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The Milf and Me

I don’t exactly remembered how it happened but I do recall standing together, slowly feeling each other almost dancing. Our tongues probing each others mouths, touching each others lips. When she dropped her dress before me, I remember thinking how tight her body looked, very firm, even her breasts only sagged slightly. She never really showed her age, Kat was nearly 20 years older than me, and she made me feel very special.

Some how she knew I had wanted her, even though I was much younger and knew her daughter. I asked her before we had sex the first time, if it bothered her that I was so young, after all, her daughter and I had both graduated in the same class in high school only a year ago. She smiled and said, “don’t worry Mark, it does not bother me at all, does it bother you?” I slowly shook my head and she laughed out loud. “I didn’t think so, the bulge in your pants gives away your feelings for me. Don’t worry, no one will find out about us. Lets just have some fun, Ok?”

She started stroking my cock through my 501 Levis, I really like button fly jeans, and she made me remember why. The firmer my cock gets the easier it is to unbutton my pants. I struggled to crawl out of my jeans, Kat just smiled and said, “ thats right, let me see that nice cock of yours. It feels hard and I bet it has a good size to it already.” I took a step back and f***ed the jeans down to my ankles, only opening the very top button. She dropped the straps off of her shoulders and her dress was on the ground before I even looked up and had stepped out of my jeans. When I caught sight of her shape in her bra and panties I almost lost it. She was fine.

She started pulling my cock out of my underwear, it pressed hard against the tight fabric, and it ached for freedom. Next thing I know she says, “lay on your back Mark and let me taste that sweet cock.” I complied without a word. Kat knew how to work a cock, she started at the head of my dick and licked it softly, stroking and sucking all the way down. Then she sucked the head while gently stroking it near the base. It was not too long and I was feeling the pressure in my balls. She increased the speed at which she stroked my cock. She said, “does that feel good baby, I love your cock. Your pre cum is so good. Just give me your load.” I tried to hold on, but Kat was working my cock hard. She really did want to see that load blow. She kept stroking my cock faster and faster and then pulled down on my balls. The pressure was to much for me. I could hold on no longer. With one loud moan, almost a scream, I let my spunk fly, really not having any choice. It shot all over, Kat said, “wow, what a wild shooter, I love it. pump some more.”

When i was done shooting my load I just laid there, she grabbed a towel and started to clean me up. She said, “dont worry honey, you take a little rest and then you can pump a nice thick load into my cunt. You are not going to get away without fucking me.” I cuddled up with Kat, even closer ands knew that I will need to catch my breath soon.

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