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More Sex and Kara-Oke

I went to the outdoor karaoke twice last week. They held a special one in celebration of one of the saints on Wednesday, and then there was the regular one on Saturday. But I didn't do much singing. I suppose I was thinking of other things. Sex mostly. My boyfriend was there on both occasions, and because we were both hungry because we hadn't seen each other for a few days, we went behind the barangay hall pretty quickly. All I could hear was one my friends singing as I took off my jeans and panti so that he could get inside me.

I think I am falling in love with him. Although I haven't known him for long, and although he is my first boyfriend, I sometimes think I would like to marry him - especially when we are having sex. But I really wish he was more romantic with me. I suppose I would like to go to a hotel with him: there are plenty of places in town where they don't ask any questions, and where you can book a room for just a few hours. Instead we are still doing it up against the wall of the barangay captain's office. And, worse still, I learned last night that there boys who spy on couples having sex there.....

I always wondered why some of the girls in the village got whistled at when they walked through: even if they weren't all that attractive. I used to think that it was because of the way they walked because they were already no longer virgin. But I discovered that some of the local boys hide in the bougainvillia bushes and watch as couples get undressed and have sex.

I think I must have been nearly ready to cum when I heard something, but I was too distracted by having my boyfriend inside me to notice what was really going on. I had told my boyfriend to take off his kondom by that time, because I was finding it difficult to cum and I find the rubber always make my puki itch. And it was after I had got my first orgasm that I finally noticed two boys looking at us. It spoilt it for me. And it made me worried that I would now be whistled at in the village. And that my Mum and Dad would now find out what I had been up to.

I am disappointed. I want our love making to be romantic and unhurried. I want to spend time with him in bed, like a married lady. I feel like a cheap girl now. You see, one of my friends has recently married an older man - a foreigner - and she makes me jealous by telling me all the things he does to her. How he licks her puki for hours and hours; and whenever she tells me that she rolls her eyes up to heaven, as if to thank God for her husband's tongue.

I have started to wonder if my boyfriend is really good at sex. Because he is my first, I really don't know if he is good or not. I am starting to feel that I am missing out. That I'm inexperienced and that perhaps he is inexperienced as well. I wonder what you think? I wonder if it is my fault that he hasn't taken our relationship any further. Edelita asked me tonight whether I have licked his penis, and I had to admit that I hadn't.... I think I have still got a lot to learn about love.

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