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My College Crazies

I was studying at Boston College one time (before I went back to Jersey), and I was doing good in classes, English, Math, Psych, the whole nine. One woman named Erica, asked me in my Math class "Hey can you help me, with my homework." i replied, "sure, I dont have class after so why dont u come with me to the dorm, Im alone." So after class she went with me to the dorm, and we studied.

While we were studying, she asked me, "Have u had sex with a white girl before." Considering the fact that Im Latino, my answer, "No." So she decided to show me and we started making out in my bed, she took my shirt off and licked my chest, then I decided to undress her, to her sky blue bra, and I took it off and licked her juicy tits. Then she took my pants off and she said to me, "I never seen a latin dick before," I guess not not judging how well she sucked it, I was heavily breathing and I think that this would be a sweet ass study session. Then I took off her pants with her matching panties, and I took it off, to see that sweet pussy, she threw me down, to let me lick it, I was licking it, and she was heavily breathing passionately and I reached my finger to her mouth and she sucked it, knowing for a fact that she wanted me. I told Erica, "why dont u get on top of me." She of course said yeah, cause she said she want to ride that "latin dick". So she went on top of me, and rode it and she started to moan with passion and she rode me like a merry-go-round. Then we were sideways and continued fucking, she kept moaning "yes baby fuck me there." I was fucking her harder and harder, until I told her that I was about to cum, and she told me, "I want u to cum all over my face." I did and I squirted my cum all over her face. I told Erica, "This is has got to be the greatest study session ever." She laughed and said, "yeah." This was not one crazy moment I had while I was upnorth.

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