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When I was growing up, there was a f****y across the street with four daughters. They were all grown up and out of the house before I ever got interested in girls. Though I remember all of them being good looking and quiye shapely. My own s****rs were friends with them and my b*****r was always trying to get in thier pants, but to no avail. What a loser !

About 4 years after my graduation, I was playing in a band that was hitting club circuits across The States. We came back to So. Calif. for a break and hopefully some shows. It had been a while since I visited my folks and when I called, mom said my s****r was there with her k**s. That made it a no brainer. My ass had to find a way to make time for a lengthy visit. Some drive-by, say hey, throw some grub down the neck and split visit was not gonna fly. It was nothin to get some Betty to give me a lift from Redondo Beach to San Berdoo where I grew up. The smile on my face when we pulled up was caused by the Harley's parked out on the lawn. I was gonna see some of my ol man's friends from The Club during my visit. Which meant alot of things. Gonna get to go on a putt on an old scooter, smoke some good weed, and get hooked up with some good pussy.

I walked around back by myself, the Betty declined my offer to join me. Think the Harley's scared her off. A dozen bikes can be intimidating to some folks. A few of the b*****rs were trippin on my sudden appearance. They'd never seen me. My mom screamed when she saw me and ran my way. My s****r was just as excited. My ol' man was flippin ribs on the gril and with just a look told me to get my ass over to him. He just gripped my shoulder and gave me the finger. He got everyone's attention by yelling "all you assholes....shut the fuck up" When silence came, he said, "welcome home to my youngest offspring"
Everybody yelled thier welcomes and other stuff to me. One my ol' mans lonh time friends walked up and gave me a big fat bomber. When I put it in my mouth, he lit it up and motioned for somebody to come over to us.

As I blew the smoke out, my eyes caught glimpse of who had been called over. She was a looker. Without being told anything by anybody, she kissed me and I figured things were all good. Man was I wrong. Some prospect got jealous and from out of nowhere gave me a blind side punch to the jaw. It almost put me dowm. What a fuckin bummer, went from "all right" to "oh shit" in mere seconds. My reaction was to swing back and of course, nobody tried to break anything up untill the guy pulled a knife out. Then somebody else got involved pretty quick, dude got knocked out by the closest patch holder to him.
Being my adrenalin was pumping still an sll that, I went back out front and layed flat out on the lawn and calmed down.

It must of been about ten minutes before somebody came and seen where I went or whatever ? At first, I thought it was the Betty who had kissed me. All I had heard was a female voice. Once I looked up and over towards the voice, my eyes looked apon somebody I had no ideal who the fuck she was. At the same time. my mom had poked her head out the front door and gave me the business for starting shit and said she was glad I was okay. Then shut the door, it came right back open and she yelled out "hello, Wendy" and shut the door again. My eyes went back to the Betty standing in the front yard and I sat up. She smiled, then it came to me. So I inquired, "are you Wendy from across the street ?" Her face lit up and replied " you are Lori Ann's lil b*****r". I stood up and we talked for a few minutes. Then this guy caled for her from across the street. I walked her across the street and got introduced to the boyfriend. He made some snide comment about me being more biker trash and I just laughed at him. I shook my head and said that I was much worse than them, I'm a musician.

As I returned back across the street, my ears could could hear her explaing to her boyfriend that I was achilhood friend she hadn't seen in years.
In the back of my head, thoughts ranged from how fuckin hot Wendy was to what the hell was going on in the back yard of my folks place. When I returned to the festivities, the guy who socked me came over and gave me an apology of sorts, joking that I hit alot harder than he expected me to. I glanced around the gathering and got a mixture of expressions from the crowd. It was time to go inside and see my s****r, her k**s, and take a piss. When I came out of the bathroom, my mom said I had a visitor at the door. It was Wendy, she asked if she could come in. After inviting her in, my siister came to the front room and when she saw her old friend, they went and started gabbin. So much for me having a visitor.

My two nephews were wild lil shits but very polite, my lil neice was adorable and had screaming red hair like her momma did, me too. I had fun hanging out with them while my siis viisited with her old friend. All of a sudden, they appeared and my s*s said something about my band. It was funny casue as soon as she walked in the room, the k**s instantly went on chaos mode.
My mom then walked in with a cassette tape in hand and headed for the stereo.
When the music began to play, the k**s kinda/sorta quit running amok and began to dance and bob their heads a bit. I laughed and said "check out the lil head bangers". Wendy gave me these "come fuck me eyes" from acros the room. My s*s gave me this look like I owed her the world or something cause she did me the mother of all favors. My mom was being mom. She was proud of her k** and his bands demo tape done on a four track reel to reel in a garage. I was only the drummer. So I didn't write shit.

Somehow, Wendy and I ended up in my old bedroom. She giggled like a school girl when I closed the door and said she wasn't leaving till we fucked in every position we could think of. As I pulled off my Iron Maiden tour shirt, Wendy undid the braids from her hair. She had blonde hair that was about half way down her back. It was slightly wavy and was a nice contrast to her tanned face. We kissed and I saw how pretty her eyes were. A really bright shade of green. I helped with her shirt and was surprised that she had no bra on. She was probably 28 or so and those boobs were big round and still firm.
Of course, my dick began to stiffen right away. She took off her jeans and layed back on the bed. I pulled her panties off and was so delighted to see that the curtains matched the carpet. Wendy had a thick bushy patch of blonde pubic hair covering the big puffy lips of her pussy. With a slight lil wisp of a treasure trail coming down from her belly button. The tan lines made this girl look so sexy. I was diggin that a fine ass Betty like this was diggin on me.

I went down on that hairy snatch and ate it like a snow cone on a hot summer's day. Worked my way up to those breasts and was surprised (again) at how much bigger a woman's nipples can get. She was reluctant to kiss me, but soon changed her mind once I began nibbling on her neck. This was nice cause it always pissed me off when a Betty wouldn'tkiss you after you had munched her snatch. While doing the club circuits for the past few years non-stop. Most sex was quickies wherever you could find a place to do it. This was something my ass was gonna enjoy to the fullest. Take my time. I also hoped I didn't get too excited and blow a load too fast. The door popped open and somethin got tossed on the floor. I heard my ol'man laugh and say something about not making too much noise. When I looked down on the floor, there was a nice lil issue of speed. Things were lookin up.

Wendy asked what that was and I told her. She said it had been years since she done it. I took a chance and asked if she had ever slammed it. That was a term she didn'tknow, but when I said inject it. Her reaction was surprised but not irritated. She said she hadn't but was willing to try it. Afterall she continued, isn't it supposed to be better that way for sex. It was all falling into place. My hope was that nobody had snooped around the old closest too closely and my stash of new syringes was still there. They were and it was on. I fixed up a lil shot for Wendy and a good ol blast for me. At the last second, I decided to give her a bit more. A decision that would turn out to be quite beneficial for the both of us.

Once the effect of the speed went through her body, I began to finger her clit. It was less than a minute before her body began to quiver. She screamed and the orgasm continued to build. I took a second or so to do my shot. It had been a while since I had done any speed and it hit me harder than expected. When I did catch my breath, Wendy was ready and willing to go. Her eyes were big and glossy and she had this huge smile on her pretty lil face. She said that was amazing and wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck some more.
Wendy unzipped my jeans and took out my cock. She sucked it, licked it, kissed it, stroked it, squeezed it, gave it a once over like she was gonna do a thesis on all the things you can do to a cock. It was amazing to say the least.

I would say she spent a good 45 minutes givig my cock the once over before she al of a sudden stopped. She pulled my jeans the rest of the way off and layed me back on the bed. Then she climbed up on top of me. Guided my cock into her snatch and slowly began to ride me. As her pace continued, she began to use her vaginal muscles in an way I'd never felt before. ( I was only 22 qt the time) Pushing out as she lowered down and squeezing as she rose back up. Then she reversed to squeezing on the way down and pushng as she went up.
Between the moans and groans. the sounds of boobies bouncing, and the sloshing of her pussy. I knew everyone in the house and back yard could hear us. It seemed to turn her on even more. Wendy rode mr like a wild woman for a good twenty/twenty-five minutes. The only thing that stopped her was a cramp in her calf. We stopped and I rubbed it out.

We finished the drinks we had brought in the room with us and I was considering getting dressed and going for some refills. Once again the door popped open and my s*s brought in some soda pop and a few cold brews. Wendy wasn't shy and didn't try to cover up. I didn't give a fuck, in fact it was cool with me casue I didn't have to stop what I was doing and leave the room. I opened a ber and took a drink. Wendy told my s*s thanks as she walked out the room and closed the door. I pushed Wendy on her back and began to position myself to slide ny cock between her open legs. She said "what the fuck, at least let me get a drink first". As her mouth opened and drank a bit of soda. I put my cock in her really hard and fast. She spilled some soda on her boobs. I leaned forward and livked it off and began to pound the dog snot out of her. She put her legs up on my shoulder, the back on her own. We fucked in this position and changed to doggy style.

She came a few more times and I guess it was getting to be abit much for her. We'd been fucking for quite a while and speed really dehydrtes a person, More so when ya are havin sex. She said she was getting dry and I didn't wanna hurt her, so we stopped fucking. I still kissed her and let my habds explore her boobs for a little while longer. Wendy surprised me and said she wanted some more speed. I knew she was still wired, but that feeling from injection always made folks want more. I fixed her up another shot and me too. After giving hers to her, she began sucking my cock. It was a bit untill I got hard again. She sucked me and when I was about to cum, I gave myself my shot and exploded in her mouth. She said she had never felt that much cum in her mouth before. We got dressed and walked out back. Everyone bega clapping and saying funny shit to us. I took a bow and Wendy got embarresed. I walked her home back across the street.

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