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""Wife Hipmotized to Pose Nude"&quo

Well this is a true story of how I got my wife hypnotized to pose nude in front of a friend of ours who we have known over 20 years. My wife wanted to quit smoking and has been unsuccessful trying it on her own.
Our friend Jim has a clinic where he uses hypnosis to have people quit smoking. Jim and I had talked about getting Kim to his clinic but she would not go. So I asked Jim ti come to the house and maybe hypnotize her to convince her to quit smoking. I asked Jim if while she was under could you get her to do other things that she would not remember later? He said yes we could do that. I told Jim I would love to have her strip nude in front of you and say things she would never say normally.
Jim said I have always fantasized over Kim and being she is so short wondered what she looks night nude. Well on a Saturday night I convinced Kim to let Jim put her under and convince her to quit smoking. He gave her several commands 1st to remove all her clothes and stand right in front of me posing. Then ask to see my cock. Then keep repeating a simple 4 letter word”FUCK” Just keep saying that Kim as I look at your pussy.

She did exactly as he said she stripped and stood there for his inspection then she asked to see his cock. So he removed his pants and shirt and was totally nude just as my wife. She looked at his cock that was so much bigger then my 5inch and from her mouth we heard FUCK Dam that made my dick hard again she said FUCK. I’m over in the corner leaning against the wall as Jim knelt down not 3 feet from her and with both his hands on his cock he looked right thru her graying bush to her pussy lips and I heard him say my god their beautiful. He gave her a command to hump like you are fucking while standing it’s called dry fucking. That she did pushing her pussy out toward Jim.

After about 5 minutes of her humping he commanded her to cum. She yelled out OH FUCK the nipples on her tits stiffened he body quivered and she yelled UHHH OHHH FFFUCK!! And she climaxed. She quivered for a few moments then she looked down at her pussy and said I came.

Jim had jacked off on the floor watching Kim cum and I jacked off watching them both. He then told her she would not remember a thing except the instructions to quit smoking.
If anyone wants more photos of her let me know. I can’t show Jim because he has a business.

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