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My ebony lover

This is a fiction story but a huge fantasy of mine! Not sure if people will like it or not so rate and comment if you do and I will write a second part. I hope you enjoy :)


I was a lonely guy, never really having many 'friends' as such and I was certainly not a prolific lover. Walking down a street I am invisible to the crowds, not even gaining a glace frmo passers by. As such I sought out fun and friends online and this is where my story starts.

I had joined a dating site. I know that this can be a source of mockery but when a beautiful 30 something ebony lady began flirting with me, I was having the last laugh. She was about 5 foot 4, the most perfect body a about size 8 and amazing sized breasts, not too big and not too small. She had that special sort of a glow, a glow that would light up a room and she had lips that just begged to be kissed.

We quickly began emailing each other and after some formal, getting to know you type messages, she quickly turned the conversation dirty and i knew I was on to a winner. We would message each other with what we wanted to do, how badly we wanted to suck, fuck, lick, kiss, rub, tease and tantalize each other. She told me she loved to have white guys like me inside her, the contrast in skin tone driving her crazy with desire. She loved having cum shot all over her tits after being fucked hard and fast in the ass.

I could not believe that such a slut could exsist and be interested in me!

We eventually agreed to meet up and, I must admit, despite fears of all of it being some scam or fake profile, she turned out to be real. We got back to her place and the hardcore, x rated sex soon followed.

She sat me on the couch and after pouring me a glass of wine headed off into the bedroom. "Don't move a muscle, well not yet anyway" She called out to me. I patiently waited, bl**d rushing to my penis with excitment, and getting all hot and horny thinking about the vision of heaven I was about to see.

She did not disappoint!

She strolled out of her bedroom in black and red stockings, black and red see through panties and a matching corset. I must admit, despite my stamina in the bedroom, I nearly blew my load sat on the couch. I have never seen a woman so inviting and desirable.

She walked over to me, wrapped her lushious legs around my body and gently lowering her head to mine said, "This will be a night you will never forget big boy"

She began to gently kiss my astonished face, gently nibbling at my earlobes at first, then working her way down my neck making me go crazy with desire. I began rubbing and caressing her sexy body, running my fingers over her tight ass and up her back making her tingle with excitement.

We locked lips and the taste was like no other woman I had kissed before, it was absolutely electric, as if a tiny spark of energy passed through my whole body. Sensing this she began unbuttoning my shirt and kissing down my chest as she exposed it, gentley teasing my nipples as she passed. After what seemed like ages spent in bliss she got off my lap and told me to stand up.

I did so, taking my shirt off and she started to run her hands up and down my leg, stopping agonisingly close to the tip of my now fully erect penis before moving away. This was driving me over the edge of pleasure but I stood there, immobile to her touch while she unzipped me and let my rousers drop to the floor.

She saw my cock and I saw a greedy expression flicker through her eyes as I pulled my boxers down too. I stood there, fully naked in front of the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on with a raging erection pointing right at her face. She greedily devoured my cock, giving me the most amazing blowjob I had ever had. I shot my load in seconds and she gulped it all down. I nearly crumpled in a heap then and there but she was not going to let me rest a bit.

Holding my cock in her hand, she led me like she was holding a leash into her bedroom. When we got in there it was my turn to get her off, and boy did I.

I pushed her on to the bed and it was my turn to straddle her. I began teasing her nipples gently, lightly touching and playing with them until she began breathing heavily. As I began kissing her neck I ran my fingers down her body to her pussy. She had told me she got very, very wet when excited and it was not a lie. She was soaking the bedsheets already and we hadn't got past foreplay yet!

"Take me... take me now..." She begged in my ear but i was not done teasing yet. "Patientce beautiful, we have all night yet" Was my reply.

I kissed down her body, over the sexy lace garments which were driving me crazy with lust. I pulled off her panties and began eating her divine pussy for hours. She came frequently and hard, nearly drowning me with her gorgeous juices as I worked my tounge over her clit. She moaned with delight and desire for well over an hour as I refused to stop drinking her delicious juices until she eventually pulled me up by my hair and screamed,

"Fuck me now!!"

She was absolutely wild by this point and I knew I had recovered from my mammoth orgasm earlier so I flipped her over, pulled her ass into the hair, gave it a few light spanks opened up her pussy and began plowing into her as hard and fast as I could. The harder I fucked the more she liked it and she began thrusting back on my cock everytime I penetrated her. She got so excited and orgasmed so hard she squirted all over my cock as I fucked her. I had never had this happen to me before but god it was good!

We had been going for what seemed like hours when I finally blew my second load deep inside her pussy. We ground to a halt, covered in sweat and each others fluids. She rolled over and I flopped down next to her, exhausted but still so horny. As she lifted her hand across my body and began gently teasing my cock with it, I knew round two would not be far away...

End of part one

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