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Atrip to the dentist

My wife thought I was at the dentist but I was really with my special friend Sandy. It had been over a month since I could sneak away to see Sandy. My cock was wet and hard just from the ride thinking about what she would be wearing and how we would please each other. When She met me at the door I almost exploded just looking at her. She had blonde hair today in a long braid d****d over the front of her shoulder. Her eyebrows were dark thin lines followed by different shades blue all the way to her eyelashes. Her cheeks were painted a blush color and her lips a dark crimson. She wore a black top held over her shoulders with two thin straps with a small gold heart necklace between them. Her top started just above her nipples and ran down her smooth flat chest and stopped at the top of her blue denim skirt which just covered the top of her thighs. Her black thigh hi nylons started just below the skirt mid thigh, her feet were covered in black high heels with open toes highlighting her painted toe nails thru the nylons. Her heels were strapped just below a sexy gold anklet. She wore several gold banglets on her wrist that trail off to long painted finger nails. I touch her lips with mine as my cock screamed for freedom. My kisses became deep and passionate as my tongue probed her mouth. We tasted each others mouths and lips I savored her sweet perfume, she pushed me back in a chair as I watched her dance to the background music. As she moved to the beat I could just see up her skirt and I stared at her blue panties just making out the outline of her hard cock. As she danced she slowly slid the the sides of her top down exposing both nipples, she licked her fingers and rubbed her nipples lightly as her hips moved back and forth in rhythm. She positioned herself above me while she kept dancing and caressing her nipples. I kissed her inner thighs over and over tasting her skin as I worked my lips to her panties. I leaned forward and traced the outline of her cock with my tongue and savored the wet spot covered in pre cum. I pulled her hard cock through the leg of her blue panties and traced the tip with my tongue, I moved my tongue around the head before mapping the shaft with my saliva. I slowly worked over her entire cock with my tongue before wrapping my mouth around the head. I slid my lips over the head at first stopping just on the shaft, slowly I moved up and down taking her deeper with each movement. As my lips meet the bottom of her shaft Sandy moaned, she began slowly fucking my mouth as she moaned and played with her nipples. She moved in and out of my mouth fucking it harder and harder. My cock was rock hard and needed release I broke the rhythm of her hard shaft between my lips and stood. I passionately grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back as my lips attacked the front of her neck. I ravished her neck, cheeks and ears with my mouth stopping at her lips, our mouths embraced over and over in solid passion only breaking our embrace just long enough for me to undress and find the bed. She lay there with her top pulled below her nipples her skirt above her waist, with her hard cock poking through the legs of her panties. I lubed my cock and pressed tight against her, I moved my hips up and down letting my slippery cock moved back and forth on top of hers as I licked and sucked each of her nipples. Back and forth our cocks rubbed against each other as we added more lube between us. I sat up on the top of her thighs and took the slippery lubed shaft of both our cocks in my hand, I slid my my hand up and down stroking our cocks together. Sandy moaned and played with her little titties as I looked at her face, clothes and body as our cocks felt one other with each stroke. As I stroked our cocks I could feel the tension build inside mine and broke the embrace of our shafts before is was too late. I laid back and slid a condom and more lube on our cocks, sandy positioned herself above me sitting on my waist bending down moving her lips against mine. We kissed as she moved her ass over the top of my cock, she sat up and slowly worked my cock in her tight hole. I could feel her tight asshole grip the shaft of my cock as she moved up and down over and over. I was transfixed by her hard cock, her braided hair, her sexy eyes, her nylon covered legs. I could hear her moan and feel the little band tightness moved up and down my shaft over and over until I could not hold back any longer and felt my cock spasm several times in a rush of pleasure, I moaned as my hot cum exploded and ran down the side of my cock. Sandy let me lay there and take it all in for a moment as my cock shrunk inside her ass. She moved upward releasing her tight grip on my shaft, she pushed my legs in the air as I felt the tip of her hard slippery plastic coated cock part my tight ass lips. I winced as she slowly slid inside me, I felt pain as my tight hole swallowed the head of her cock and the shaft began moving deeper, slowly she fed me her cock until the pain turned to pleasure and my whimpers turned to moans. She moved faster and harder in and out and I moaned over and over with the feeling of her hard shaft rubbing up and down against my tight opening. It didn’t take long and I could feel her passion release as she stopped her pumping let out a cry, her cock was deep inside me as the shaft jerk a few times and I knew she had released her hot cum. Giggling with ticklish pleasure she slid out of my ass to lay in my arms next to me.

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