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Jessy's Diary, Part 3

Jessy's Diary, January 22nd

Dear Diary,

the last days have been pretty stressful, so I didn't find the time to tell you any more. But I have some time now, so I will go on with the story of my life.

After I had lost my virginity to Karl, my sex life turned pretty quiet again. I finished school and went to college. Most classes were just boring, but there was one class I really enjoyed. It was a series of lectures about social politics. But it wasn't really the class, but my fellow student named Chris, who got my focus most of the time. Very well built, dark hair, muscular, but at the same time not the typical macho-type, but very polite. He was liked by everyone, I guess every girl dreamed of him and every guy wanted to be a bit like him.

You probably wonder, why I didn't make a move right from the beginning? Well, the reason had a name: Christine. My best friend, who had joined me in that class. I knew from the very first second, she had a crush on him and I didn't want to destroy that relationship. We often spend the evenings together with glasses of wine and almost everytime it ended with her telling me of all those sex-thoughts she had with Chris.

The worst thing of it was, that whenever she told me, I imagined it and every time I felt my body heat up and my pussy get moist. And as soon as she had left, I laid down in bed, imagining how Chris would look without those bl**dy clothes, my hands running across his body, my lips kissing his neck and breast. Automatically my hand went underneath the blanket and started to rub my clit, until a very relieving orgasm hit me and I found the comfort to fall asl**p.

It changed one evening, when we sat together again. We had just emptied a bottle of Chardonnay and Christine was again rambling about Chris.

„Did you know, he's still single?“ she asked. „I talked to Barbara, the girl who sits next to him. She said, he hasn't been seen with a girl ever since he moved into the dorm.“

„So what?“ I replied. „Maybe he waits for the right girl?“

„A good looking guy like him? Maybe he's gay“, Christine smiled. „You know, I even thought about testing him out. You know this abandoned storehouse on campus, don't you? I thought about luring him there and just suck him off.“

„Christine“, I shouted. But the imagination had already caught me.

„I wouldn't want a relationship anyway“, Christine said. „But actually I am curious how he might react. Imagine it: My lips touching the tip of his cock. Me sucking on it.“

Stop it, goddammit! My mind turned all blurry in an instant. „But, you can't just blow him out on campus“, I said with my throat completely dry.

„If he is gay, he won't let my anyway“, Christine went on. „But if not, he's gonna love those soft, wet and warm lips. The way he looks, he's probably clean shaven and well built, but maybe I can even try go really deep on him.“ Clean shaven. Well built. Exactly the way, I enjoyed a cock to be.

„He's gonna loose all his focus and just rush towards ejaculation“, Christine grinned, half to herself in her turned on mind. I was almost about to throw her out, just to have the time to rub myself silly.

„And then I'd move just up and down on his cock“, Christine mumbled.

„Will you stop now?“ I said.

„Why, are you jealous?“ Christine laughed. „You wanna suck him himself? Filling your mouth with his hard boner?“

„No, how dare you say it?“ I almost shouted, but the feeling between my legs told me, that I was lying to myself.

„Well, I know, if you had the chance, you would“, Christine replied. I didn't answer. But I knew she was probably right.

Soon after that she left. As quickly as I could, I got out of my clothes and went to bed. My mind drifted off. I imagined Chris touching my breasts, laying next to me. I moaned his name, while my right hand went between my legs.

I dreamed of him enjoying the view of my naked boobs. My leg rubbing along his pants, making his best part slowly grow larger. He'd press himself against me. And then I imagined his cock, naked, just as Christine had talked about it. Clean shaven. Medium length. And deep inside my wet pussy, pounding and pounding, until all his cum was shooting inside me. I moaned, as my fingers gave me the relief I needed. And then I felt asl**p. I had no idea, how this episode of my life was about to turn out.

to be continued...

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