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K5 Secret Holiday Fun with Niece Katy

K5 Secret Holiday Fun with Niece Katy

By billy69boy

It was a scene right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, no doubt played out in millions of holiday living rooms throughout the world: the gifts have long ago been exchanged, the big Christmas dinner was already in the past, and an intimate group of close relatives and friends gathered around the television, watching movies together.

Our living room scene consisted of my darling nieces Katy, Beth and Mary, along with Katy’s recently announced fiancé Jim. Katy sat on the sofa between Jim and me. Beth and Mary lounged on the air mattress on the floor in front of us. Later, my wife and the girls’ mother came home from their after-holiday shopping spree. They joined us, and sat together on the love seat. The girls had chosen a popular chick flick, “Letters to Juliet” as our first movie of the evening. Jim and I didn’t protest too much, because we both preferred to be where the “chicks” were, after all.

The drinks were flowing smoothly among the five adults, while Beth and Mary drank iced tea. The room was a little chilly, and the girls wrapped up in blankets. Katy’s young son was already visiting the Land of Nod for the night in his crib in the dining room. Katy leaned against her boyfriend, and folded her legs up on the couch. Her feet were gently pushed against my leg, which I didn’t mind. I appreciated her loving gesture, and I commenced to rub her toes lightly through the blanket. She didn’t really respond one way or the other, but she didn’t attempt to change her position, so I just kept rubbing her feet for probably 20 minutes.

Finally, she giggled, and whispered that it tickled, and she sat up, and then stood up. She explained that she had already seen this movie, and she was going to take a shower now, so she would be ready for the next selection. With that, I got up as well, and got everyone fresh drinks. I noticed that Jim was half nodding off when I put his drink in front of him. It wasn’t really surprising, considering that he had just driven for seven hours earlier in the day to get to our house.

Katy arrived back in the living room just as the first movie’s credits were rolling. Beth jumped up and replaced the DVD with “Sherlock Holmes”, our next movie of the night. I don’t remember anyone voting, so I suspected it was Beth’s call the whole way. Still, no one protested, except about the glare on the TV screen. The movie started out rather dark, and it was hard to see the action because of the glare. We turned off the two lamps in the room, just as Katy was taking her place again on the couch. As she slipped past me, I could see that she wore a short robe over her sheer baby blue nightgown. She nestled in, grabbed her drink from the table, and once again leaned against her fiancé, who was now no longer conscious. It wasn’t long before I was again playing with Katy’s feet, only this time; I had slipped my hand under the blanket, and was feeling her bare skin.

It wasn’t a very risky move at all, as the room was completely dark, save for the images on the TV screen. So, I was initially upset when Katy abruptly pulled her feet back, bent her knees, and pulled her legs tightly against her chest. I assumed I had overstayed my welcome, as she rearranged her blanket. While she held her drink in one hand, her other hand was now underneath the blanket. As I began to withdraw my hand for fear of further annoying her, I was shocked to feel her hand on mine. As she settled into position, she lifted my hand up, and subtlety placed it on her calf, slightly above her ankle; and then she deftly let go, and repositioned her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder.

No words, or even glances, were exchanged between us, but I felt like she transmitted her message loud and clear. Cautiously, I caressed her lower leg slowly and gently, and she made no movement at all. I waited for a few brief moments before I continued on. There was something incredibly intoxicating about the entire situation, sitting as we were smack in the middle of a roomful of relatives. Now that I had Katy’s silent permission to proceed with my clandestine activities, it eased my sense of urgency, and I shifted to a slower, more teasing pace.

I slowly caressed her long, slim leg from her toes to her ankle and calf, and my hand eventually curved around her knee, and lingered for a while before moving higher up her outer thigh, finally resting upon her noticeably warm ass cheek. Touching her smooth skin secretly under the blanket felt so good! I was already extremely aroused, even though I had only just begun. Katy’s ass wasn’t as round and curvy as Beth’s was, but it was tight and compact, and very sexy. My hand roamed around in little circles that grew wider with each caress, until...wait, could it be true? I realized my fingers didn’t run across any material that felt like a waistband…Yes…YES!! My little vixen wasn’t wearing any panties: no thong; nothing at all underneath her nightgown. A new wave of lust shot through my veins.

Upon my discovery, I acknowledged her naughty gesture by gently squeezing her ass cheek, before tracing her crack playfully with my finger. She finally stirred, and shifted her position slightly, as if in response. My finger traced her crack down to the top of her thighs, and she opened her legs ever so slightly, allowing me access to her freshly showered and shaved pussy. I didn’t know which would explode first: my cock, or the top of my head. My heart was pounding so loudly, I was afraid everyone could hear it. I found myself taking several deep breaths, exhaling slowly, as I probed her wetness with my curious fingers. She opened her legs a bit more, and I took full advantage. I flicked her engorged clit with my finger nail, and then I teasingly ran my finger up and down her damp slit as slowly and lightly as I could manage. I could detect some twitching in response, and I knew she was getting impatient with me. As she went to sip her whipped cream vodka and orange juice, I slid my finger deep inside her pulsing vagina. She gasped and choked on her drink, and coughed enough that her mother asked her if she was okay. She nodded her head, and then finally regained her composure. I went back to the task at hand, as it were, and penetrated her aroused pussy with a second finger. She squirmed around again, and I could sense a slight quivering in her legs. I fervently hoped that her boyfriend was too u*********s to notice.

Instinctively, I pulled my hand back when my wife Barbara stood up abruptly, and announced that it had been a long day, she was tired, and she was going to bed. As she bent over to kiss me goodnight, I pulled my hand out from under Katy’s blanket, and I made a conscious effort to keep my wet fingers away from my wife, for fear of her smelling sex. Surprisingly, the girls’ mom Lauren also claimed exhaustion, and she followed Barb upstairs.

While all the goodnight kisses and hugs were being administered, Jim didn’t respond. It was obvious to me that he was in a deep sl**p. Apparently, Katy noticed too. Before Barb and Lauren reached the top of the steps, Katy had changed her position. Instead of the side view I had of her before, now her body was facing me directly, even as she continued to lean up against her boyfriend. Only her head was turned toward the TV. Beth and Mary were stretched out on the floor, so they had no idea what was occurring behind them on the sofa. I couldn’t help but note the irony of the situation: This was the very same couch that I was on with Beth a couple years before, when she let me finger her to orgasm, and then gave me an incredible blowjob, before she pranced on up to bed like nothing had happened. (See: “Horny Niece Lets Uncle Help”)

When I commenced my under-the-blanket groping adventure, I was delighted to discover that Katy’s legs were now wide open, and her moist love zone beckoned, slightly shuddering in anticipation. I watched her face as my fingertip circled her aroused clit again and again. Katy just continued to stare at the television, her face never revealing the intense pleasure and excitement she was receiving underneath the blanket in the darkened room.

Taking advantage of Katy’s new position, I became more brazen with my finger work, and soon I was sliding two, then three fingers deep into her now soaking wet love canal. I slid them in and out quietly but firmly, and I could tell she loved every stroke, even as she struggled to keep still, as she continued to lean heavily against her boyfriend. I now felt empowered, and I was determined to take control. Katy was at my mercy now, and she couldn’t do much else beyond just taking whatever I gave her. The movie had been on for only a short time, so there was no hurry. Abruptly, and without warning, I removed my fingers, and gave her no indication why I stopped. Equally, Katy didn’t flinch, and continued to glue her eyes to the TV screen. I too, pretended to be watching the movie intently, as I sipped on my Irish whiskey. I did glance down at the girls on the floor, and delighted in noticing that their arms were invisible under their own blankets. I couldn’t help but wonder if their fingers were busy, and wet with their own sex juices.

After calming down somewhat, I resumed my probing between Katy’s legs. I started out by playfully flicking her clit, then rubbing it ever so lightly with my thumb. Her immediate reaction told me she was still quite excited, and if I had failed to get the message, her hand pressed on mine through the blanket. Being the loving and accommodating uncle that I am, I responded by reentering her wanton love opening with three fingers, filling her up completely. I worked her quivering pussy to the point that she was having some difficulty maintaining control. Her thigh muscles began to clench spasmodically as I continued to rub her clit with my thumb. Then, without mercy, I slowly withdrew my hand, and brought it out from beneath her blanket. This got Katy’s attention immediately, and she turned her face toward me for the first time. She had a pained, annoyed look on her face, like I had just slapped her for no reason. In response, I presented my three slick fingers to her face, and gently rubbed her lips with them. She opened her mouth slightly, and I pushed them inside her hot mouth. Instinctively, as she began to suck on them, her eyes softened and then sparkled, and I could detect a smile come over her face. When I pulled back and put my hand under the blanket again, she scooted down some, and then held her legs tighter against her chest. Again, she faced the TV while she opened herself up to my probing fingers.

When my fingertips touched her pussy again, it was like an electric shock to her. I pulled back temporarily; until I was satisfied her jolt didn’t wake her boyfriend. I began finger fucking her slippery pussy fairly vigorously, and she didn’t budge. I added my little finger, and I was amazed to discover that I could get my entire hand deep inside her. Only my protruding thumb prevented me from completely fisting her hungry cunt. She was thin and tight, after all, and I didn’t want to hurt her. Instead, I got her worked up to the limit, and then I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, and swirled my index finger around her sweet brown pucker. I could hear her exhale deeply in anticipation, and I hoped I was the only one who heard her.

She actually managed to pull her legs back further, allowing me to insert my finger deep into her tight rectum. The entire scene was so surreal and so exquisitely arousing. I followed by pushing another finger into her ass, joining the first one. I slid them slowly into her dark passage, and she squirmed ever so noticeably. Her rectum was tight and a bit dry, so I pulled my two fingers out of her ass, and reinserted them into her over-moist pussy. I reamed her pussy deeply, twirling my two fingers inside her pink passage until they were coated with her love juice. In one motion, I switched my well-lubricated fingers back into her dark, forbidden tunnel. I was getting brazen at that point: I was challenging her to stay in control, knowing that any loud gasp or outburst would give us away. Her boyfriend may be out cold, but Beth and Mary were wide awake on the floor.

Now that both her holes were nice and slippery, I shoved two fingers into her pussy and the other two in her ass, and pumped her as hard as I could without making any movements that could be detectable by anyone else. I could tell that she was busy squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples under the blanket, which got me even more excited, if that was possible.

Finally, she erupted almost violently, surrounding my hand with deep spasms and contractions, as she climaxed uncontrollably, yet silently, staring at the TV screen the whole time. It was so exciting to watch her getting off, even as she had to maintain control so as to not let on what was happening. At this point, I would have exploded right along with her, had I even so much as touched my throbbing cock, which I didn’t. Her orgasm seemed to last quite a long time, and minutes passed before I felt her body finally relax, and her clenched love muscles release my hand.

Without warning, she jumped up quickly, and mumbled something about having to go to the bathroom. I got up with her, and asked if anyone wanted another drink. It was like a chain reaction, as the two younger girls stood up simultaneously, declined my offer, gave us both good night hugs, and headed up the stairs to the guest room. Jim never moved, no doubt deep in dreamland, an occasional snore sneaking out of his open mouth.

I met Katy in the dining room, as she emerged from the powder room, all freshened up and smiling, her cheeks flush. Silently, I took her hand, and led her around to the far side of the dining room table, out of eyesight of the living room, vacant now except for her snoring boyfriend. The light was off, and we were in total darkness. Only the faint breathing of her infant son could be heard a few feet from where we stood. I took her in my arms and embraced her, kissing her neck, her face, finally settling on her lips. My hands ran up underneath her nightgown, and found her firm, luscious breasts. I had longed to manipulate them while we were playing on the couch, but I had to settle for watching her do it, as my fingers violated her love openings. Her tits stood out, perky and proud, and they felt so good, as I squeezed them tenderly, and she responded with a deep sigh, and a deeper kiss.

I released her, and she turned around, bending her body over so that her chest rested on her folded arms on the table. She automatically spread her legs, as I knelt down behind her. I ran my hands teasingly up and down her long legs, and slipped her robe and nightie up over her hips, revealing the luscious curves of her ass. I kneaded her ass cheeks lovingly, as my tongue found her still steamy womanhood. She wiggled her hips in silent approval, as I licked the folds of her pussy lips, and nibbled on her clit.

When her knees buckled several times, I gripped her ass cheeks, spread them apart, and buried my face between them. She squirmed a bit when my tongue began to tease her dark spot, but she soon accepted my anal probing with ease, and even reached back to help me keep her cheeks spread nice and wide. I continued to swirl my tongue around her willing rim, darting it in and out periodically. Now that she was holding her cheeks apart for me, my fingers were free to explore the juicy pink inside of her now writhing pussy. I used my thumb to exert pressure on her clitoris, while I finger fucked her with my other hand. I could hear her breathing more rapidly, and I just worried that she would keep quiet enough so her boyfriend and young son wouldn’t wake up. Soon her legs twitched and shuddered, and she was up on her tiptoes, and holding onto the table for stability, as wave after wave of orgasmic euphoria washed over her trembling body.

She slumped down on the table, her breasts heaving as she struggled to fill her lungs with air. I sat down on a chair, and admired the view of her long, thin legs and round, white ass that seemed to glow in the darkness of the room. I stroked my throbbing cock and waited for her to recover. In a short time, she stood up and turned towards me, and knelt down between my open legs. I sat back and let her make the next move. Her eyes seemed to sparkle, in the low light, as she lowered her head and licked the underside of my shaft, ever so tenderly. Her tongue painted my engorged manhood with her warm saliva. She slowly worked her way up and down the entire length, as she gently held my scrotum in her delicate hand. As she engulfed my erection with her soft hot lips, I knew I wouldn’t last long if I let her suck me for very long, but I had a difficult time willing myself to make her stop before it was too late. The sight of her head bobbing between my legs was just too beautiful to interrupt. Still, I summoned up the strength to slowly stand up, pushing her head slowly to the floor as I rose to my feet. She remained in the doggy position, as I moved around behind her.

I knelt down and playfully slid my slippery rod up and down her pink slit several times, teasing her until she became impatient, and pushed her ass back towards me. Finally I grabbed her hips tightly, and shoved the entire length of my manhood deep into her eager pussy. She inhaled rather loudly, and I pulled back a bit so she could regain her composure. After she calmed down some, I resumed my deep stroking of her willing cunt, and pounded her as quietly and sharply as I could. Filling her tight, young pussy felt so good, but I knew I had to pull out soon if I had any hope of lasting long enough to achieve my ultimate desire: There was no question in either of our minds that penetrating and pounding her fine ass was my final quest.

She whimpered meekly when I pulled out of her pussy and stood up behind her. I stepped over top of her, and straddled her kneeling frame. As if on cue, my sexy niece reached behind her, and again spread her ass cheeks for me. She knew where I was headed. Before I mounted her for the final ride of the evening, I reached down between her legs and easily slid three fingers into her slick pussy, and worked it over with some rapid strokes. Katy wiggled around on the floor, while she continued to keep her ass cheeks spread for me. What a beautiful sight, I thought to myself, looking down at her lithe young body, positioned so vulnerably.

As the pressure in my hair-trigger cock subsided somewhat, I removed my hand from the warmth of her love canal, and one by one, I took turns inserting each slimy finger into the dark netherworld of her upturned ass. She didn’t flinch, having anticipated my next move. Finally, I could wait no longer, and I bent my knees slightly, lined my screaming member up to her slick forbidden opening, and plunged deeply into her waiting ass. For a few long minutes, I pumped her willing rectum deliberately, almost jumping up and down on her back. My darling niece didn’t protest, and she seemed to hunker down in anticipation of a long ass fucking session. As much as I wanted this amazing scene to last for hours, I knew I was only going to be good for a few more minutes. My self-control was rapidly diminishing. I began to ravage her ass with more authority, and sense of urgency, until I was pounding her exposed ass to the hilt with each new thrust.

I looked down over her sweet, sexy body and watched my cock disappear deep inside of her over and over again. It was such an incredibly beautiful scene, watching my insatiable niece underneath me, letting me stuff her firm ass brutally with my greedy cock. But, alas, I could feel my long delayed orgasm welling up inside of my burning loins, and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. Katy was shaking beneath me, signaling that it was time for her love volcano to erupt once again. This time, she let go of her spread ass cheeks, and thrashed around on the floor, trying to grip the carpet in front of her for stability, to no avail. I held onto her hips to keep her steady while she rode out another intense orgasm.

When she finally slowed down, I dismounted her and stood up. She immediately spun around, sat upright on her knees, and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I didn’t whisper a word of instruction to her; she obviously knew what was next: after only a few hand strokes, I laid the head of my spasming cock directly on her tongue and immediately began to spew out a considerable amount of cascading cum into her wide open mouth. Looking down at her angelic face eagerly accepting my offering, I was overcome with passion, and managed to deliver another burst of sticky jizz, and then once more after that.

Katy kept her mouth open the entire time, so I slid my now drained cock into her hot cum-filled oral passage. I resisted the urge to push the entire length of my shaft down her throat, for fear of her choking loudly, and waking someone up. I fucked her mouth vigorously, finally slowing down enough for her to continue to suck my now semi-rigid love rod, until all the involuntary jerking action of my spent cock subsided. After she tenderly licked me clean, she slumped down on the floor and wrapped her arms around my legs, like she was holding on for dear life. I stroked her long hair lovingly, as she recovered from our frenzied activities.

We may have stayed there longer, but Katy’s little son stirred and whimpered briefly, which seemed to bring us back to reality. Katy’s head popped up, and she seemed shocked to realize that we were in such close proximity to his crib. I helped her to her feet, and she immediately bent over the crib rail to comfort him and adjust his blanket. I did what any decent uncle would do in the same situation: I quickly knelt down behind her, massaged her ass cheeks, and licked her well-worn pussy. She didn’t object, and she lingered for a while, leaning on the crib rail as she observed her silent and contented little boy, making sure he hadn’t awoken.

Amazingly, in no time, her legs became shaky, and she repeatedly bounced up and down on the balls of her feet. I took her aroused clit between my teeth, and gently bit down on it in such a way that she couldn’t escape even if she wanted to, which she did not. I squeezed her ass cheeks tightly, and then I pushed two fingers deep into her juicy pussy, and finger fucked her rapidly, as I continued to suck on her clit. Her body jerked spastically, and I could see her knuckles turn white, as her fingers clenched the crib rail tightly. She desperately held on and exploded once again in a wild, out-of-control orgasm. What an incredible young lady, I thought, as I held her steady while she writhed and twitched in ecstasy.

After a few silent minutes passed, I stood up and she turned to face me. We embraced for a long time, as I ran my fingers through her long brown hair, and kissed her face and neck. Her eyes met mine, and she was absolutely glowing with that “freshly fucked” look in her eyes. She smiled up at me and whispered: “I love you, Uncle Billy, you are amazing! Thank you for a wonderful time tonight!”

“Well, thank you sweetheart, and I love you too! You are very special to me, you know,” I whispered in response. As she nodded her head I was overcome with gratitude, and I just squeezed her tightly in my arms, and we rocked back and forth together for several minutes, neither of us wanting to let go.

“That boyfriend Jimmy of yours is one lucky man,” I added, as she looked up at me, grinning from ear to ear. We kissed deeply and longingly, before we finally parted and went our separate ways. Before I got to the top of the stairs, the TV went dark, and I could hear her telling Jimmy that it was time for bed.

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