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Under the Moonlight

We had dinner, had desert which was I ice cream and decided we should go for a walk in the night. We walked holding hands, your hands felt so soft and nice so I raised it and kissed it on the back. U were wearing this really nice dress, ur bum looked great in it and u had these really nice stiletos on, they were like boots. We walked through a park and there was this one bench facing the moon, so we sat And I pulled u close to me. We sat and then something got the better of u
U started rubbing my croch... U could feel me getting hard and u began rubbing my jeans ..I looked at u in the eyes ... The look u gave me was from another world.. U started unzipping my jeans...unhooking my belt and unbuttoning.... U slid u your hands inside my trousers and held my cock rubbing it up and down..then u pulled it out And began sucking it. Your mouth was so warm I was immediately turned on, ur gave me the best oral ever but then I had enough... I picked u up onto my lap pulled ur dress higher so u could stradle me and ripped ur panties of and smelt them... U smelt so goood... I placed u on my cock without preparing and u took a big breath in as I entered u ..... U were not wet yet so it was hard to penetrate u but I f***ed it in . I kissed u with tongue and. Then pulled ur dress down a little I wanted to see Ur hard nipples . The moonlight hit them at an angle that made them look so good. I was in u... And began moving my hips.. U took another breath in... I couldnt bang u like i wanted so I stood up ur legs around my back.. I grabbed Ur legs. Slide one arm under and. Then the other ... Ur legs are near my shoulders now and I can penetrate u deep. So I do hard and fast u yelp with pleasure And not knowing What to do u kiss my arm... Sucking on the skin
While I take u hard bouncing u off my body... U feel so tight it's like your holding my cock... U love it and then u cum Infact u cum and your pussy juices run down my leg... U r wet and I can pound u easier. U cum which means u r even more sensitive u cum again And the way u suck my neck makes me wanna cum I put u on the bench turn u around and enter u from behind I thrust hard while I pull your hair back and I push deep in u... I get into s rhythm and u moan saying 'yes... Yes' a few minutes pass And then I cum in u... So strongly u feel it. While in u I sit on the bench while u sit on me I thrust some more and. I cum again ... When I have finished cumming I kiss u you get up and some cum leaks out from u... U go wow and wipe sum from ur v.. And lick ur fingers... U suck my cock clean we put our clothes back on And walk home hand in hand

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