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The training of June,,,,,,,,Pt. 1.

As June sat waiting for the Eurostar to Paris, she thought back over how she had come to be here. Two years before her Mother and Father had been killed in a car crash, she had taken months to recover from the shock. They had left her more money than she would ever need for the rest of her life, even if she lived to be a hundred and ten. But June came to realise life was to short not to lived to the full. Her boyfriend Daren seemed to be happy just to let life pass him by and wait for the end. He worked came home ate dinner watched TV, and fucked her when he felt he had too, then it was two minute wonder and afterwards he rolled and fell asl**p. June used to lie there in the dark thinking, there has to more to life than this. Then one day she was in her favorite book shop, she sometimes would spend hours there and she and the owner Mary had become friends, they both liked the same kinds of books and would sip coffee while talking about favorite writers. This afternoon a book with a glossy picture of a beautiful young woman in fetish gear adorned the cover caught her eye and she seemed drawn to it like a moth to a flame. June guiltily picked up the book looking around to see if she was been watched. She turned it round and read the back, the story was off Mona a woman who had given herself to a Master for training as his slave. June picked a bigger book and sat the paperback inside it so as not to be seem reading such smut. She opened somewhere in the middle and began to read,,,, Moan's body jerked against her bonds as the whip caressed her back, her hands tied and pulled up over a beam till she standing on the balls of her feet.Her back was growing red and hot, welts starting to from with each new stroke of the whip. She could feel her juices flowing freely down her legs, her nipples standing proud and hard as the pain turned to pleasure and her head was spinning.The blidfold didn't allow her see or know what would happen next. She let out a sharp scream as the tip of the whip tail snapped on her left nipple. Pain shot thru her body and her legs went weak. She fell against her bonds and was hanging in a curve. Then the whip found her other nipple and she screamed again loudly. She heard her Master's voice," Scream all you like little one, but I will not stop till I think you have learned your lesson". Then the whip lashed across the undersides of her full swollen breasts, Mona just hung there whimpering. The whipping continued for what seemed like hours. Her thoughts were just a haze and she lost all sense of time. Her upper body from her chin to hips was glowing red and so tender. She finally came back to her senses, screaming as a bucket of ice clod water splashed over her. June felt her pussy growing so moist as she read the passage. Her nipples were trying to punch holes in her bra, she never remember being so turned and just plain fucking horny. Her whole body was tingling. She thought to herself that if her swollen clit were now to be touched she would explode in an earth shattering orgasm and drop down dead. Her heart was racing, pounding in her chest and her breath was coming hard and fast. June could not stop reading, she wanted so badly to read more of Mona's torture at the hands of her Master. She shook herself and snapped the large book closed over the smaler one and put her hand on a shelf to steady herself. She stood there for a full two minutes recovering, her body still highly aroused and she really wanted to cum so bad it was painful. Her breathing slowed and she came down from her high. She had to have this book, but how could she face Mary with it in her hand. She blushed just thinking about having to pay for. She even thought about robbing it, but she'd never do that to Mary. As she thought about the words she had read and how they made her feel she knew she would just have to brave it out and buy this book. She removed it from the larger book, left the larger down and held the other in her hand covering the title and picture on the front. She spent another ten minutes pretening to look around, while waiting for the shop to grow quite. Mary was making two sales and when they left, it only the two of then there. June walked on shaky legs to the pay desk and set the book down. Mary picked it up, turning it over in her hands. June thought she was to die of shame as Mary looked at what she had picked, her face bright red. Mary was looking down prying the sticker off the back which she used for stock control she said," Now there's something else we have in comman. I just love his books". She looked up and around the shop then smiling wicketly she said, " He makes me so horny when I read his stuff. I was often going to surjest him to you but was too scared to. In case you thought me a weirdo, but now I see I was wrong. Have you read much of his?". June blushed and said,"No I just happened on this one and it caught my eye. I flicked thru a few pages,,,,,,,," Yes I know, you just had to have it, bring it home and read it alone", said Mary with a knowing look on her face. "Something like that", said June. Mary put the book in a bag and handed it to June smiling saying,"Have fun!!". June took the book placing it in her hand bag. Mary offered her coffee and she accepted. Mary said,"You go and get the nugs out. I'll just close,it's nearly five anyway, don't expect any more customers today we can have a chat". June went into the back and Mary closed shop for the day. When she came in June had two mugs sitting on the table waiting. Mary sat and kicked off her shoes and picked up her mug and sipped asking,"So how are things with you June?" " You know what our American friends say, Same shit,,,,". Mary said, " Yes indeed life gets like that sometimes". They chatted and smoked. When June was leaving Mary said," Wait", and she dashed to the back of the shop, returning with three books in her hand. Handing them to June she said,
" A little gift for a very good customer, enjoy!". June looked at the books all by the same writer as she had bouhgt and all on the same subject, bondage and kink as she thouhgt of it. She thanked Mary and walked home to see if boring Daren was home yet.

As she reached the garden gate her phone beeped. She open the door took off her coat and fished in her handbag for the phone. An sms from Daren, saying, his boss had asked him to work late and that he would be home around nine. Good she thouhgt I can be alone and have some peace and not have to listen to Daren droning on about what he had done in work all day. She hung up her coat, kicked off her shoes and retrived the four books from her bag. She would need to find somewhere to stash them away from Daren's prying eyes. She didn't have a problem with him knowing she was reading filt as he would call it. Sometimes she thought he should have become a fucking priest. She smiled to herself when she thought of leaving one of then on the kitchen table for him to find. Now that would really make him stutter and flush red. She never worried that when he said he was working late that he might be with another woman, he was too boring by far for anyone to steal him from her,,,she should be so lucky!!!.

June looked at the titles and the pictures of beautiful women in varying states of undress on the covers. She could feel her pussy tingling and her nipples grow hard. She decided to use the time alone to start one of the books. She went to the kitchen uncorked a bottle red, took it the books and a glass and went upstairs. In the bedroom she drew the curtains turned on the lights and sat at her desk. She layed all four books on it and choose the one she had been reading in the shop to start with. She opened it and began to read it from the begining. Turning page after page reading about a woman living a boring life, looking for and thinking there must be more to life than this. After fifteen pages it seemed to her she was reading about herself. The boring life, boring job, boring boyfriend. June put the book down and thought for the frist time in a very long time about her life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yes she thought,,,just so fucking boring!!!. She got to the part where the woman in the book had discovered a website about another life style,,been a slave to a Master. Like Mona in the book it seemed that June too wanted something like that, eventhought she didn't know anything about the lifestyle it just seemed the more she read that that was what she longed for more than anything else.

June was getting to part where Mona was choosen by a Master to take as his. June found herself getting really aroused reading this. She put the book down and removed all her clothing and sat naked and started to read again. Her nipples were rock hard and she played with them in turn enjoying the feeling of tingling in her breasts moving down thru her stomach and making her pussy swell and moisten. As she read of how a slave would be trained and kept her hand strayed between her legs, she let them fall apart and toyed with her clit. A few pages later she had her first of many orgasms. June sat there cumming and reading. She picked up a ruler that lay on the desk and putting the book down she lashed the tops of her legs with it. She squeeled as the ruler snapped off her thighs, but it felt good and on the seat between her legs a little pool of pussy juice was growing bigger by the minute. She pulled and pinched her nipples hard, moaning in pleasure at this new wonderful feeling washing over her highly aroused body. The heady smell of her pussy was wafting up from between her legs. She rubbed her fingers in it and licked them tasting her pussy. This was driving her wild. She grabbed a hair brush and slapped her breasts with. She squeeled in pain and pleasure. She then reversed the brush lay back, spread her legs and pushed the handle deep into her pussy. She fucked herself roughly with till she came, squirting over the carpet. Her hair was soaked in sweat, her face flushed bright red and her breath rasping in her troath making guteral a****ls sounds as she orgasmed over and over.

June had turned into a totally differant person in an hour. She now craved pain and the pleasure it would bring. She looked around the room looking for objects she could use to inflect pain on her body. Her eye settled on one of Daren's belts hanging on the back of the door. She took it and began to lash herself with. At first she wasn't doing so good but then she found the right strokes and the belt snapped off her full arse cheeks. After a few minutes her arse was burning and bright red and she felt more a live then ever before in her whole life. Her pussy was pumping juice and when she pulled and pinched her tender nipples she just came on the spot, everytime squirting out a long stream, something she never done before in her life and it felt so fucking good. Then she lashed her full breasts with belt. This was not so easy so she took the ruler once more and flailed away at her nipples. After a few minutes she droped down on the bed saying " Master where are you. I'm yours come take me, use me, make yours for life". June lay on the bed daydreaming of how it would feel to be owned by a Master. It was then that she made up her mind to find such a Master and give herself gladly to him.

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