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Mom's son

My mother has been a widow for about two years.
We have a nice big house in a very good neighborhood. I'm an
only c***d and mother and I have always been close.

About a year ago, Mom's s****r Holly moved in
with us after she left her very abusive husband. At first I
didn't like having her there, but I soon learned to
like Holly and enjoyed her company. She helped Mom
around the house and frequently helped me with my

I got used to having Holly there when I arrived home
from school. I often asked her to help me with my
schoolwork just so I could sit beside her and smell her
perfume and feel her hugs, which she always gave me
when I solved a problem or learned a new skill.

One afternoon, a few weeks before school ended for
the summer, I got home and Holly was lying on the sofa
reading some business report. She greeted me and when
I said I needed some help studying for final exams, she
said she would be right with me.

I noticed that one knee was bent and her legs were spread a
little. I could see up her shorts.

I positioned myself for a better view and opened
a book and pretended to read, but I was really staring
at the curls of pubic hair peeking from around her

What happened next really surprised me. I saw her
hand move, so I looked up. Her face was still blocked
by the report so I returned my attention to her shorts.
She reached up the leg of her shorts with her hand,
lifted her buttocks to loosen her panties. She
stretched the opening and began scratching her pubic
mound. As her hand moved, I could see her cunt lips
protruding from her bush. After a couple of seconds,
she removed her hand. Then she closed the report and
sat up. She said, "Let's get a drink and sit at the
kitchen table."

I frequently thought about that sight of her bare
pussy over the next couple of days. I had a hard on
almost all the time when I was around my aunt after
that day.

A couple of days later Holly was trying to scratch
her back and said she couldn't reach the itch. I reach-
ed over and began lightly scratching her back for her.
She was enjoying my efforts so much that she leaned
over and put her arms on the back of an overstuffed
chair and hung her body over it.

I was directly behind her and her ass was just
inches from my hardening dick. She told me to scratch
a little harder and higher. When I reached forward, my
bulge pushed lightly against the crack of her buttocks.

She didn't move for a minute while I scratched.
Then after a bit she asked if I would rub her back
harder. I began rubbing her back muscles with a little
more energy, my dick was pushing against the crack of
her ass a little harder too as I rubbed.

Holly rotated her hips so that her pussy came in
contact with my dick and she pushed back against me.
I thought I was going to cum in my pants at the in-
tense feel of her bottom pressing against my now pain-
ful erection. When she asked me to untie the back of
her halter so I could give her a real massage I felt
myself squirt a little pre-um into my underwear.

I untied the knot at the back of her blouse and let the straps
fall away. As I continued massaging her back, I peered
around her to see if I could get a look at her bare
breasts from the sides.

The sideways movement caused my stiff penis to
roll over up into her ass-crack. Holly didn't protest,
in fact she just pushed harder against me and rotated
her hips. Seeing her breasts sway and her erected nip-
ples, caused me to lose control and I came in my pants.

I kept grinding for a few more seconds not caring
that I had just messed myself, but I think that Holly
realized what happened because she stood up and turned
to face me.

I stared at her 44 DD breasts, as she asked me to
tie her halter back on. I carefully covered her breasts
and reached around her to tie the straps. She turned
within my arms and gave me a big hug while I continued
to fumbled with the knot.

Aunt Holly strolled into the kitchen saying as she
left that I could give her a massage any time I

She smiled and said, "That would be nice."

Holly then spread her towel on the floor beside her
bed. She then lay down on her stomach and folded her
arms under her head. She was still nude and her legs
were spread I was captivated by her shaved cunt I
could just bearly see it between her legs.

A couple of minutes later, I recovered and got on
my knees between her legs and began rubbing her back.
She moaned in pleasure and told me how good it felt. I
worked my way downward nearly to her buttocks and then
switched to her feet.

All the time I massaged her feet and calves I was
staring at her moist vagina with its protruding lips.
I worked my hands up her thighs. When I began squeezing
the upper thighs, her cunt was opening and closing and
she began moving her hips in a circular motion showing
her pleasure.

About five minutes of rubbing her thighs and but-
tocks was all I could take. I got up and began undres-

Aunt Holly rolled over and watched me with a big
smile. She spread her legs wide open and reached up
toward me. She whispered, "Suck my nipples. I really
like that."

As I lowered myself on to her she grasped my stiff
dick and guided it between her legs. She was very
slippery so I penetrated easily. My heart almost stop-
ped when I felt my dick slip all the way into her hot
tunnel. I think my eyes must have popped because Aunt
Holly giggled and pushed up against me as I came to rest
in her.

I immediately started to hump away feeling the incredi-
ble grasping tightness of her hot moist cunt wrapped
around my thrusting dick. I began sucking on her nip-
ples and that made her gasp and she wrapped her legs
around me and began rapidly pumping her hips. I return-
ed her thrusts and we came strongly together. She
groaned quietly as I pumped my cum into her with strong
burst, over and over, seemingly draining my life f***e
from my body, it was just so intense.

A few seconds later she relaxed, but my semi-hard
dick was still inside her. I continued sucking and
licking her nipples. It really felt good having my
penis buried inside her slippery cunt.

Holly began moaning and slowly thrusting started coming again. I couldn't come
so soon, but I really enjoyed her thrusting and hugging
me like that. She was slower to calm down after her
second orgasm, but when she did, she became aware of
the time and yelled, "My God! Your mother's due home
any minute. We have to go."

I grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom. Just
as I closed the door, Mom's car pulled into the drive-
way. When I came out of the shower, Mom and Holly were
talking in the kitchen. I don't think Mom suspected a
thing at that time.

Over the next couple of days, Holly taught me how
to give a woman real pleasure. She really liked having
me lick and suck her cunt. That really gave her strong
orgasms and she let me fuck her any way I liked after
I licked her to an orgasm. Sometimes I mounted her
doggy style, but mostly I liked her straddling me and
slowly fucking me until I came. I loved to watch her
naked body on top swaying to our fucking motions.

Early one afternoon Holly was on her bed with her
legs spread and I was on my knees beside the bed with
my head between her legs. I was enjoying the wonderful
aroma and her moans and gasps of pleasure. When Aunt
Holly had calmed down from her orgasm, I stood to remove
my shorts. Just then we heard the click of a door

Holly jumped up and looked toward her partially open
bedroom door. We both got dressed and went to investi-
gate. Mom's bedroom door was closed and her car was in
the driveway. We went to the kitchen and began cleaning
up. Holly said that she hoped Mom hadn't seen us, but
she didn't see how she could have missed looking in as
she walked by her room.

A couple hours later, Mom came out and said she was
sick and had come home for some rest. She didn't men-
tion seeing us and acted as if nothing had happened.
She stayed home for the rest of the week and Holly went
out to work with her clients.

Holly announced that she had
accepted a job offer in a nearby city and would be
moving. I have an idea that Mom asked her to move, but
neither of them ever told me that.

After Holly left, Mom seemed a lot more relaxed and
she again became affectionate to me, giving me frequent
hugs and kisses. But I have to say that I missed Aunt
Holly's sex sessions more than I could bear. After hav-
ing sex with her, and then nothing I was silently going
crazy. But it was nice to have Mom happy again.

One Saturday morning, we were eating breakfast. Mom
had a loose fitting house coat on and I was able to see her
breasts when she bent over. I noticed her nipples were
very large and seemed to be erect. I had learned about
erect nipples from Aunt Holly and wondered why Mom's
were hard like that.

She asked if I would help her with the yard work.
She went to her room and changed into a halter top and
shorts. I had never seen her in such sexy clothes be-
fore, and all day long I couldn't keep my mind off her
nipples pressing against the cotton of her halter and
the bulge of her crotch which showed on her tight
shorts. By afternoon her halter top was wet with sweat
and her breasts molded the material hiding very little.

The bulge in my pants must have been obvious. We
live in a rural area, so there was no danger of neigh-
bors seeing Mom. Maybe that was why she was so relaxed.

After we finished our work, and both took showers
and changed our clothes. I had told Mom that I would
help her cook dinner. When I got to the kitchen, she
was there getting food out of the refrigerator. She had
a cotton sun dress on, it was quite loose around the
top and came to about six inches above the knees. She
looked great in that outfit,

I really felt a strong affection for her and was so
happy that she seemed to be happy, when she put the
food on the counter, I reached out and gave her a hug
and told her that I loved her. She hugged me back and
told me she loved me, too.

I remembered how mush Aunt Holly liked a massage so
naturally began rubbing my Mom's feet, hoping to make
her feel better. I continued massaging her closest foot
for several minutes while we watched the sitcom.

Mom told me several times how good it felt. Sudden-
ly she said, "I need both feet rubbed." and she lifted
her leg over my head her legs now over my shoulders. My
head was between her legs with her bare thighs pressing
against my ears. I loved it even though I was facing
the wrong direction to do what I really wanted.

However I now was able to massage both feet. As I
rubbed, Mom began slowly opening and closing her
thighs. When she had them open, I turned my head and
lightly kissed the inside of her knee. That caused her
to open her legs wider and hold them open a little

I was amazed when Mom lifted her buttocks off the
couch and slid forward so that my head was nearly
touching her cunt. I knew then what she wanted and,
while kissing her thigh just inches below her bush, I
turned and knelt in front of her.

Mom had her head back and her eyes closed. I looked
down to see her bare cunt. I looked back at my mothers
beautiful face with her closed eyes and threw caution
to the wind. Without hesitating I licked my way toward
the prize. When I began running my tongue up and down
the outside of the lips of her vagina, Mom moaned and
slid forward a little more, rotating her hips to give
me complete access to her very sweet pussy. I used all the
techniques that Holly had taught me, and soon Mom was
moaning that she was going to come.

She began thrusting her hips and suddenly little
squirts of urine ejected from between her pussy lips
as she came strongly.

I was really horny after seeing my mother in this
state and I needed to my very hard big dick. It
had been weeks since Aunt Holly had left.

I stood up to remove my shorts, Mom told me to sit
down on the sofa. Then got on her knees and took my
penis in her hands. She then did something that Holly
had never done. Mom began licking, then sucking me
in her mouth.

It was incredible. The feeling of her lips and
tongue was different than anything I had ever felt. I
wanted it to last forever, but when Mom began flicking
her tongue over the sensitive underside of my super
hard dick, I lost control.

Mom swallowed every drop and continued sucking
until there was no more left. The she got up and sat
beside me. Putting her arms around me, she said, "Thank
you, baby, for a wonderful experience."

A couple of days later we had our second encounter.
I came into her bedroom just as she had finished drying
from the shower. She made no attempt to cover herself
as I approached her and gave her a hug from behind.

She hugged me back and when I moved toward the bed
she willingly went to the edge and sat down. Again I
ate her moist pussy. She loved it just as much and then gave
me great blowjob. We fell asl**p in each arms.

Then I moved into my Mom's bedroom and we
became full time lovers. The next few years were
wonderful.Just call me a Moma's boy,

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