad
convinced Lea to go to the hotel room upstairs after
the prom was over at one o'clock in the morning.

Lea had told her parents she was going to stay with her
friends in a room, and had even contributed her twenty
dollars to help pay for the room. Chad and she had
never kissed or even held hands before tonight, and
actually always treated her like a s****r, except the
day in his room when she was telling him goodbye before
he left for the Navy When they got in the room Chad had
reserved, they sat together on the bed, and Lea
remembered how many of her girlfriends had spoken about
after tonight, they weren't going to wake up virgins on
Sunday morning.


To Lea's surprise, during the afternoon before the prom
she and her best friend were speaking about the same
thing, as the two of them went to have their nails and
hair done. Lea had listened as her best friend Brittney
Anthony said she was going to give her "savored cherry"
to her boyfriend Mark Warthman, tonight after the prom.
"Are you giving yours to Chad, god I would love to
trade Mark for Chad and let him have me for my first...
want to trade, Lea?"

"Brittney, your father is the pastor of the Nazarene
Church and your parents even restricts the amount of
cosmetics you may wear, and you're going to do it, have
sex!" Seeing the look on her friend's face, Lea knew
that Brittney was going to give her virginity to Mark,
and yet her girlfriend had always been so critical of
"girls who were easy" and messed around. "You're
serious? You are going to undress and let Mark do
you... can you really undress in front of him, and not
be embarrassed?"

"I've thought about this for the past school year,
every since Mark and I started dating... you knew he is
going to attend the Nazarene College in Kankakee,
Illinois in the fall, and he wants to be a preacher,
but he wants sex as much as I do." Then Lea heard her
friend tell her, "Mark and I have never touched each
other, but I'm so tired of my mother's lectures about
saving my body and the purity of being a virgin on my
wedding night."

"Has Mark ever felt your breasts or touched your

"Lea, we have never kissed a real kiss anyway, we have
always held hands and we've brushed our lips
together... I hate to say it, but I want to have sex
and tonight I'm going to do the 'f' thing, I'm gong to
fuck!" With an ornery and questionable look on her
face, Brittney asked, "So, girlfriend, are you going to
be the only one of us senior girls who will still be a
virgin comes Sunday morning?"


Looking at her prom date as she moved over to sit in
the large chair in the corner of the room, Lea watched
as Chad begin to remove his uniform, and when he was
down to his underwear, she became frightened. The first
male erection Lea had ever viewed was pointed in her
direction, and Lea tried to find some way to tell Chad
no, and do so without making him upset.

Watching as Chad walked toward her, and her eyes saw
the way his penis bounded up and down as he took each
step in her direction. The image of his penis bouncing
as he moved toward her was somewhat humorous, and Lea
commenced a nervous laugh. "Chad... you know me and...
well... I'm still a virgin... don't you know that is
still true; remember our conversation the last time you
were home... Chad!"

Lea thought she was going to die or be sick or both, as
Chad had walked up to where she was seated and pressed
the thick end of his erection against her lips. Pulling
her face back from the penis that had been shoved
against her lips, Lea had shouted out, "Stop it!" and
to her amazement, Chad busted up laughing.

"Haven't you ever sucked a guy before...? I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to upset you Lea," Chad told her. Reaching
down, Chad took her hand in his and pulled her up from
the chair. Now she felt her body being held tightly
against what she knew was a thing that wanted to invade
her body and strip away her virtue. For what reasons,
Lea didn't know, but she suddenly found her sexual
inexperience a possible problem, and wished she had
some knowledge of how to decline sex with Chad without
his becoming upset with her.

Lea felt the hook and eye of her topless dress being
unfastened and the zipper being pulled down from the
top to where the closure ended at her waist line. Chad
stepped back a few inches and this allowed him to ease
her prom gown down off her 34-C cup size breasts. Using
her hands to hold the dress against her breasts, Lea
was becoming fearful of what was taking place.

She whispered to Chad, "I want to... but I can't...
Chad you shouldn't pull my dress down... no, Chad you
mustn't..." Lea said, as her nude neighbor and date had
kneeled down and was helping her step out of her gown.
Standing in only her t-bar panties, satin heels and
thigh highs, as the dress had a built in bra, Lea
hadn't worn full style panties under her dress, as that
type left panty lines.

Now she stood in front of Chad in her t-bar panties,
and her pubic hair was visible on each side of the
panty crotch. With her arms crossed over her breasts,
she whimpered as Chad, who was still kneeling at her
feet; begin to ease her thigh highs down her legs. Lea
heard Chad remark about her stockings, as she had
purchased them at Victoria's Secrets at considerable

"I love your hose, the rhinestones on them make a
beautiful pattern, and all night long I wanted to see
the rest of your legs in them as they only partly
showed in the slit up the left leg of your gown." Then
to her surprise, Lea felt Chad's lips kiss her thighs
as he had finally removed both of her thigh highs.
While her stockings were being removed, Chad had placed
her foot on his thigh as he had sat down on his legs,
and after removing first the left shoe and stocking, he
did the same with the right.

With her body trembling, Lea glanced down and watched
Chad's face as he removed her panties, and her body was
nude and on display to Chad. She listened as he spoke,
"Your lovely and your hair is so wonderful... I'm the
first to view such a delightful part of your body,
thank you, Lea."

There was gentleness to his actions and she understood
he was being careful not to damage her stockings, but
his lips on her thighs caught her by complete surprise.
Moving up from his kneeling position, Chad kissed his
way, including a brushing back and forth with his lips
on Lea's maiden hair. The brown curls were fairly long
for someone only 17-years-old, and Lea kept trimming of
her crown of hair over her virgin femininity limited to
the where the smooth skin of her legs joined her lower

When Chad had reached the area of her breasts, he used
his hands to move hers from cupping her breasts, and
his lips kissed and slowly suckled at her thick and
brownish nipples. Slowly, as if she was in a daze, Lea
felt her body being moved to the bed, and she wanted to
stop Chad's progression in making love to her, but the
inexperience of not dating often and never with a boy
who had attempted to caress her body, even through her
clothing, did not provide Lea the knowledge as what she
should do, except to scream or slap her date's face.

As if she was in a fog, her nerves were giving her both
fears and desires. Lea watched as Chad turned the
covers back on the bed, and his hands guided her onto
her back. Looking at her handsome date and knowing how
she had always found him so attractive since she was
twelve, her eyes closed as his lips pressed hers in a
warm and wonderfully feeling kiss. The reaction of her
body was instant as she accepted his tongue between her
lips, for the first French kiss of her life.

The stimulation of her tongue and the touch of Chad's
tongue flipping across her teeth, and his licking of
her gums were so sensual, that Lea was shocked that
such oral activity could make her feel sexual
excitement. With what she considered out of line on her
part from all she had been warned and told about carnal
activity from the time she was around eleven or so, Lea
was confused. Yet she felt her tongue move and return
the playful and loving actions that Chad had shown her
how to enjoy.

Pulling his mouth from his sexually awaking lovely
neighbor, Chad whispered, "You're beautiful, and I love
feeling your tongue in my mouth, more, more, please...
Lea, give me your hand... no don't pull it away," Chad
whispered to her in a hoarse and strained voice as he
replaced her hand on his erection. "Squeeze my cock...
like that... Lea... I want you with me forever..."

How or when she first realized that Chad had moved on
top of her, Lea wasn't certain, as she had felt him
kissing her sex. Then she felt his face between her
legs, which brought untold delight to her body. "Chad,
I love you, oh my darling... what are you doing...
never stop... aughhhh!"

Lea enjoyed her first ever climax, as she had never
enjoyed masturbation since her mother had warned her
repeatedly it was against God's will to indulge in self
gratification. Somewhere in her overly-stimulated mind,
Lea heard a voice telling her, "My god, I love your
long hair growing over your pussy, it must be four or
five inches long, and it is so soft, I could let my
face rest between your lovely thighs all night,
especially with such a delightful pillow of fine silk."

The feeling of something probing between her thighs,
and suddenly Lea understood that if she didn't stop
Chad immediately, her purity would be lost in just a
few seconds. "Chad, stop for a moment... let me
think... I want to but... oh, Chad, this is the most
I've ever done with a boy... let me up... please... at
least let me think for a moment."

To her surprise, Char moved off her body, and as he
did, they lay against each other on their sides. Facing
the person who was only moments away from taking her
virginity, Lea saw that Chad was smiling at her, and
she asked him, "Are you laughing me for being naïve and
not worldly about sex... oh Chad... you... I hope you
aren't because I still might give you my love."

"No, I'm not making fun of you, I'm smiling as I
understand how you feel, and I love knowing that I'm
the first and last man who will ever see you nude, and
given you your first climax, as I don't believe
masturbation counts when it comes to orgasms."

"Chad, I have never masturbated, so you gave me my
first climax... are you happy... oh Chad, I want to
give you my body... is there something else we can do
tonight... and save my virginity until another time?"

When she had spoken with Brittney about her going to
have sex tonight, Lea had listened as her girlfriend
told her, "I can't wait to give my first blow job, and
I want to see if I can drink Mark's cum... God, I have
been reading about oral sex, and I told Mark I wanted
to suck him off... tonight I'm giving everything up...
I want to experience everything!" Lea watched as her
friend had illustrated giving a blow job by sucking on
her middle finger. They had both laughed and Brittney
asked if she had ever wished to give a guy a BJ.

Finally, Lea got up the nerve to ask Chad, "Maybe I
could do... oral... you want me to give you a...
blow... Chad would you like me to do oral sex... I
can't do the other... but will try... blow... giving
you a blow job!" Lea had finally gotten the nerve to
say blow job, and her voice was shrill as she asked
Chad the embarrassing question.

"Would you do that, really...? I would love it... yes,
if you wish to, and Lea, you're truly something to see
in the nude."

Unsure how to proceed, Lea moved her head down and she
gripped her hand around Chad's erection, and she held
it in her hand where it joined his body and she moved
her mouth down and discovered she still had at least
half of it sticking through her hand. Chad did not tell
her what or how to do oral sex on him, but she
remembered how Brittney had illustrated doing it on her
middle finger.

Finally Lea was moving her mouth up and down on the
smooth feeling object, and somehow understood she
should move her hand up and down as she did her mouth.
No more than three minutes passed and Lea felt the
thing in her mouth seem to vibrate, and then Chad cried
out, "Now, I'm going off, oh yeahhhh, I'm coming...
Lea, suck... me... like that..."

Before she knew what was happening, her mouth was soon
filled with four squirts of thick viscous fluid, and
she felt it backing up in her throat, and she tried to
swallow as Brittney had spoken of. Her mouth was full,
and she pulled her mouth away from the squirting thing,
but closed her mouth and swallowed as much of the
liquid as possible - which was all but the small amount
she let escape when she took her mouth from around the
throbbing object.

"Well... did... Chad was it... was it good for you...
Chad... you can..."

"Lea, you're wonderful, and with lots of practice, you
will be able to give me lots of love in the future, so
want to practice again?" Chad asked about an hour after
she had swallowed his male fluids.

Nothing else was said, and Lea, understood the need to
be penetrated, after drinking the strange feeling and
tasting liquid in her mouth.
Before morning, Lea had taken her new found love four
times in her mouth and Chad had taken her twice more,
but she only climaxed the last time.

The next morning, they were having breakfast in the
hotel restaurant, and as they were waiting on their
food, Brittney and Mark showed up and asked if they
could join them as there were no more tables available.
They had fun visiting with each other, and Brittney
asked if Lea would go to the restroom with her.

As they walked through the throng of students and
others in the hotel lobby, Lea listened as her friend
told her, "I am so sore, and my little cat was punched
three times, and gawd Lea, Mark did it up my 'behind'
this morning. I could kill him for that... never again
will he do that, but I did my first and only BJ, so
other than just plain sex, I'm done experimenting."
Brittney then added, "I'm dumping Mark after he pays
for breakfast and I get home. I hate him, I wanted it
to be romantic, and he was brutal. Did you do it?"

"No, I'm still a virgin... he did it in your butt...
your joking, aren't you?" Lea replied.


"Honey, don't cry, mom loves you," and as she spoke
reached out and hugged her son to her. Patting Jason on
his back, and feeling his body trembling in his
embarrassment of being found in his mother's underwear,
Lea knew she must take part of the blame for his
actions. For more than a year, Lea had put off having a
conversation with her son about sex, now she knew that
the matter must be discussed, and it must be done

Holding onto her son's hand as she lead him over to the
leather loveseat in the corner of the large room, that
was part of Troy's den, she told Jason to sit with her.
Looking at her son, she smiled and patting his smooth
right cheek, eased into the conversation that she hoped
would explain why her son was in his mother's lingerie.
"Jason, I will not fault you for what I see and what
you're wearing, but please be honest with me... is that
a deal, my darling son?"

"Sure, mom, it isn't what it seems, I've never... I
have never put your clothes on before, and mom I have
never been in your room unless you were here in the
house, today for some reason I got stupid... I'm truly
sorry... mom, don't be mad at me."

"Your mother believes you and I trust what you are
telling me... why should I not believe you... you're
all I have to keep me sane, and after your father
passed away, I had to depend on you, and you were still
a baby." Looking at her son, she told him, and laughed
as she did so, "Besides, you're cuter as a man than a
girl, and you really should put that thing away that is
winking at me."

As she spoke, for whatever the reason, Lea reached out
and tapped the end of his erection that was still
standing tall and proud out of her most expensive set
of Italian bra and panties. "Look, it likes me," Lea
said as she saw the first load of his ejaculation shot
from his penis as she had finished lightly thumping the
head of his 14-yer-old erection.

"Oh mom, I'm sorry... ohhhhh," Jason moaned out as he
continued to shoot his semen and he bent over to hide
what his body was doing.

Standing up, Lea moved to where she was standing in
front of her son and reached down and pulled him to his
feet. "Tell me Jason, what does it feel like to have on
my clothes, does it make you excited... do you
understand about sex between a male and female... what
can I say to you about having sex... you ask me
anything you wish and I will do my best to answer you."

For the next several minutes, Jason asked very pointed
questions, and to her surprise, he admitted he had been
curious about her panties when he found a pair lying on
the bathroom floor this morning and had picked them and
looked at them before placing them in the clothes
hamper. "Mom, I got so excited in seeing all of your
bras and panties matched, and for whatever the reason,
this pair was my favorite, and I just wanted to
experiment putting them on once... I got excited and
was stroking... you know, you caught me..."

"Fair enough, I must tell you one thing Jason: they are
the most attractive and expensive pair I own, the bra
cost a $150 and the panties $175, so guess you and I
have the same expensive taste," Lea explained to her

When they finished their discussion, Lea did not
consider her actions as she removed her suit jacket,
then unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide down her
arms and when it was off, she laid it on the dressing
stand. Unsnapping her skirt, she removed it and laid it
down with her jacket and blouse. Standing in her bra
and pantyhose, and the panties that matched the bra,
she saw her son looking at her. In the past they had
been in similar dress, and Jason seemed to never notice
her lack of dress, or should she think, undress?

"Mr. Jason, do you find my body interesting, and you
need to give me my clothes." "So strip and let me hope
that large thing you have down there, hasn't stretched
the panties till they drop off me the next time I wear

"Mom, you want me to take them off in front of you?"

"Let me get this straight, you had that monster
sticking out for the world to see, and then I
mistakenly gave it a tap and it emptied its male entity
in front of my eyes... what else could I see?" Looking
at her son, and still laughing, Lea told her son,
"Don't tell me what else you have hiding in those
panties, as I already know... the massive stones that
would fill a girl's sex with enough little squiggly
sperms to bring on a billion-zillion more Jasons into
the world."

"Your nuts mom, your something else, and I never knew
you were so funny before... can I... mom, I... would
you let me... oh mom..."

"If I'm not mistaken, my son would like to keep those
two items as his own, true or false, be honest son,
from now on we will both always be honest. If that's
what you were attempting to ask, they're yours to
enjoy." Speaking softly, Lea advised Jason he mustn't
let his friends know he had her lingerie in his room,
nor inform anyone she had permitted him to keep them as
a souvenir.

"What say we go shopping and we'll eat lunch out and
you will love the story of why I came home early today,
and your mom might even be on television this evening
on Channel 8 news."

Knowing she might be doing something she shouldn't, Lea
decided to give her son a little understanding of the
human female, and do so by inviting him to take a quick
dip in the large Jacuzzi with her. "Jason, undress and
we can enjoying taking a quick bath in the tub you
enjoy so much." While speaking, Lea removed her
pantyhose, and then her bra and lastly her panties.
There could be no doubt that her son enjoyed viewing
her, and as he removed her panties and bra from his own
body, she noted his man sized penis was pointing
straight north.

Letting water into the tub, and with her back toward
her son, she didn't see him grip his still erect penis.
Glancing in the mirrors that reached from the tub to
the ceiling on both sides of the corner placed tub, she
noted Jason had his hand on his erection. 'Damn,
doesn't that thing ever go down... where were you when
I need a guy like you,' Lea asked herself" Then again,
his father Troy was always erect when then were nude
together, and he would at times drive her crazy wanting
to squeeze in just a quickie, when they had some place
to be or expecting company.

They sat in the swirling water, and several times Lea
had the urge to stroke her son's semi-erection, and
after five minutes, she told him, "Okay, let's dry off
and go eat and find some clothes for both of us on the

Lea watched her son move through her room and as he
left, he picked up his prizes and walking through the
door, he waved them at her and said, "Thanks mom, for
everything. You're really sexy looking, for an old
gal." Laughing as he walked out of her room, she had to
wonder if this was the end of his cross-dressing, or
just the start.

Looking in the mirrors in her bathroom, Lea looked at
her body and saw she was still slender and her breasts
were firm. Her nipples were large and a light brown in
color, and were always pointed out from her areolas.
She recalled the time that Troy had told her, "Your
nips must be the size of a dime, and he took one from
his dresser dish, and asking her to lie on the bed,
laid it on her hard nipple. The dime was larger than
her nipple and he picked up a nickel and found it was
just slightly larger than her nipple. "Okay woman, I
want to see if it's only a penny's worth," and laying a
penny on her hardened nipple found it was smaller than
her nip.

"So, now you can always get your five-cents worth, by
simply sucking my tit, and that should make you
happy... you like them, don't your Troy?"

"Oh hell yes, I love them, you fantastic woman; you're
something else, little woman, I will never give up
loving you." Troy had told her as he picked up the
nickel and commenced nursing at the brown digits in the
center of her mammary glands.

Slipping on a thong panty, and bra, then Lea thought,
'No, I won't wear a bra today, I feel like being a
little wicked.' Thinking, 'I've been a lot wicked,
tapping Jason's dickey-do, as he always used to call
his penis, and he went off like his father would do -

Selecting a pair of linen club shorts and a floral top,
she was soon dressed and she picked out a pair of
sandals with just a slight heel. While freshening her
make up, she heard Jason ask, "Mom, may I come in?"

"Sure thing, you come in anytime you want, except when
I have my boyfriend over for the night," and she busted
up laughing as Jason said, "Yeah, the invisible man."
"Look you invertebrate, I might just kick your butt if
you make fun of your step-father to be, and besides, he
keeps me warm and happy at night - which I might add is
more than you do for me."

They walked out to her car, and Jason asked, "Can we
take the Crossfire, you hardly ever drive it?"

"Why did I let you convince me to buy that thing, it is
just to sporty for a woman my age, and even a couple of
men at the office told me I must be having a midlife
crisis when I bought such a sporty, man-hunting

They drove to Denny's at Jason's request, and as they
were e****ted to their table, Jason laughingly told his
mother, "A bunch of old geezers are watching you walk,
and I could likely fix you up with the transient at the
end of the counter who kind of whistled."

"Jason, I just might poison your food with the magic
son-disappearing-pills I have in my purse, so you best
not go to the little boy's room."

After they were seated, Jason smiled at his mother
after the hostess walked away, asked. "Did you hear the
guy who said you had a nice wiggle to your butt?"

"That I don't like, which one said it, as I might just
go slap him for being rude, which one?"

With a straight face, Jason replied to his mother, "The
handsome one that walked behind you enjoying the swing
and sway."

"Yes, but which one... you shit, I should slug you..."
then she asked, "You found my wiggle that good huh?"
"Just so you know, I liked your explosion!"

After a fun time joking over lunch, they headed for the
mall, and Jason picked three shirts and two pair of
slacks at Abercrombie, and three pair of shorts and
slip over tops at the Banana Republic. Telling Jason he
needed at least one suit and blazer for the trip, they
walked into the main department store and found what
Lea believed would work well for the cruise.

"Do you need a new bathing suit or those short legged
things, or are the ones you have, okay?"

"Yeah, they should work, how many days will we be in
Hawaii before and after being on the Hawaiian Cruise
Line ship, mom?"

"The cruise is seven days, and we will have five days
and six nights on Oahu and three days and four nights
there after we return to port."

"Then I should be okay with what I have, as I have two
bathing suits I can take with me, unless you want me to
wear a Speedo?

"Sure, why not, that way you can get your cute little
ass pinched and squeezed by all the nice gay men you
meet, in fact, what say we get you a pink one."

"Mom, I was only joking."

"So was I son, on second thought, no I wasn't," and as
she spoke she pinched his right hip.


The next day, after his mother went to work, Jason lay
in her bed and remembered walking into her room last
night after they went to bed, and asking, "May I keep
your warm and happy tonight, that way you can't say I
haven't done my job?"

Lea understood that he was joking about what she had
said, and she thought, why not, he slept with me for
nearly three years after his father was killed.
Eventually he returned to his own bed with no further
problems. "Hop in if you want to for a while, we
haven't snuggled since you were a little guy."

Once he was in bed with his mother, he moved over to
where she lay and snuggled up against her. To his
surprise as he moved on his side and placed his leg up
on her, and moved his arm across her middle, he
discovered she was nude. "Sorry mom, I didn't know you
weren't wearing anything."

"Have you forgotten, I hardly ever wore something to
bed, it was against your fathers rules?"

Perhaps it was a minute before she felt her son's hand
move up and cup her left breast, but she listened to
his breathing and knew he had fallen asl**p immediately
and likely he didn't realize he had covered her breast
with his hand.

During the night, Jason had woken and found his hand on
his mother's large breast, and squeezed it a little
more firmly in his hand. Moving his hand from her
breast, he let it slide across her stomach and rest on
the thick mat of hair growing on her lower stomach. As
if in a dream, his hand moved until his fingers were
touching the damp cut between her legs. Before he could
take any further acts of exploration of his mother's
lovely body, Jason was once more asl**p.

Lea woke around 6:30 in the morning and found her son's
face resting next to her right breast, and his hand was
pressing against her thick muff of hair, and he had two
fingers in the edge of her opening. Not waking her son
or moving his hand, she lay in surrender of the slight
sexual rapport that had developed between them from
their discussion after she found him cross-dressed in
her underpants and bra.

Knowing she had to get up and prepare for work, Lea
moved her son's hand from her pubic area, and then
eased out of bed. While showering, she heard Jason call
out to her, "Mom, do you need to go to work today... I
really liked yesterday... can I lay in your bed for a
while longer?"

"Sure if you wish, but I need to get ready for work."

Waking up at nearly nine in the morning, Jason did not
recall his mother leaving the house, nor his going back
to sl**p. Now he had a massive hard on and he reached
down and stroked his penis to the image of his mother,
especially his having his fingers at the edge of the
slot between her legs.


For the next several days, they enjoyed the sudden
closeness between them, and each night, Jason would ask
if he could sl**p with his mother. Then it was the
night before they were to fly to Honolulu and start
their three weeks vacation.

That night when Jason got in bed with his mother, he
was nude as the two of them had just spent an hour in
the Jacuzzi and after they dried off, they simply
crawled into bed. After they cuddled for a few minutes,
both Lea and Jason felt his naked body become excited
and his erection was pressing against her leg. Without
any previous action on his part, during the past
several night of their sl**ping together, Jason moved
his mouth up and started to nurse at the large nipple
his lips found waiting.

Lea did not say anything, or stop his actions; she had
become overwrought with sexual emotions during the
nights they had been sl**ping together in her bed, and
now she felt this was just a slight variation that
would end in a minute or two. Instead they both become
heated and when her own son rolled his body on top of
hers, she understood all too clearly the outcome if she
didn't stop her son's act of desire for sex.

Only one word passed across her mind, and Lea said to
herself, 'Copulation: I'm about to allow my son to
become involved in copulation with me, his mother.'
There was no way Lea could speak or use the word
'i****t' although she knew that was exactly what was
taking place. Parting her thighs, she made no movements
that would curtail the actions of their bodies becoming
involved in the act of intercourse.

"Mom... I feel it going in... mom.... Aughhh, I'm going
off, I can't stop... oh yeah..." Jason sobbed out as he
shot his first load of semen into a female, and his
cock had just hit as deep into his mother as it could

Grabbing her son by his hips, Lea pulled him tightly
against her sex, and she could not believe the
sensations of having a man sized cock once more in her
sexual core. "Yes! Jason, you're giving me you first
come, ohhhh, yesss, I want it... even if it is wrong...
come in meeee... aughhh," and Lea climaxed extremely
hard and quick, immediately after her son gave her his
virgin semen.

There were millions of sperm unleashed in her son's
first ejaculation, and they were searching for a place
to penetrate. One of those millions of moving
microscopic size tadpole-like sperms found its way to
penetrate the waiting egg later the following
afternoon. Unknown to either of them - and after Jason
had unleashed another flood of sperm filled semen into
her body - Lea was on her way toward motherhood unless
someone intervened.

During the trip and after their return, they never
stopped their sexual activity, and for Lea, she could
not get enough of the large strong penis that her son
drove into her nightly.

Having been a widow for ten years, the thought of
becoming pregnant did not enter Lea's mind. One
morning, about two months after returning from their
Hawaiian Cruise, Lea woke up sick to her stomach, and
she felt like heaving up whatever she had eaten the
previous night, then brutal reality struck her right
between her eyes – "No, between my thighs," she sobbed
out in despair.

'Holy fuck, I can't be... no way can I be pregnant,'
Lea thought to herself.

Going to the phone, she called the company, punched in
Mr. Melrose's phone extension, and left him a message
that she was ill and would not be into work that day.

'No wonder my clothes seemed to be tighter when I
dressed, hell I need to get to the d**g store and get
an EPT kit... no, make that three kits, I want to be
sure... completely certain...'

Dressing quickly, Lea drove to the 24-hour pharmacy,
and purchased three EPT kits, and returning home,
decided, "No, I can't wait any longer to find out, and
pulling into a coffee and donut shop, she sat at the
counter and ordered a cup of black coffee and two
custard filled donuts, and then walked to the women's
rest room. "I can't wait any longer; I have to know,

Three tests later, and three confirmations of her being
pregnant, gave Lea a chill that seemed to put her body
completely into a shaking fear that did not stop for
another minute. Walking back to the counter, she drank
her coffee and ate part of one donut, then paid her
bill and drove home.

At nine o'clock, she was speaking with her doctor and
was told to come in and they would work up an
appointment for her to have an abortion that afternoon.
By seven that evening, the pregnancy was gone, and
Jason was worried that something major was wrong with
her when she told him he would need to sl**p by him
self for a few days, as her time had come.

For two weeks, Lea waited for the appointment to have
her tubes tied; she knew that even if it wasn't with
Jason, she did not want another c***d, and if she
should ever find another man, she could blame it on the
water if she couldn't become pregnant.


Jason was happy; he was sixteen and a half years old,
and his mother allowed him to drive the Crossfire to
the small hamburger joint two miles from home. Seated
next to him was Suzi Hollingsworth, the cute 15-year-
old girl who lived down the street from him. He loved
to look at her legs, and as he did she moved her skirt
just a little, but enough that he could see her dark
blue thong - or was it his imagination?

After spending two hours with their friends, and all of
them wanting to ride in his car, he told them he
promised his mother to only take Suzi to the hamburger
joint and then return her home, then to drive it to the

When they returned to Suzi's house, she knew her
parents were out for the evening, so she invited him
inside with her. They walked up stairs to her room and
after shutting the door, she flopped down on her bed.
Jason watched as her skirt flipped up over her knees
and she made no move to pull it down. After all, this
was her time to lock in on the most sought after guy at
Wakefield High.

"Jason, would you like to undress me? At least
everything except my panties, but if you must, even

Suzi was a petite, 100 pound, cute red-haired girl,
whose 36-B chest had more than one boy slobbering over
him-self. Her legs were not the best in the school, but
her constant attire of mini-skirts had every boy in
school following her from class to class and wanting to
get between those legs. Plus the guys loved it when she
would swish her skit, and sometimes her panties showed.
But she loved to expose her body and the boys loved it;
when she climbed the stairs in school, wearing a thong
panty, every guy lagged behind to look up her skirt.

Jason knew something that was going to surprise Suzi,
but he removed her clothes and found her small and
pointed nipples so different than those he had been
enjoying for nearly two years. Then he saw the thin
hair over her pussy, and he undressed.

Looking at the size of the male object in front of her
eyes, Suzi was about to find out that eight inches
long, and nearly as big around as a soda can, was not
going to be easy to take. Her thoughts were likely that
he was just normal, but in a few minutes her cries of
pain were letting Jason know that he was getting her
cherry, and she was going to be one of many.

Finally he was buried deep up into the sobbing ex-
virgin, and when he was jammed deep up her sex, and
unleashed his load of semen, it was lucky that Suzi was
not on cycle, as there were billions upon billions of
sperm seeking an egg.

Three more dates with Suzi was enough for Jason, and he
was upset when a week after he got her cherry and three
more nights of giving her the hard bone, she was
telling the school they had become lovers and were

That evening Jason was at the hamburger joint, and Suzi
saw him seated with her best friend, Desire Wilson.
That night, another cherry was added to the start of
Jason's high school record, and this record wasn't as
the quarterback, but the all time record holder by the
time he graduated of having enjoyed taking 36
virginities from very willing girls at the high school.
During the nights with his mother, Jason became an
excellent lover and his mother had shown him how to
drive her crazy, and it worked the same with the girls
in school.


Even Mrs. Anderson, the geometry teacher had heard two
of the girls speaking about Jason's sexual powers and
more importantly, the size of his manhood, and decided
to chance allowing him to drive his eight inches up
into her lightly used sex... which her husband only
used once or twice a year, and she was only 28-years of

Her body was racked with one orgasm after the other as
she allowed the now 18-year-old youth to take her
sexually. To her surprise, Ellen Anderson found the
youthful Jason wanted her all summer long after school
was out, and before he left for college.


After having her tubes tied, Lea happened to run into
Chad at a cocktail lounge one evening where she had
just finished having drinks with a client. Just as she
was leaving the lounge, she saw an attractive naval
officer entering the lounge and immediately saw it was

"Chad! Is it you?"

"My God! It's you, Lea! You're stunning. You're not
leaving are you? I just stopped in for a quick drink,
as I didn't want to spend the evening with my parents.
Have a drink with me, and dinner."

For the rest of the evening they spoke of old times and
Chad learned that she was still single (he himself had
just gotten a divorce). Plus, that day he had been
advised that he had been approved for his second
admiral's star, so he wanted to celebrate.

Six months later they were married at the officer's
club at Pearl Harbor, and spent their honeymoon of two
weeks on Maui. For the next six years, they were
stationed in D.C. and when Chad hung up his uniform for
good, he was wearing three stars.

They returned to live in the home Troy had built, but
both Lea and Chad knew they needed to erase the
memories of her previous marriage that were always
present in the stylish home.

Jason had married, and his young and attractive wife
was from an old f****y in the Deep South. He was
working as a system engineer for a company that had
recently relocated to where they lived. Lea set up the
deed to her old house in both her and Jason's name,
while she and Chad had a new home built about twenty
miles out of town on ten lovely acres that fronted on a
large man-made lake. After a few years, she dropped her
name from the deed on the home she had shared with Troy
and Jason.

Lea soon found her new life was one of pleasure and
happiness, and Chad finally got from her what he wanted
- even if it wasn't her virginity - he was between her
lovely thighs.


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