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A widower is seduced by his teenage daughter. (M/f-
teen, ped, inc, exh, 1st, oral, mast, anal, rom)


I guess it was all my fault. My wife walked out on my
daughter and me, four years ago. Kasey was only ten at
the time. My Ex had found a new life and one day when
we got home she was gone. A note that didn’t say enough
was on the kitchen table. My daughter took it very
hard. Me, I never saw it coming.

When my wife first left, our daughter was so upset she
got in the habit of climbing into bed with me, after I
fell asl**p. Abandonment issues, the shrinks told us.
After a few months she climbed into bed with me before
I went to sl**p. The doctors told me that this was a
common occurrence and I should not be concerned. But
they also warned me that eventually I will have to wean
her off of sl**ping in my bed and get her back to her
own bed. Easier said then done.

By the time a year had gone by she would sl**p about
every other day in her own bed. This was fine. About
the time she turned twelve, a transformation begun. I
was not fully comfortable with her climbing into bed
with me at night. She began the transformation into a
young woman.

I first noticed it one morning. As my daughter reached
into the fridge to get some orange juice, her pajama
bottoms stretched across a very curvaceous butt. My
daughter had grown a nice tight ass. Those years of
dancing and gym classes had worked their magic.

The summer Kasey turned twelve were full of surprises.
She began having her period. One morning I woke to her
crying and screaming from her bedroom. That particular
night she was not feeling well and slept in her own
bed. Of course she had her first period that night and
awoke to quite a mess. After calming my lovely daughter
down I carried her into the shower to clean her up.
Fortunately, this change in her body was not near as
embarrassing as some of her friends.

She took a shower while I cleaned up her bed. A new
mattress was in order. The next night she was back in
my bed again. But that was not the only change in her
pre teen body. I began to notice curves were there had
not been any. She was growing breast.

Like most men I would from time to time, wake-up with a
morning hard on. At first this was not a problem when
we slept in the same bed. One morning I found myself
spooning with my twelve year old daughter. I woke up
first and was deeply disturbed.

I tried to get her to sl**p in her own bed after that
but Kasey could be very persistent and I was a
pushover. One morning I awoke to my daughter staring at
my morning hard-on. It was sticking out of my pajama
flap and I was lying flat on my back. In my half awake
state of mind I moaned as my twelve year old stroked my

She was just kind of moving it around and jacking me
off. Luckily I did not freak out at her action but I
asked her to stop before I came and she did.

We had our first sex talk that day; the first of many.

Later that year Kasey made the school cheerleading
squad. She was a natural. She was also one of the few
girls on the squad who could do flips and hand springs.

There was an away game, so she traveled to the game
with the rest of the squad in somebody’s van. I arrived
just as the game was starting and got a seat high in
the bleachers. The cheerleaders were doing a routine on
the floor. I scanned them looking for my Kasey, this
was the first time I had seen her in action. Then I
spotted her. My jaw dropped, she looked fucking
gorgeous, a regular little heartbreaker.

This was only a grade school basketball game, but I was
stunned. There were 5 or 6 girls on the squad. Kasey
was by far the prettiest. Her long blond hair cascaded
ringlets of spun gold down her back. I can best
describe her face as feline with barely a trace of
make-up. Deep blue eyes and full red lips capped a face
that you just fell in love with.

The biggest surprise was her body. Even at a little
over five feet in height, my daughter was all leg. Her
team colors were blue and white. A short blue skirt
swirled atop her toned muscled legs. And a bright white
top with a broad blue stripe across the chest accented
the already obvious bosom of my young daughter. I was

The other cheerleaders may have looked like barely
legal centerfolds for all I knew. I could not take my
eyes off of my daughter. After the game Kasey climbed
into my car to drive home with me. After all of the
excitement, Kasey eventually fell asl**p and curled up
in her seat. I caught myself looking at her legs and
tits as we drove.

Graduation from Grade school was an eventful week.
There were a number of parties and my daughter went to
them all. We live in a rather wealthy neighborhood, and
some of the parties were all day affairs. Our
experience after one in particular was a bit

A boy had asked Kasey to go to the party with him. She
was dressed in jeans and a nice top and had a curfew of
ten o’clock. About quarter till I heard a car pull in
the driveway, about five minutes later the car pulls
back down the driveway and Kasey walks through the
door. She looked on cloud nine.

"How was the party?" I asked.

"Great." She slumped down on the couch across from me,
a big smile across her face. Then she looked at me with
this dreamy look in her eyes sighed and said.

"I’m going upstairs now, ‘nite Daddy."

That was it, I thought. I finished watching the show on
TV and about fifteen minutes later went up to bed. It
was Friday night; there she was all stretched out in my
bed and sl**ping soundly. I changed into my pajamas and
climbed under the sheets myself. My daughter snuggled
up next to me and I put my arm around her. She sighed
and opened her eyes.

I said. "Hey sl**py head, so it was a good party, huh?"
She crossed her arms on my chest and rested her chin

"It was wonderful." She said in a misty way. My little
girl was growing up.

"Tommy kissed me tonight." She said. I laid there

"Good for you honey." I ran my hand down her back in a
soothing way. She rolled back onto her side and held me
close. My hand ran down her side and came to rest on
her hip. Something felt different. Normally my daughter
wore a tee shirt and boxers or tap pants to bed.
Tonight, as my hand rested on her hip, I felt only the
tee shirt.

"And it was wonderful!" She said as she snuggled
closer. Then adding.

"Is kissing a lot like having sex?" I didn’t see that

"Honey, sex is a beautiful thing that is shared between
two ‘Adults’ that love each other very much." I tried
to sound responsible.

"Oh Daddy, Some of my girlfriends have already had sex.
They said it was no big deal." The thought of some of
my daughters teenage friends giving some greasy teenage
boy his first blow-job make my cock lurch. This did not
go un-noticed by my Kasey. I spoke next.

"Honey,’ I asked, ‘You haven’t, had sex yet, have you?"
what a time to ask.

"Daddy,’ she slapped me playfully on the chest. ‘ Of
course not. I mean it’s not like boys haven’t tried. I
have let a boy touch me, ya know, down there. Does that

"Besides,’ I want the first time to be special." She
added. I settled back to that comforting thought. Then
the damn broke. She put her hand on my erection and

"Daddy, would you be my first time?" And she squeezed
my cock for emphasis. I replied.

"Honey I don’t think that is a very good idea." Then I
went to pull her hand away. All of this sexy talk had
me pretty worked up.

"Oh Daddy." Then she snuggled close and I thought that
crisis had past. Little did I know.

Later that night, I was dreaming of my ex wife. We were
lying naked in a field. She had her hand jacking me off
and I was cupping her nice, cool, tight ass. I came
like a geyser and my wife licked the excess off of her

I awoke in bed next morning alone. The smell of sex was
in the room.

The summer before Kasey entered high school was when
things began to get very difficult. Don’t get me wrong.
We did not argue like some parents and k**s do. Quite
the opposite, we were very affectionate. When we were
alone she would sit on my lap. When we were out in
public she would hold my hand. Stuff like that. It was
the private portion of our relationship was made me

Summertime meant a new swim suit had to be purchased. I
still went shopping with my daughter back then. We went
to the mall that day. The first suit snapped me into a
new reality. My little girl had become a young woman.
The first suit she tried on was a yellow one piece that
fit like a second skin. Her young nipples pressed
against the front of the suit. Kasey’s firm ass was
tightly covered in the back. The design slicing up in
between her ass cheeks perfectly. This one was a

Next was a black bikini that was very low on the hip.
The beginning of her very sparse pubic hair peeked over
the top. When she twisted around to see her reflection
in the mirror, I started to get a softy for her tight
little body. The top of the suit was two small
triangles that exposed the sides of her firm tits.

"I don’t know about this one honey. It seems kind of
provocative for a girl your age." A frown came to her

"Daddy," she replied. "This is the latest style. All
the girls are wearing them this year." As I would later
find out, all of the other girls were wearing this
style this summer.

"Let’s look at another one." I said. She stepped back
into the dressing room. If that last one was
provocative this one was out and out erotic. She
stepped out in a floral print little thing. Spinning
around on her feet she watched her reflection in the
mirror. It was a thong, and her butt was hanging out
for all to see.

"I don’t know about this one either, Honey," I said.

"Daddy," she protested, "this is a bikini for sunning,
not swimming." My cock lengthened in my pants as she
twisted around viewing the suit in the mirrors.
"Besides, if I got it wet you could probably see

My protest went unanswered. We bought all three suits.
Next, she needed some new underwear. I did not need to
see her try that on so I gave her some money and told
her I would be waiting in the food court.

A half hour later she joined me with a bundle of
packages. We had lunch and went home.

Around this time we were in the habit of sharing a bed
on Friday night and another night during the week.
Whatever happened the rest of the week, Friday night
was father daughter night. One particular night things
got very interesting.

That night we were watching a movie. Kasey was lying
beside me on the couch. I glanced over and noticed what
she was wearing, just an oversize t-shirt and some
boxers. The arms of the t-shirt were rather big and I
easily see that she was not wearing a bra. This was
highlighted by the way her teenage braless tits swayed
against the front of the shirt as she moved.

I was getting a hard-on just sitting there. I need to
get up to take a leak but my erection was very obvious
in my own loose clothing. Eventually I had to get up to
pee. I turned away from my daughter as I moved but my
erection was very obvious. I could feel her eyes
burning into my genitals.

After the movie we went upstairs to bed. I climbed in
while Kasey was in the bathroom. The light on the night
stand was on as she came into the room. She hopped into
bed and snuggled up next to me. I was lying on my back
and my arm wrapped around her and pulled her close. She


"Yes Honey."

"Can I give you a massage?"

"Why would you want to do that?"

"I know you and Mommy use to do that to each other. And
with all of the work you did around the house today: I
thought you might find it relaxing."

Sure my ex and I did massage each other a lot but a
massage from my thirteen year sexy little daughter. I
was not so sure this was a good idea.

"I’m not sure that that is such a good idea, baby." I

My daughter could be persistent though and before you
know it I was lying on my stomach in only my boxers
with my sexy daughter kneading the weary muscles in my

The lamp on the night stand was the only light in the

"Honey,’ I said, ‘I have to admit, this does feel

"Thank you Daddy." She worked from my shoulders down my
back. Through the years with all of her sports training
she probably have had many the****utic massages. This
started out as a relaxing bit of handy work but as she
approached my legs and ass I drifted. It was when I
felt her hands on my bare ass that I got a little

"Okay, time to roll over," she said. In my state of
bliss I rolled over without thinking. She started on my
head and lightly kissed me on the lips. Moving down my
body she stopped at my waist. I had quite a woody by
now but I was lost in the moment. Then she started on
my legs, first one leg and then the next.

As she sat on my ankles and worked on my thighs I could
feel some hot wetness from between my sexy daughter’s
thighs. I thought nothing of it. Until her hands slowly
approached my crotch. Lightly she cupped my balls and
ran a hand over my erection.

"Honey, what are you doing?" I asked. She was pulling
me out of my boxers and she had me in her hand. It felt
so fucking good.

"I just want to see it daddy.’ She softly said. ‘The
boys that I’ve seen don’t look anything like this." The
thought of my lovely daughter handling some young boys
cock kind of pissed me off, but she had told me she had
not had sex yet.

"I don’t know if this is right honey." I moved to take
her hand away but I stopped in mid motion. She began
jacking me off rather expertly. The little head was
indeed in charge.

"Does that feel good, daddy?" She asked.

"Oh Baby, yes it does." All the years of pent up sexual
energy were coming to a head.

Then she sat back down between my thighs and continued
her hand job. The scene was very surreal I was lying on
my bed. My teenage daughter was dressed in a t-shirt
and tap pants giving me perhaps the greatest hand job I
had ever had. Her own sexual excitement was evident by
her pronounced nipples pressed firmly against her tee,
as her firm titties sway under the shirt. The smell of
excited young pussy filled my senses.

Then I felt it, I was going to come. I was going to
come big. I was going to come now. As my balls
tightened and the first stream of come shot out of my
cock, my daughter clamped her lips around my dick head
and sucked up every bit. I tried half heartedly to pull
her off as I came. But It felt fucking great. My
daughter collapsed onto my chest, my softening cock in
her hand.

As I collected myself I spoke.

"We should not have done that, honey."

"Why? I love you and you love me. What’s wrong?"

"But you are my daughter. If anyone ever found out, I
could be arrested."

"Oh I’ll never tell anybody, Daddy. I promise." We
snuggled some more as what had just happened rolled
around in my brain. On the one hand it is wrong to have
sex with your daughter. On the other hand, she was more
then willing and it felt great. What to do, what to do.
We snuggled. I could feel her sweet breath on my cheek.


"Yes Honey," I replied.

"Would you give me a massage now?" I had to think for a
minute. I had just received the best hand job of my
life from my hot teenage daughter. She had actually
taken my load in her mouth and swallowed it, something
her mother had never done. Here she was all worked up
and I was going to roll over and go to sl**p.

No wonder my wife had left me.

"Of course, Baby." Why had I said that? Her face lit up
as I rolled out of the way and made room for her on the
bed. Kasey sat up and started to take her clothes off.
I had to stop her there.

"Woo, woo, woo. You will have to leave them on young
lady." She pouted and then I silently added, ‘at least
for now.’

She lay on her stomach as I begun. I started on her
shoulders. I was surprised at how muscular she was. Of
course I was massaging on top of her Tee shirt. As I
worked my way down her back I came to my first hurdle
of the night. Whether to go under her shirt proceed to
her ass or go to her legs. I went to her legs. Kasey
spread her legs slightly apart and the musk of her hot
pussy hit my senses. Had I crossed the line?

First up her legs then to her thighs, her tap pants
were very loose and I could see through the leg
openings that she wore no panties. Before I crossed the
next hurdle, she spoke.

"Uh, daddy, could you do my back again?" I was saved."
But under my shirt this time."

"Sure honey." Was I nuts? The dreamy sound of her voice
was a little unexpected but when she pulled her shirt
up high on her back, I hesitated. Then figured what the

"Let’s get that top off, Honey." She put her hands over
her head and I lifted the shirt clear and tossed it on
the floor. The smooth alabaster skin of my lovely
daughter lay at my fingertips. Her maroon tap pants had
ridden up and now the lower portions of her ass cheeks
were exposed. My hardening cock was leaking pre-cum as
the head peeked out of my boxers. Here we go.

I started once again on her shoulders; this time around
working my fingers around to the side of her chest,
occasionally touching the smooth side of her tits. When
I got to her ass she was practically thrusting it at
me. I had been sitting beside her on the bed but
decided to change position.

What bought me to this decision?

As I approached my daughter’s ass she spread her legs
very wide. Her hot teenage musk filled the room. I got
up and kneeled between her spread thighs. My hands
gently roamed into the tap pants and kneaded the warm
ass cheeks of my teenage daughter. She moaned as my
hands touched her naked ass and she got up on all
fours. I could not take it anymore and I yank the tap
pants down and exposed my daughter’s virgin pussy to my

She had the perfect ass framing the sweetest looking
little pussy and the cutest little ass hole I had ever
seen. I dove my face right into her pussy and started
lapping away. My tongue dove deep into her pussy as my
nose scrapped against her tiny ass hole. She started
coming almost immediately and I drank down every drop.

After a body wrenching orgasm she collapsed on the bed.
I collapsed on top of her, my face smack into her firm
young ass.

"Wow." Came her whispered reply.

Wow, was right. This time we both rolled over and fall

I awoke to an empty bed. I was now naked and the room
smelt of musk and sex. I heard a splash coming from the
bathroom attached to my bedroom. As I sat up in bed to
recall the expedition that the previous night had
become, I heard my daughter’s voice.

"Good morning sl**py head." She sounded very cheerful.
I found my briefs, put them on and went into the
bathroom. I entered finding my daughter having a bubble
bath. She rose to greet me and the bubbles covered her
rather effectively. We kissed good morning and she sank
back into the tub.

"Join me for a bubble bath, Daddy?" She asked. My mind
was still clouded from the previous night.

"Honey, about last night."

"Last night was wonderful daddy. Thank you so much. Now
join me in the tub." I half smiled at the turn in our
relationship. But first things first, I needed to take
a pee.

"Baby,’ I said, ‘Before anything else I need to use the
toilet." I turned to leave the room and use the
bathroom down the hall, when Kasey protested.

"Daddy, why don’t you use this one?" She asked.

"Honey, I don’t want you to see me going to the

"Daddy, are you embarrassed?"

"Frankly, yes."

"Well I’ll turn my head if you promise to get in the
tub with me."

My daughter could twist me around her finger and in a
few minutes I had climbed into the oversize bathtub to
share a bubble bath with my 13 year old daughter. We
sat at opposite ends of the tub. The relaxing oils and
the bubbles did there magic, when I suddenly felt my
daughters feet weaving in between mine. Till her toes
were rubbing my balls and cock.

My prick began to stiffen and my daughter fidgeted with
her new found power over my anatomy. Eventually she was
once again sitting in my lap as it was. My hands
washing her back and occasionally reaching around and
washing down her nicely formed titties.

Kasey was leaning back against me. After a little
wiggling around she reached between us and took my cock
in her oiled down hand. Then she slid my rock hard
prick between us pointing towards her waist. Then she
settled back against me. She took my hands in hers. She
guided them to her teenage breasts. They were so soft
and smooth. We began this sensuous dance. She would
grind her ass into my cock and balls and I would slowly
massage her firm young breast. What a great way to
start a Saturday morning.

Then my daughter took my right hand and guided it down
her body towards her pussy. My mind said no but my hand
said yes and in a moment I was tickling her clit as she
rode the wave towards another orgasm. God damn, this
girl was a sexual dynamo. Or were all teenage girls
this sexually charged?

She came as my finger started to enter her pussy. She
slumped down into the bubbles.

"That was great, daddy. Are all my orgasm going to be
that good?" She asked.

"If you’re lucky." I replied. She stood up to get out
of the tub. That’s when it occurred to me. I had never
seen my daughter completely naked yet. As she stepped
out of the tub I got a very nice view of her asshole
and pussy. Then she stepped into the shower to rinse
off. I took this moment to hurry down the hall to the
other bathroom and rinse off myself. I was also going
to need a cold shower; she had me really worked up in
the tub.

When I got out of the shower, Kasey was back in her
room getting ready for a day around the pool with her
friends. I did find out something new that day. My
daughter was right about the thong swimsuits being the
style. Four of her girlfriends were over working on
there tans and occasionally splashing in the pool.
Every last one of them was wearing a thong.

My prick nearly burst out of my shorts. There was
teenage ass hanging out all over the place. Some of the
tops were also barely there and one of the girls was
wearing what could only be described as a g-string.
Slaves to fashion, I guess.

At one point in the afternoon I was sitting in the
kitchen reading the paper and enjoying a beer when I
hear the door open behind me. In walk the five of them
looking for something to drink.

"Hi daddy." They paraded around the kitchen taking
every opportunity to show off their asses and firm
young bodies. Finally when they all had a soda in hand
they stood in a line next to the table. It looked like
they were up to something, so I went for the bait.

"Well ladies, it looks like your up to something, what
can I do for you?" They giggled like the school girls
they were, and then Kasey spoke.

"We were wondering, who you think has the nicest swim

"That hard to say, they all look great." I could see
were this was going. "Let me see them individually."
The girls twirled around beside me and showed off there
tight young bodies. Firm asses, lean legs and an
assortment of tits from barely budding to full blown
knockers; the entire episode had me rock hard. Of
course I picked my lovely daughter. The girls giggled
at the outcome and celebrated by running out to the
pool and jumping in. As the last girl was leaving the
kitchen, Susan was her name, she stopped next to me.
Then asked.

"Are you going to join us out in the pool? Everybody
wants you to." I declined but watched as her ass
jiggled as she ran out the door.

That night my daughter and I called out for pizza and
then sat out on the balcony watching the sun set. She
was still wearing the thong. As a short wait she took
my hand and pulled me to my feet.

"Come on daddy."

"Where are we going? It’s still early."

"To bed, silly." I should have seen this coming. But I
had lost all resistance to her charms. As she led me
down the hall to my bedroom my eyes fastened onto her
tight little ass. The thong split her firm cheeks
squarely down the middle as the thin strap disappeared
into her ass crack. We walked into my bedroom then she
turned to me, stood on tip toe and kissed me.

"I’ll be right back." She said and sauntered into the
bathroom. I stripped down to my boxers, dimmed the
lighting in the room, lay back on the bed and awaited
the next progression in my relationship with my
daughter. As I lay there it hit me, could I actually
fuck her? I knew that was probably her plan but could I
actually push my prick into my teenage daughters pussy
and fuck her? What about getting her pregnant? What

The door to the bathroom opened and she stepped out.
The light from the bathroom framed her like a vision.
The thin top she was wearing became invisible in the
backlit scene. I could see her firm breast and erect
nipples, the gentle roundness of her ass and the tight
muscles of her stomach. She switched the light off. I
sat up in the bed.

"Let me look at you, baby." I said. She was a vision.
Slowly my Kasey twirled around till her ass was facing
me. Then she put her hands on her waist and held up the
hem of her night shirt, fully exposing her firm ass.
The only hint of her g-string was the thin ribbon
around her waist were it joined the ribbon tightly
seated between the cheeks of her oh so lovely ass. She
looked over her shoulder, smiled and said.

"Should I have worn the red one, instead?" I hadn’t
even noticed the color of her g-string.

"The blue one looks great." I replied. Then I reached
for her.

" Come here baby." She fell into my arms and we kissed
like long lost lovers.

She tasted like spring and her body was as smooth as a
dip in a summer pool. I placed my hands on her ass as
she ground her hot pussy against my throbbing cock.
Running a finger in between the cheeks of her ass I
began to appreciate how muscular she was. Her ass
cheeks slowly submitted to my digit as I ran a finger
up and down the crack of her ass and dipped into the
gathering juices of my daughter’s pussy. As my finger
caressed her ass hole, a shiver ran through my lover’s
body. Our lips parted as she pressed up with her arms
and looked deeply into my eyes.

"I love you, daddy."

"I love you too baby. But if we are going to become
lover’s tonight, maybe you should start calling me by
my first name." I replied. A smiled came to her face.

"Okay, Dan." She replied. I smiled back. Then she spoke

"Let’s get these clothes off and get down to some
loving." We both laughed. She sat up on my crotch. My
cock pinned beneath her thighs. I could feel the juices
seeping through her pussy onto my exposed cock. Kasey
reached for the hem of her night shirt and pulled it
over her head.

My jaw dropped; she had two of the most perfect breast
I had ever seen. I pulled her to me and took her firm
teenage breast into my mouth. The rock hard nipple
stabbed against my tongue. My lovely daughter moaned as
I suckled first one breast and then the next. The whole
time she was grinding her pussy against my dick. The
smooth satin of her g-string soaking up the juices
flowed from her slit.

Kasey rolled over, pulling me with her. I sat back on
my knees to enjoy the spectacle before. My practically
naked thirteen year old daughter lay before me. Her
body lightly covered in sweat in anticipation of the
sex that was to come. Her breast, firm and tender,
heaved with each breath she took. The strawberry
colored nipples slick with my saliva. And to top it all
off, a blue satin g-string, soaked with her juices, was
the only stitch of clothing she wore. I was speechless.

I placed my hands on her hips.

"Let’s get these off, honey. I want to love every inch
of you." A big smile covered her face as I slipped my
thumbs into the thin ribbon of a waistband to her
panties. Kasey pulled her legs together and in one
smooth movement I slid the g-string down her legs and
pulled them to my nose. Her essence filled me.

I ran my hand crudely down her body; the entire
experience was like a dream. When my hand came to her
white hot pussy, I dragged my thumb across her clit.
She shuddered at the sensation.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Your clit." I replied.

She gathered her thoughts and then sensuously spoke.

"Now I want to see you naked, Dan."

I slid off the bed and turned my back to her. I had
been a championship athlete in high school and college.
Granted, it had been a few years since then but I was
still in pretty good shape. I pushed my boxers down my
legs and turned around. The sight that greeted me was
right out of a porno movie. My dick responded by
growing to full staff.

My daughter lay naked, stretched out on the bed. Her
blond ringlets tousled around her head. Her thighs were
spread wide and the light glistened off the lips of her
wide open pussy. She was fondling her clit with one
hand and pinching a nipple with the other. I had never
been so turned on in my life.

Kasey got up on her hands and knees and crawled towards
me, eyeing my dick the entire time. I walked to the
side of the bed. She opened her mouth wide and reached
for my cock. I slid in between her lips. I almost came
on the spot.

Soon I was on my back on the bed. I twisted my
daughter’s body around till her pussy was on target
with my tongue. I hit a bull’s eye

My cock slid smoothly against her lips. Kasey was
lathering my rock hard prick with her mouth. What she
lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm.
Never had I had a women treat my cock so lovingly. I
needed to return the favor.

I soon found myself on my back in bed. Kasey had swung
her body around and I pulled her into the 69 position,
her crotch only a tongues length away. I delved into
the depths of her love muffin. Her juices poured like a
fountain. Kasey was getting so worked up that I had to
hold her still. I inched a finger into her pussy as she
approached her next orgasm. As her body shuddered once
again I squeaked my index finger into her ass. My
daughter came as I sunk, knuckle deep into her ass
hole. She collapsed on top of me and my cock, plopped
from her mouth. She spoke.

"I have to pee." She whispered. She hopped off the bed
and ran into the bathroom, leaving the door open. A
steady stream of pee, poured from her. I glanced at the
clock next to my bed. We had been at this for almost an
hour. My loving daughter sprung from the bathroom and
landed on me.

"I love you so much, Dan. When you pushed your finger
into my bottom, I just went crazy." A huge smile
covered her face. She lay next to me on the bed, our
bodies’ slick with sweat. My cock was still rock hard,
I cupped her ass and Kasey once again took my prick in
her hand and stared intently at it. Once again she

"My girlfriend, Gina, said she let a boy put his penis
in her bottom once." The thought of her young friend
getting fucked in the ass by some pimple face teenager
went right to my cock and my cock stiffened in my
daughter’s hand.

"You like that idea, huh? Maybe we should try that.
Gina has told us all kind of stories about boys and men
she has been with." She said. Then continued.

"Dan, I want you to make love to me. I want to become a
woman." I knew this was coming.

"Honey, that’s a big step. We need to use some birth
control." Before I could continue she reached into my
night stand and pulled out a condom. We both smiled,
and then she said.

"And maybe later, we can…’ she reached in again and
pulled out a long roll of dozens of rubbers. We both
laughed out loud. In for a penny, in for a pound, I

I rolled over and got out of bed to put on the condom.
Kasey spoke.

"Can I put it on you?"

"Sure, Honey." I climbed back into bed and handed her
the little foil pack. She was stumped by what to do
next. I helped out.

"Tear the foil open with you teeth." She was giddy with
excitement. "Now take out the condom and put it on my
dick." As she held my cock in one hand and rolled the
condom down my shaft my softening hard grew once again.

"How do you want to do this, Dan?" She asked. I had
never been with a virgin so I was not sure what to
expect. I also did not want to freak her out regarding
the bl**d. I had been with quite a few women in my day
so I knew that the so called cow girl position was very
enjoyable and easy on an inexperienced young woman.

"Kasey for your first time making love I want it to be
special. I’m going to lie on my back and you’re going
to sit on me. That way you can control how much you
take and how fast."

"I love you Daddy." She hugged me close and kissed me.
"Let’s do it."

I lay back. My virgin daughter positioned herself over
my prick. I held it steady with one hand and steadied
her by the hip with the other. Kasey watched intently
as my cock approached her pussy. My dick head touched
against her aroused pussy lips. I watched as goose
bumps ran up her arm. I nudged my cock head slowly into
the entrance of her pussy; it was going to be a tight
fit. I put my thumb on her clit and gently massaged her
nubbin. This relaxed her a bit and slowly she took more
of me.

The she slowly pressed against me and drew my cock out
of her depths. Till just the head was left in, then
back down, taking more of me, Till at last we struck
her maidenhood. I was using both thumbs by now and her
juices were once again flowing.

"Here goes." She said. Pushing down my cock slid
through her hymen and she sunk all the way down the
length of my dick. Her mouth opened wide as she gasps
for air. I spoke.

"Are you all right, Baby?" She was quiet for a moment.
Then pressed against me and we both stared at the union
of our two bodies. There was surprising little evidence
of any bl**d. She sank back down on me.

"Now I’m a woman?" She hesitantly asked.

"You’ve always been a woman in my eyes," I replied.

"Oh Daddy." That smile returned to her face and she
resumed the up and down that we could call fucking. Now
we both became part of the experience. Kasey was past
the nervousness of losing her virginity and began to
enjoy fucking. Me, I had never been in a pussy that
felt so warm and tight. I knew I would not last long
inside her.

Kasey began to really, really enjoy fucking. She had
her hands on my chest and was pushing against me as we
fucked were firm young tits swayed against my chest.
Her juices were once again flowing freely. When
suddenly I saw her body stiffen as she approached
another orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on me and I came
like a firecracker. The condom did its work and
contained the entire load. Kasey slumped over next to
me on the bed. I looked at the clock; we had been at
this for a few hours.

After a few minutes she rolled over and kissed me.

"Let’s take a shower together." She pulled me to my
feet and led me by the cock into the bathroom. She blew
me in the shower after we cleaned ourselves up.

We both slept well that night.

The next morning I woke up spooning with my daughter;
my morning hard on, pressed firmly between the cheeks
of her ass. I rolled out of bed and went to the
bathroom. When I came back to bed she was awake. We
talked and kissed then walked naked to the kitchen for
some coffee. I was getting use to this.

Kasey flirted with me as we started our day. Sunday
breakfast culminated with oral sex on the kitchen
floor. What a way to start the day. Afterwards I
insisted on separate showers, otherwise we would still
be having sex. The next week was like being a newly
wed. My daughter wanted sex all the time. That week we
made an appointment to get her birth control.

She was on summer break, me I had to go to work. She
soon found someone to further her sexual curiosity
while I was away, her girlfriend Gina.

Gina was the neighborhood tomboy when she was growing
up. She had filled out nicely as a teenager. She was
Italian, of course and had the olive complexion and
long black hair of any beautiful young woman. Gina had
matured earlier then Kasey’s other friends. She already
had the shapely legs and ass of a real knockout. But
her tits where large for such a young girl. Maybe they
were only 34B’s. On a girl of thirteen or f******n they
looked huge and she did like to show them off. One day
in particular things progressed to another level.

Kasey and I had been having sex for about a month now.
She was a very eager sexual partner and I was a more
then willing teacher. From time to time my daughter
would relay stories of Gina’s sexual high-jinx. These
included: anal sex, multiple partners, lesbianism and
various toys. It sounded like the only thing Gina had
not tried was sex with an a****l but maybe she had just
not told her girlfriends about that. I wondered after
awhile if Gina’s stories were all bullshit or not. I
would soon find out.

It was a Saturday in late July. Kasey got her chores
done early and was out on one of our balconies catching
some rays. Gina was coming over to join her. I was in
the kitchen making a sandwich when a knock came to the
backdoor. It was Gina. I let her in and we made small
talk. I had not really taken notice of Gina lately but
today she was wearing a special outfit.

Basically what she was wearing would have been
perfectly at home in any gym class in the country. But
Gina had made some alterations that made the outfit
more appropriate for a strip joint. She had started
with a gray t-shirt and a pair of black gym shorts,
nothing special there. But she had cut the shirt off,
so it hung from her very firm tits and fully exposed
her muscled mid-riff. The black gym shorts were
something else too. They sat low on her hips and well
below her belly button. I can’t imagine she walked over
here in that outfit, but who can tell.

"That’s quite an outfit you’ve got there Gina." She
spun around giving me the full effect.

"Thanks." She coyly said. By the way she was acting I
knew there was something on her mind.

"What’s the matter Gina, got something on your mind?" I

"Well sort off." She replied. She reached into her
purse and handed me a video tape. "This is a project
for school. Would you look at it and tell me what you

I agreed and she turned and ran up stairs to be with my
daughter. I took my coffee and went into the living
room to watch the tape. I was expecting some stupid
play or something, but a school project in the middle
of the summer. I was intrigued. The tape had a label
that had a date on it from last spring. I fired up the
big screen TV and pushed play on the VCR. The first
shot was of a smiling Gina.

Some modern music play in the background, it was too
loud. Gina said hello and then stepped back from the
camera. As she turned and walked away from the camera
it was obvious she was naked. The camera followed her
as she walked through a large house. She walked pass
the living room and turned to see what was going on. On
the coach a girl who looked like a younger version of
Gina was sitting on a guys lap and fucking him. Of
course they were both naked. The tour of the house

Upstairs the bedrooms were filled with various couples
fucking. In one bedroom a woman, perhaps my age, was
getting solidly fucked by a boy perhaps sixteen or
fifteen. Gina led the camera to another bedroom. In
this room a naked teenage boy was standing looking out
the window. He turned. I recognized as one of the boys
from my daughter’s school. As he turned, his very large
phallus swung into view. The boy was maybe 15 or 16 and
had a slab of meat hanging half way to his knees. Gina
walked over and they started to make out.

After a few minutes she was jacking the boy off as they
kissed. Then she knelt at his feet and tried to blow
him. The girl was one thorough cock sucker. They moved
over to the bed and 69’d. They he tried to fuck her.
That monster between his legs was just too much for
her. She grimaced each time he tried to thrust in deep.
Eventually he laid there as she blew him and swallowed
his entire load. The camera man moved onto another room
and I stopped the tape.

I snapped back to where I was. My daughter’s best
friend had just asked me watch a sex video of her, and
it was really hot. I pushed stop and removed the tape
from the VCR. Gina was obviously game for some action.
But how would I handle my daughter. More importantly,
did I want to get involved with having sex with two
teenage girls.

I went upstairs to see what Gina’s intentions were.

I found the girls out on our second floor balcony. As I
stepped onto the balcony I caught my first glance of
the two of them. They were both naked. Kasey was on her
back with her face planted at Gina’s crotch. Gina was
on top of my daughter, driving her tongue deeply into
my daughter’s vaginal depths. They paid no notice of my
entering the balcony.

I cleared my throat. Gina looked up from between my
daughters thighs. Kasey spoke first."Well join us
already, Daddy. We got tired of waiting and started
without you." Gina smiled broadly, her face slick with
my daughter’s juices. I was naked in moments.

The girls still lay as they were. I got down on my
knees and Gina pulled me by my cock, she took me into
her mouth. After a few slurps she moved out off of my
daughter and positioned my cock at the entrance to
Kasey’s pussy, I slid right in. Soon we were humping
away like the lovers we had become. Gina was beside us,
kissing, caressing and whispering filthy, sexy secrets
into my ear. One of them jumped out at me. She
whispered as my daughter grunted beneath me.

"She wants you to fuck her in the ass." Then followed
that with,

"She really needs you to fuck her asshole." My cock
grew another inch as the thought. I looked at Gina. A
devious grin covered her face. I looked to my daughter.
Her angelic face was contorted in a sexual frenzy.

"Oh daddy, Oh Daddy." She kept repeating. Gina
whispered into Kasey’s ear and a big smile came to her

"Oh, yeah! Let’s try that" She yells. Then looking me
in the eyes she sweetly said as I drove my cock into
the depths of her tight pussy, she said.

"Dan, will you fuck me in the ass? I really want to try
it, really bad."

"Are you sure, Baby?" I asked. My cock slid out of her
pussy. Gina positioned Kasey’s legs on my shoulders and
guided my cock to my daughter’s rectum as we spoke.

"I’m sure Daddy." Her body was slick with her body
fluids. Gina held my cock against Kasey’s asshole as I
slowly pushed. When suddenly, as I bent my sexy
daughter into a perfect ass-fucking position, Kasey
farted and my cock head slipped in. Her eyes opened
wide as the anal invader surged forward. I then slowly
pulled out then slowly pushed back in. Driving more and
more of my length into my daughter’s sphincter. She
groaned in orgasm as my balls slapped against her ass
cheeks. Then we really started some ass fucking.

She was so tight. Her ass felt like it might pull my
cock out by its root each time I pulled back only to
slide back in. Kasey’s body was covered in sweat and
our bodies slipped against one another. Gina was taking
turns kissing and massaging our bodies. As she pushed a
finger into my own asshole, my body shook in orgasm as
I shoot a copious load deep into my daughter’s bowels.
She came at almost the same time. Gina was fingering
her clit now and soon came as a body shaking orgasm
raced through her body.

As I rolled off of my daughter my still hard cock slid
from her gaping rectum. Gina leaned over and took my
cock into her mouth. The same cock that had just so
thoroughly fucked my daughters asshole. She squeezed
the last few drops of my load out of my balls.

The three of us lay back on the floor of the balcony
recovering our senses; my limp dick dribbling cum onto
the floor. My daughter lay on her stomach to my left;
arms and legs limp at her side. Her still gaping
asshole, wide open to my further sexual inclinations.
And Gina, her body flush with sexual energy, licked the
remainder of my spent load from her lips. She was far
from done with me or my daughter, today.

Gina crawled over towards me, shaking Kasey from her
euphoria as she approached me. My daughter approached
on the right and Gina on the left. They went to work
sucking on my cock together.

It was going to be a great summer.


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