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Dear Kimberly Cheri;
I hope this email finds u in a wonderful way and that you and I will have much pleasurable delights to look forward to......namely sharing u with my best friends Wesley and Yazzie. Wesley fell for u immediately when he first laid eyes on u in NM and he told me that I was one lucky fucker to b acquainted with u. Bring such nasty perverted men, we are hopin that u are open to do a gangbang next time that we are in Alb. Well I told them that u and i have already discussed a possible group fuck session and that u wanted certain sexual things done to ur hot naked navajo body. I told them that u only wanted me deep inside ur tight hot wet fuckable pussy without a condom and that u wanted me to fuck u hard and fast and bareback while they do other other nasty things to ur tits, mouth and asshole.
My plan is to lay u on that big soft bed that we first shared together the very first time that u gave ur little naked sexy body to me and how u kept callin me daddy each time my hard throbbin dick stabbed deep into ur tight wet native cunt.
Im going to take u slowly by first kissin u passionately and gently massaging ur 36 c titties with my mouth and softly rub ur moist damp crotch of ur pussy through that black capri that defines the curves and deepness of ur cute sweet ass. Wesley and Yazzie will have the pleasure of watchin the both of us sexually gratify each other with their cocks hangin out waiting to be invited in on the hot action.......but first its only gonna b u and I because I kno u want my sticky hot seed deep inside of u and mayb a baby in the works.
then im goin to slide ur capri and black panties down to ur ankles and pull my hard brown native dick out of my pants and shorts and get u in a 69 side ways position and have u suck on ur daddies hard hot cock while i lick and eat out ur delicious sweet fuck hole between ur soft warm legs. I kno u want to feel my hard tongue slide up and down ur fuck slit and taste ur creamy silky cunt cream and makin u shiver with fuck delight each time my tongue rubs and swirls around ur pink hard clitt. mmmmm...ur pussy smells so horny and ur taste makes my cock jerk and quiver inside of ur hot wet mouth and my pre cum that baths ur tongue. I look over my shoulder and Yazzie and Wesley are strokin their dicks watchin u swallow my hard cock and watchin me enjoyin the sweetness of ur cunt.
I want u to cum hard in my mouth so I can lick up every creamy drop of ur cum juice and roll u over on ur naked belly so i can enjoy the dark secrets of ur hot nasty asshole. Then i'll invite Wesly to ur wet mouth and u can suck and lick him as long as u want while i spread open ur cute soft naked navajo ass and enjoy ur brown puckered assring with my tongue and fingers and then put u in a doggie position so Yazzie can be underneath u with his mouth enjoyin the wetness of ur creamy hot cunt while i enjoy ur dark hot nastiness of ur sweet smelly asshole.

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