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Indian Mom

I dont know how many of you love i****t or have tried it out..but for those who have had a chance to try it out..i should say its awesome..its the best thing you could do on earth before you could hit the grave.So here is my one time true experience with my mom...

My mom is one of those typical Indian women who always d****d themselves in the traditional saree and there is nothing better an Indian woman can wear.My mom was the average kind of woman..not too fat but not on the skinny side either.Her breasts were of 38D nice wide hips and long legs.Her wheatish skin was always a complement to her beauty along with her shoulder length straight black hair.She always wore that low cut blouses revealing her smooth skin at her back and her sarees were worn so low,below the belly button that much of her midriff was exposed from behind.Every man who came home or saw her on the street used to stare at her which somehow turned me on.Well though being Indian my mom was not on the traditional conservative side as a typical Indian would be.Born in the upper class f****y she had studied in London until she returned to India after her studies and then married the man my grandfather has chosen.

It so happened that on one Saturday night we had gone for a party at the Club and was returning home.I was just 18 and my mom at that time was in her early 40's.Still maintaining her figure she was absolutely beautiful and sexy that night.D****d in her transparent black satin saree,the blouse that she wore was sleeveless and so low cut that i could almost see her cleavage through her saree.way down her saree just clung to the line below her belly exposing her juicy navel and her midriff..and to complete it all her 6 inch heels,gold anklets,a couple of bangles and a shiny diamond necklace.This was too much for me and i was having a tremendous hardon right from the time of the party.

The party was over by just before midnight and we were returning home and i was driving as my dad was out on a overseas trip.I suddenly felt the urge to take a leak and so i pulled over the Merc on the side of the highway and got off to relieve myself when i was almost done i turned to see my mom staring at me through the rear view mirror trying to catch a glimpse of my cock i assume.This was enough for me and i got a instant hardon again.

Driving bake home i was too confused about my mom..i wanted to fuck her then and there but i was totally scared thinking of the consequences.After much of thinkin i decided that today would be the night that i would fulfill my eveil desires.

The moment i locked locked the front door of our house the devil got into me,my mom was just a few steps in front of me and i reached out and placed my hand on her shoulder,she turned around and i didnt waste any time i pulled her towards me and kissed her on her lips expecting her to pull away and slap me on the face.But i was totally shocked with the events that happened next.

My mom said "I knew you wanted to do this to me,lets go to the bedroom and its safe since dad is not here".I almost stammered.."Ok mom" and walked behind her to the master bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom i then realized that the devil had got into my mom also and not only me..She pulled me towards her and kissed me on the first gently and then frantically as our to tongues entwined and probing deep into each others mouth.

She then pulled away and said "Sonny its time to get naked for you mom" and she then placed her hand on my belt buckle and began to undo it../i then helped her by removing my pant and my shirt and when it was time to remove my jockey bikini's she asked me to stop,she sat at the edge of the bed and asked me to move over to her.

I was totally naked except for my jockeys,she then placed her hands on the waist band of my jockeys and slowly puled them down to reveal my 7 inch cock that was standing like a cobra from my black tatch of pubic hair."Mmmmm" she said "you are so big and hard" and immediately took me in her mouth.I could see her lipstick smearing my cock as it sank all the way down her mouth and touched the entrance of her throat.She began bobbing her head up and down on my cock and i was not able to hold myself any more..i came in her mouth and she swallowed my cum eagerly and sucked my cock deeper into her until i was done.She then slowly drew her head back all the way and my cock popped out of her mouth."Oh sonny ur gone small,dont you want to help mommy further??" she asked.

She then lay down on the bed still in her saree and heels, i quickly lay down next to her and began kissing her on the lips while she reached down and stroked my flaccid cock,in minutes my cock was ready as a rocket again.

Mom then removed the saree from her shoulder and began unhooking her blouse,once the front of her blouse was open i didnt want to wait anymore.I quickly yanked up her lacy black bra to see those huge jugs.Her breasts were large enough that both my hands were on one.Her nipples were an inch long poking out from her aureola's that were about two inched in diameter.I began sucking and biting her breasts and mom began moaning and holding my head,pressing my face on her mammoth breasts.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking a mom pushed me off and sat up on the bed.I quickly stood up and straddled her face giving her mouth my erect cock once again and she sucked away in frenzy.

After a few mins when she realized that i would come any minute she pulled out and said "Time to fuck mommy in her hole" and then lay down once again and she began to hike her saree until it was above her waist.

She then said "go ahead baby pull down mommas panties and take a look at her treasure" I quickly dived down and pulled down her panties to expose her cunt.I was mesmerized to see her pussy,it was hidden beneath the thick tatch of her black pubic hair.I quickly began probing her cunt and my fingers found the much wanted hole i was looking for.Hy mom gasped and closed her eyes ad i began to lick her down there for a few mins.

She then yanked me upward i lay on top of her.She kissed me on my forehead and then said "come baby , be mommas forever" and reached down and grasped my cock and placed it at the entrance of her wet cunt "Push in she said" and i did as she told "I love you so much, Honey. You are the best son that a mother could have." She said fiercely.

"I love you, Mom, I love you." I said.

I then slowly pushed into her and She moaned, "I love your cock, baby, it's so big, so sexy, so erotic - I can't believe that I had a part in making this beautiful dick."

My thrusts were hard and violent, and only by guiding my cock with her own hand to her slippery wet slit; was she able to get me on target. I thrust with all the f***e and inexperience of a virgin boy taking his first ride. She was so wet that I slipped in with ease but, stretched her to the limit and sank deeper than mom could ever have managed. She felt filled to bursting, and wept in pain and pleasure as I began to fuck her. My hands holding onto her buttock, nails clawing at her firm ass, as he panted and humped to a quick and very big eruption.

My boiling seed just squirted and squirted in hot gushes that made moms pussy spasm and shudder as she also came.

To moms surprise and joy, I remained hard and soon resumed my humping of her overflowing cum filled cunt with hard thrusts accompanied by a squishing sound and cum oozing down her ass and over my balls. The pumping soon brought us to yet another orgasm.

I then lay panting on her, holding her as we both savored the pleasure we both felt.

"Mama?" I asked softly still on her but my breathing more relaxed now.

"Yes sonny?" She whispered softly holding me gently "I love you Mama. I love you so much my heart hurts" I softly said.

"I know. I love you too sonny." Mom answered kissing me gently on the lips.

From that no night onwards,me and my mom became lovers.

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