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This all started with me thinking outloud. I was in the kitchen drinking a soda when my eighteen year old s****r, Tracy, walked in. Tracy had on a tight pair of shorts and a loose tee shirt. She opened the door on the refrigerator, and bent down to pull out a bottle of water. This gave me a perfect view.

"Nice ass!" I said this out loud, but I was just thinking it.

Tracy turned her head at me, and smiled. "Thanks, b*o."

Being two years older than Tracy didn't help me much. I felt like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I gulped down the soda and left her smiling at my red face.

For the next few days I noticed Tracy acting a little strange. I would be watching the T.V., and Tracy would walk right in front of me, bend down and pick something up. She seemed to pose on the stairs when I was behind her, or if I was sitting down, she would brush up against me.

One night when our parents were out shopping, Tracy lay down on the couch, where I sat watching a rerun on T.V., and placed her feet on my lap. I knew something was up, and thought I'd let it play out. I acted like everything was normal, paying no attention to Tracy.

"Phil, this old movie is boring." Tracy spoke in a very low voice.

I didn't respond, playing it cool. Tracy moved her feet to my crouch, and started to rub my growing erection. I put my hands on her legs and lightly rubbed her thighs. This caused her to rub my crouch even harder. Tracy grabbed my right hand, and pulled it to her bare stomach, then pushed my fingers just under the top of her shorts. I could feel skin, she wasn't wearing panties. I slowly moved my hand to her warm mound, slipping my middle finger into the wet slit. Tracy moaned as I found her clit, and slowly started to finger her. Tracy was no longer rubbing my crouch, but was now moaning, and squirming under my now deeply buried finger in her cunt.

I was intent at getting my s****r to cum, and paid no attention to the time. Tracy finally gave a series of jerks, and held my hand tight to her cunt, and with a tortured gasp, she came, flooding my hand, and spotting her shorts.

Just in time, as we heard the garage door going up. Our parents were home. Tracy pulled my hand out of her pants, and ran upstairs. I jumped up and ran to the sink to wash my hands. Mom walked in first, and said to give my dad a hand with the groceries. I finished washing, when my mom asked where Tracy was. I said I wasn't sure, but I thought upstairs. Mom just nodded, and I went out to help dad.

I was wanted to keep it slow so we would not raise our parents suspicions up, but Tracy was coming on to me more than ever. Every time we were alone for a few minutes, she was rubbing my crouch or would grab my hand, and put it on her tit. Our parents were going out to dinner with friends Friday night, and Tracy and I could have a little fun. Tracy came in my room just before dinner Thursday, and holding me close, whispered in my ear.

"Phil, Get some condoms, we'll need them."

I was late at the dinner table; I said I had some business to take care of. I really just had to relieve myself. I couldn't walk in on our parents with a hard on, could I?

After dinner, I said I was going out. I headed to our local d**g store, and checked out the condom's. I picked up a five pack, then another, along with a tube of lube. You never have too many, I thought. I scoped out the cashier, and saw an older man working the counter. I got in line, and just as it was my turn, a girl in her mid twenties took over for him. I put the condoms on the counter, and paid her. As she was handing me the bag, she hesitated, and looking me in the eye's, said, "Good luck." I said thanks and left.

Friday, as our parents were getting ready to leave, Tracy and I paid little attention to each other so as not to raise any suspicion. Mom was a little concerned, and kept asking if we would be alright. I kept reassuring her that we're both old enough to take care of our self's. Finally our parents left. Tracy and I waited for the garage door to close before we started anything. After a full minute, that seemed more like an hour, we ran upstairs to my room, laughing and teasing all the way.

Once in my room, with the door closed, we took all our clothes off in a flash. Tracy was in full bloom, a perfect little body; I was hard and more than ready to ravish her. We jumped on the bed, and Tracy asked me to be gentle with her.

"Are you a virgin little girl? " I asked with a smile.

"Not really." Tracy smiled back at me.

"Well... either you are or you aren't, which one?"

"Don't worry Phil, I used a dildo and my hymen is broken, so there won't be any mess."

I picked up a condom package and Tracy grabbed it away from me. She tore it open, and told me to lie down. She unrolled the condom over the head of my cock and stopped.

"Honey, we're going to need the whole thing rolled out." I teased.

Tracy laughed, then put my cock into her mouth, and bobbed up and down until the condom was rolled down to the base of my shaft.

"WOW! Where the hell did you learn that?

Tracy just rolled on her back, and spread her perfect legs apart. I got between her legs, and bent down to lick that tasty mound before entering with my now throbbing rod. My s****r pushed her cunt into my face and I was lapping at her sweet juices for only a few minutes before she had an orgasm. I felt her body tense up, then she pumped that cunt into my face, while holding my head tight into her crouch.

While Tracy was still panting from her climax, I entered her, no lube needed. I was in to the hilt, a good seven inches, buried inside her. Tracy moaned a little, but was thrusting hard against me. I was pumping hard just to keep up with her. I thought about her, be gentle with me, plea, and let out a chuckle. Tracy was definitely fucking me; I was just going for the ride. She had two more, smaller orgasms before I could no longer hold back. With a loud grunt I blew a load of cum into the rubber. Tracy hit her climax just as I came. She was milking my cock, with long, fast strokes, even as I went limp. Somewhere along the way she had managed to peel off the condom, and it was stuck deep in her cunt when I pulled out. I reached down, and pulled it out, relived to see most of my sperm still in or on it.

I told Tracy to go into the bathroom and pee, then to do a water douche. Tracy finally got up after a little prodding from me. I followed her into the bathroom, washed myself in the sink, and watched as my s****r cleaned up. We both said it was fun, and Tracy wanted too.

We went back to my room, and used up three more condoms before hearing noises downstairs. Damn, we lost track of the time, our parents were home. Tracy ran to her room, then to the bathroom. Shit! I had a mess to clean up, and I couldn't even flush the last rubber we had used down the toilet. I hid everything, and jumped into bed.

My mom knocked on my door, then, slowly opened it. "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah mom. I was just about to fall asl**p."

Mom did a slow look around before saying goodnight, and closing the door. I wondered what she was looking for. Dad grumbled about Tracy always being in the bathroom when he has to go. Mom told him to use the one downstairs. I heard my parents shut their bedroom door, and then Tracy finished in the bathroom, finally came out, and went into her room. I lay awake for an hour running the events of the night threw my mind. I knew this was just the beginning, and wondered what was going to happen next.

Saturday Tracy was all giggles, and just a little too happy. I was half watching T.V., when Tracy made a motion for me to go to my room. I got up, and went upstairs, trying to draw as little attention as possible. Tracy came up a few minutes later. She walked in my room, leaving the door opened.

"Guess what, stud, I told mom I wanted to make a doctors appointment so I could go on the pill. We'll be able to do it the right way."

I said that was great, and asked her what mom said about her request. She said mom wanted to know if she was sexually active, and Tracy told her that at eighteen she was old enough to be prepared for sex just in case. Mom made a frown at her, but said she would set up an appointment. Tracy rubbed the bulge in my pants, and then kissed me on the lips before leaving, and going downstairs. Later that night Tracy gave me a great blow job, while our parents were visiting the neighbors.

Two days later, Tracy told me that she had told her best friend, Beth, all about us. I asked if she was crazy, but Tracy said it was cool. Beth was just as horny as her, and wanted me to fuck her. I knew Beth was eighteen, and nice looking, even if a little skinny. Beth's parents were going out of town, in two weeks, for a whole week, and Tracy promised to set something up. Tracy had a plan. She would tell mom she was staying with Beth overnight, this was not unusual as she had done this several times before. I was to have an overnight date that same night. Tracy would ask me to drop her at Beth's, on the way to my date.

"Where are you going to be when I'm having sex with Beth? I asked.

"Don't be silly stud, I'm going to be sitting there watching you two, and maybe taking notes."

Somehow I found this kinky idea very hot. I agreed, and we set it up for the first Friday night that Beth's parents would be gone. Tracy and I had managed to have sex almost every time our parents were out of the house for more than twenty minutes. This was great, until I was out of condoms.

I went to the same d**gstore to get more condoms, buying a box of twenty five this time. The same girl was at the counter when I checked out. She gave me a big smile, and handed back my change, and said, "I guess you did get lucky." I just shrugged my shoulders as she was putting my purchase in a bag. She tore off the receipt, and wrote something on the back before handing it to me. She said, "Thanks, and enjoy."

I was in my car before looking at what she had written on my receipt. Turning it over it read: Taylor Evans, a phone number, and, I get off work at 7 pm, m-f.

I was now getting in over my head in sex. I went home, and told my s****r what had happened. She said it was great. She wanted to stay off getting fucked until after her doctor's appointment next week, and told me a date with this girl would make our parents believe I was with her instead of Beth, when our plan was used. Made sense to me, I guess.

I called Taylor later that night. She sounded sweet over the phone. I made a date for the next night. Taylor gave me her address, and we were set.

When I got to Taylor's house she was at the door before I got out of the car. She asked if I liked pizza. I said sure, and she replied that she knew a great place to go. We drove several miles, I followed her directions, and we ended up at a small restaurant. Before we got out of the car, Taylor handed me a small zip bag. It had several small white pills in it. I told her I don't do d**gs.

"Don't worry. These will only help to keep you up for when I get you back home. Their for sexual endurance, if you try one you'll see what I mean."

I took the bag, and removed one pill. As soon as I got some water I swallowed the small pill. Taylor said it would take a short time until I felt it working. We small talked over pizza, and sodas for an hour, then headed back to her place. I was getting very aroused by this time, and quickly made it back to the house. Taylor invited me inside, and we wasted little time, kissing, and groping each other, before the front door was closed. Taylor led me to her bedroom, and we stripped quickly, falling on the bed.

"Don't worry about condoms love, I'm on the pill."

Taylor was around twenty five, like I said before, and her body was much more developed than my s****rs. Taylor had a real rack, much more than a mouthful, no matter how hard I tried. She had a bald muff, and I needed to plow my cock in it now. I applied a dab of lube to my throbbing shaft and went for the gold. First thrust found home, and I pumped away. Taylor came so much; she had to use a towel to dry her cunt several times. I was like a superman, Taylor's moans sounded like cheers to me. I finally shot a load of cum deep in to her tunnel, but I stayed hard.

Taylor and I fucked until it was getting light outside. She even tried to blow me a couple of times, but I just stayed hard. I couldn't cum anymore, and I was only about half erect now. Next time, just half a pill, I made a note to myself. Taylor stayed in bed while I showered, then left to go home, and sl**p.

I must have been sl**ping for a couple of hours when Tracy came bounding into my room. "How'd it go b*****r? You've got to tell me everything, don't leave out a thing. Mom's next door talking with the neighbor, hurry up before she gets back."

I knew it was no use trying to sl**p, so I told my s****r about the pills, and staying hard all night. I told her I made Taylor's pussy sore; "She's probably going to be walking a little funny today." I k**ded.

"Damn b*****r! Make sure you have some left for Beth's big night. I'd like to see you screw her little ass raw."

Tracy saw the doctor the next day. The doctor said Tracy was old enough to have an examination without mom being there, if she wanted. Tracy told mom she wanted to be on her own for this, so mom stayed in the waiting room until Tracy was done. The doctor told my s****r that he knew she had been sexually active recently, and hoped she had used some protection. Tracy said she had, and the doctor was pleased to tell her he could find no reason for her not to go on the pill. He told her to wait a month before having unprotected intercourse. Tracy said she had a party coming up, and that might be a problem. The doctor told her to be careful, or miss the party.

Tracy told mom everything was fine, and they headed to the d**gstore to get the prescription filled. Tracy knew that Taylor would be there, and made it a point to talk with her. Mom now knew that Taylor was dating me. I thought this was good, very good. Mom now knew I was dating, and maybe it would take some suspicion away from Tracy, and me.

I was having sex with Tracy almost every day. I went to the d**g store to buy more condoms. Taylor was at the checkout, and I knew she wanted to talk "Well Phil, I know you don't use these on me, so who's the lucky girl?"

I stammered around, finally saying I wasn't serious with anyone yet, but I still had some friends that I dated."

Taylor laughed. "It's ok, I don't want an exclusive on you, but save a little for me. How's that pill supply holding out, do you need some more?"

"No I'm fine, but thanks. Hey maybe we could get together again next week." She said sure thing, and I left the store.

Friday arrived, and Tracy was acting a little weird, like a little k** getting a puppy. Mom was a little edgy about my s****r's behavior, and even dad noticed it. I pulled Tracy to a corner, and told her to calm down or the whole deal is off. It worked. Tracy said something about a sugar overload, and my parents seem to buy it.

Tracy told them I would drop her off at Beth's, on the way to my date. Mom seemed a little concerned, and offered to drive Tracy, but I said it wouldn't be a problem. We got into my car, and headed over to Beth's house. Tracy was talking so fast I had to tell her to slow down.

"Did you take the pill stud?" She shouted.

"Yes, well, half a pill. I don't think Beth is ready for a whole one yet." This got Tracy giggling, and making jokes about Beth passing out or something.

I pulled into the driveway at Beth's house, where she was at the door waiting for us. We walked in, and Beth was kissing me, and frenching me, as she guided me up the stairs. We went straight to her bed room, where she stripped, then helped me. Tracy was sitting on a chair that had a full side view of the bed, applauding as we stripped. Beth pulled me down, and on top of her, spreading her legs wide. Tracy handed me a condom, and a tube of lube. Beth rolled the condom on me, and I applied the lube directly to her slit, producing little moans from her.

"I pushed in, and was rewarded with a hot, sucking feeling on my shaft. Beth was hot, and I knew she wanted fucked hard. I pounded her ass, driving my rod full in and bringing it out until just the head was in her, then pounding it in until it bottomed out. Beth took my pounding, and gave back just as hard. I thought her skinny little ass would break, but she kept up stroke for stroke.

Beth was having a series of small orgasms, each one getting more intense. I found her g spot, and making slow little motions, teasing her until she started to convulse in ecstasy, and finished by shooting a load of cum in the condom, as I pounded her ass to the climax's end.

Beth lay there glowing, when my s****r, now completely nude, got on the bed. "My turn." She said.

Tracy pulled off my used condom, put it in a trash bag, and popped the slimly cock in her mouth, sucking it clean, and getting it hard. Track put a fresh condom on me, and wanting fucked from behind, got on all fours. I had fucked my s****r enough time to know what she liked. Tracy liked to have her clit licked before doing it doggie, and I liked to lick her slit in this position, because she would always end up fucking my face. As I tongue fucked my s****r, I could hear her, and Beth deep kissing. This was a really big turn on. Beth was sucking on Tracy's tits when Tracy started to fuck my face with a passion. My s****r was rubbing her clit from my chin to my nose. I kept working my tongue, and licked her anus more than once. This was all driving her wild. With a flurry of moans, Tracy flooded my face with her juices, more than ever before.

We lay in bed, panting, and moaning for a few minutes before I could mount my s****r from behind. As I entered her cunt, Beth moved to the head of the bed, in front of my s****r's face, and spread her legs. Tracy started to lap Beth's cunt, as I pumped her twat hard. Both girls were moaning, and I was getting close too. Beth let out a grunt, Tracy gave a loud moan as she came, and I blew a load that overfilled my condom.

We rested awhile, I asked the girls how long had they been playing with each other. Tracy said that they had both lost their virginity on the same night. Beth had found her mom's dildo, and they used it on each other. I thought that was pretty cool, and told them so. I grabbed my pants, and found the other half of the pill, and swallowed it. The rest of the night we rutted like wild a****ls. The girls put on a good show for me as they did a sixty nine, and I stayed hard enough to please any desire they had. We fell asl**p the next morning, and that was only because I was out of condoms.

We woke up around noon, and showered, with the girls taking turns sucking my dick, seeing which one would get me off. Beth won, and did a fine job of swallowing every drop. Tracy said she was going to stay over Beth's a couple of days more, and I could drop by anytime, just bring more condoms. I said I would be back again for sure. I had to tear myself from these hotties, and leave before I was tempted to have intercourse without protection.

On my way home I stopped at a nearby d**gstore to buy condoms, and a new tube of lube. This was a d**gstore that was new to me, so as I was hunting around looking at the different condoms, I was approached by a young girl asking if I needed any help. I replied, not at the moment, but thanks anyway. She smiled, and walked away.

When I arrived home mom was in the living room. She called me in. "Have a good time, son?"

"Yeah mom, it was a good date."

"Well Phil, it's just the two of us until your s****r gets home. Your dad was told he was needed for a week at an out of state office. He came home this morning to pack a bag, before catching the plane. What do you plan on doing until your s****r comes home, and you two can screw again?"

I froze. "Wwhhaat do you... mean?" I stutter when nervous.

"Before you try lying your way out, let me tell you what I know. I came home, and you were in bed, early. When I checked in on you, the room smelled like sex. The next day Tracy said she wants to go on the pill. I meet your friend Taylor at the d**g store, and we had a little talk. I took her to lunch, and we really hit it off well. She told me about all the condoms you've been buying. I was actually a little relived to know you two were at least using protection. I've had to distract your father more than once, while I covered for you two. Last night I followed you to Beth's house. I told your father I needed some eggs, and I was going to the store, but again I checked on you later that night. I bet you had a threesome going full blast by then. Well, any thing you want to say?"

I hung my head, and asked in a weak voice, if Tracy and I were going to be punished.

"No... No punishment... I couldn't punish my c***dren for something so wrong, but so wonderful. All I ask son is that you show me some of that magic between your legs."

I looked into my mom's eyes, and saw a woman that needed loving. I reached in my pocket, and removed a pill from the bag, popped it in my mouth, and swallowed. "I've wanted this for a long time mom." We kissed, and headed to my bedroom. I wondered if mom might consider a threesome with Taylor. I'd ask her later.

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