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Wife's third gang-bang

I thought it was time I added the next story to the previous two I've posted. Those were Sept 6 2011, and Oct 15. Just been so busy over Christmas. We have our own business and Christmas is normally very hectic, but this year was mega! We were anticipating a quieter time given the economic situation, so must not complain.

Emily's third gang-bang was just 6 days after the second. We were still on holiday and had decided we would definitely go back to the scene of the second gang-bang on the following day. As it turned out we did not need to!

We had visited a stately home during the day and were returning to our rented cottage. We stopped at some lights in a small town, and suddenly the rear door opened and Matt got in!

He slapped my shoulder and called, "Great t' see you again mate!" Then he reached over and groped Emily's left tit! "And you darlin'! ... Been thinkin' 'bout that 'ole of yours all week!" My wife gasped out loud. I knew that she found the sheer crude treatment a turn on. It was not something she would want all the time, but now and again she found it incredibly exciting!

Matt directed us to where he lived, an old cottage on a country lane. He ushered us inside where he flopped into a tatty old armchair. He pointed at his groin. "Right darlin'! Fish it out and get suckin'!" Emily dropped to her knees and with shaking fingers unzipped him and took out that thick, menacing-looking cock of his! Matt reached over and pushed her face down to it!

It was obvious she was not used to this sort of treatment, and she nearly gagged on the thing, but managed to avoid that and get herself into a more comfortable position! He bobbed her head up and down on his pole, the thing filling her mouth to capacity! Then he released her to take out his mobile phone. Soon he was saying, "How's it goin' Kenny? ... Remember me tellin' you 'bout that tasty little slut me, Geoff, an' Dave shagged senseless! ... Well it's got my cock down its throat right now! ... So get over 'ere an' get your cock into it!"

Then he rang another man called Ron, and repeated the message!

Emily was doing much better on her sucking by now, and I was surprised at how well she was managing! "Treat for you t'day mate!" Matt called to me. "Kenny will be puttin' over nine inches up inside your little slut! ... Bet that makes her yell!"

He was definitely right there! We had more of those mind-blowing orgasms as Ron and then Kenny took turns fucking my wife from the rear as she sucked on Matt's cock! Watching Kenny's long pole sliding in-and-out while she sucked frantically on Matt's thick meat was just sensational! "Great spit-roast hey mate!" Matt called just as Kenny emptied his balls into Emily!

Matt now grabbed her head and literally fucked her mouth! "That's it! ... That's it!" he yelled. When he came she only just managed to avoid gagging! He stood up and gripped her chin. "Gulp it right down!" he yelled. "Swallow the fuckin' lot!"

As he stood over her, letting his last few drops of spunk splash onto her face, young Ron, a lad of about 18, moved in with a thumping erection, probably about 10 minutes after he had shot his first load up inside her! This, along with Kenny's load, was running out of her as he began fucking her mouth! His second ejaculation followed about five minutes later, nothing like as copious as his first, and Emily gulped it down very easily!

As we left Matt called, "Get it 'ome an' get your cock in there before all the spunk's run out mate!"

She was still incredibly wet inside when I fucked her about twenty minutes later! But the big surprise came during the night! I woke from a deep sl**p to find Emily had my cock in her mouth! I was rock hard in seconds! She said that if she was going to get gang-banged more often she had better get more proficient at oral sex! Then she sucked away and swallowed every drop of my spunk!

It was about three months before her fourth gang-bang, and she practised her cock-sucking on me almost daily! (Poor bloke do I hear you say? ... Well someone has to do it!)

She was soon very proficient. She was easily taking my full length inside! I was regularly slapping my balls against her chin when shooting my load down her throat! And there was no hint of gagging!

Then we set about arranging another gang-bang. "I need to try bigger cocks." she said quite casually. How she got on I'll tell you in my next post.

Manchester, England

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